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    Here is a list below I feel could help you find the right business opportunity for yourself. I hope this helps.

    1) You want to look for a business opportunity that has a product you are already paying for (Using). This way, some of the funds (Same Funds Would Be Great) you are already paying for this kind of product can be towards you being the product of your product that you are offering. In other words, if you are not selling your product as fast as you would like, you are still paying for a product you would pay for yourself any way. This allows you not to be forking over extra amounts of money that you would have not been spending on, that in return keeps you in the business longer. When the money is not there, people quit the business. I had this happen to myself and I see it all the time with other people.

    2) You want to make sure that company has been in business for at least a year or more. I lean more towards two years or more to show me that they have a foundation. (Note this is for if you are looking for a long term business opportunity). Some people like to join a business right when it first comes out; due to know one is in it yet and they can be the first in to get more people under them. If you think this way, then you are just about making money and you will keep jumping from business to business; due to when everyone gets wind of it; it starts to slow down and then people move on. This should tell you that the product in that business did not have enough value for it and it was just about making money.

    3) I am sure you already heard this "Join under me, we have the best team/support" Yes, support is good to have, but do not let their support buy you in to that business. It still comes down to having the right product to sell. If you do not sell the product, you do not make any money from that compensation plan. If you feel yourself & people would see the VALUE in this product to want it and it is at the right PRICE for you & other people to buy it, then this should be the main reason to join that business and then the support that rep will offer you.

    When you join a business you feel is right for you, make sure you lead with the product rather than the business opportunity. But if you know you are talking to a BUSINESS MINDED person, then you can lead with the business oppotunity; due to this person would be all about making money. Most people out there are not business minded. They just want to save on a product that is useful to them. So you have to show them how your product will benifit them and then at the end you can through in the business opportunity to show this person how they can benefit from it even more by offering it to other people to make income.

    In closing to all what I just said will build a PASSION for your product. People will see that in your eyes when you are sharing it to them.

    If you share to them about making money first, then people will just think you want money (Greedy/Selfish) and it also down grades the value of the product that you have to sell first to make any money in the first place.


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