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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Good Feather, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Good Feather

    Good Feather New Member

    This is something that I heard from a recent training that really helped me with my business! I hope it will help you as well :)......

    Have you heard of attraction marketing? In a nutshell it looks like this: instead of asking people you meet something like this: "If I could show you a way to make an extra $500 a month, would you take a look at my presentation....etc", it ...looks more like this: If somebody is on the internet, searching for solutions, you just jump in front of them and help them!!

    With attraction marketing, you are leading with something that people want and delivering it, building a trust relationship. That's where the magic happens!

    Here is the basic funnel:
    1) Prospect --->
    2) Marketing (ad, Facebook, Flyer, In person) you market something they want, something of value.--->
    3) Deliver and Build Relationship --->
    4) Now, here is where you would introduce your company and/or product

    You are shifting roles here, from chasing to attracting....and that means fewer objections like: "is this one of those pyramid thingys?" or "those things never work"

    I hope that this will bring some value to you in your home business.

    Wishing you abundant success!
  2. florbags

    florbags Member

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tip, Good Feather. Attraction marketing is and will always be the most effective way of marketing YOURSELF as a problem solver and a leader because the truth is people will join YOU, not your business.

    Remember: Professionals sort. Amateurs sell. We sort and we market. We DO NOT sell.
  3. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I love this quote! Absolutely love it!

    You are looking to meet someone's need!
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  4. Tatyana

    Tatyana New Member

    Hello everyone! I am new on here, but am so happy to be part of your community! I used to be in a company where I was taught to push products and hated when I discovered attraction marketing, I FELL IN LOVE with network marketing!!! I have been able to build an amazing social media following and if any of you need help, I would be more than happy to offer my help. Happy Networking :)
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  5. JODAD

    JODAD New Member

    With a strong company and a strong product this is a win-win situation. Its up to the prospect who is looking for an opportunity. I feel the opportunity comes first but in our case we have such a great product that we have more customers then we have people working the business. This spells OPPORTUNITY! Many more things contribute to the opportunity though.
  6. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    I appreciate the input you all have been contributing.

    Marketing is certainly a key element to someone's success in business.
    And Attraction Marketing is taking the lead as the most popular method
    as it is "low impact" on both the marketer and the prospect.

    Where I've seen most people "flounder" and feel they are not making
    the progress they thought they should, is when it comes to actually getting
    RESULTS. They "do what they think is correct" as far as what they read
    about it, but then find there's GAPS in the "story" of how it works.

    Example: We have horses. Out of pure "self defense" I figured out the need
    to learn how to interact differently with our horses to get them to do the
    things I needed them to do, than the way I WAS going about working with

    There's the "Cowboy Method" ... think getting longer ropes, stronger grip,
    more adrenaline ... and there's the "Horse Whisperer Method" ... think
    Attraction Marketing ... no drama, appears boring to the observer.

    When you're dealing with an animal that ... has a mind and opinion of their
    own, is 5 to 7 times more body weight than you, has reflexes that are 1.5 x
    faster than yours and a muscle to weight ration that is 2x yours ... which one
    do you think works best?

    Translating over to marketing methods ... the prospect holds your total
    future in their hands, don't they?

    They have the money you need. They have the contacts you need. They have
    the leverage you need .... so ATTRACTION MARKETING makes sense to
    use, as it's low impact, no adrenaline, no fight. Right?

    But ... being told, "to use attraction marketing, just create a page, get on
    social media, place your ad in front of the flow of prospects, sort don't
    sell, etc. etc. etc. ....

    Is like me telling people "This is how you break a horse to ride. Get a saddle,
    get the saddle blanket, get the horse, put the blanket on the horse slowly,
    put the saddle on the horse gently, now get on."

    My record for taking an unhandled horse and riding that horse with a saddle
    on their back, no bucking, no fight ..... 45 minutes. Going forward, backing up,
    turning right and left and stopping. Without fuss.

    HOW? In essence, exactly as I said above. Saddle blanket, saddle, horse.

    Clearly, there's nuances. Details "in between the big points" that weren't said.

    Filling in the gaps .... that's what's needed now.

    HOW to create the presence. WHAT to say once you engage someone. WHERE
    to go to get traffic and develop an audience. How to engage people LOCALLY
    and more.

    Bring it!
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  7. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    What I like about the new school of network marketing is that you can advertise online and get people signing up to your business without even talking to them.

    What's better is that you don't even have to talk to them when training them. You can just create a training website and have them train themselves.
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  8. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    I've seen the "you don't have to talk ..." "you don't have to train...."
    "you can sign up people and never talk ...." ads for some time now.

    I know personally, a few people (by few I mean I can count them
    on both hands and have fingers left) who actually do that.

    Couple of thoughts on it and a challenge.

    First, the people I know, didn't START that way. They started
    out building with talking to people. They DID have existing
    skill sets in web, funnel, list building activities.

    Then, as they began to move to "full online building" ... they
    didn't stop talking to people. They just changed WHO they
    talk to. To get them on the phone as the "move to online"
    happened, you simply had to bring a lot more to the table.

    And, they brought a BIG budget to the table. Why? Because
    to go "online only" and actually make a living, you need the
    king of all online activity. EYE BALLS. Traffic.

    That takes money. By "budget" I'm talking $15,000 to $30,000
    monthly, often "co-op'd" (shared expense) ads in magazines
    like Home Business and Opportunity Connection as well as
    paying for "clicks" and "page views".

    Or..... they made money selling the "picks, shovels and wagons"
    to people --- the sites, traffic, autoresponders and blogging tools
    etc. or the "education" meaning "how to" ebooks and training.

    Look ... if it was as easy as "Hey, just fire up a site, start telling
    all your buddies on facebook what you're doing and rake in
    the money!" ... guess what? There'd BE NO OPPORTUNITY.

    What I would like, is if someone has the forumula for "John
    and Jill Normal Person" to start sponsoring what I've seen
    advertised, like 5 to 10 people a week! ..... without a budget,
    skills or talent .... I'd like to see it and see it work.

    In the meantime, plan on working, investing money (at your
    own pace) and building some skills along the way.

    Have a super weekend ... now that your parade may have
    just been rained on a bit.


    You can make the money you want. It will just take a dose
    of reality and some work. But that part can be fun.
  9. aldzroyale

    aldzroyale New Member

    These are great tips that I will be using soon.
  10. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    I like attraction marketing. I prefer to get to know people and start to build the relationship first. I know in some instances that people truly are prospects first, but it's so very important either way to build that relationship. Frankly, you don't know who they may know!
  11. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    Having a relationship with your downline in business is very important. I have had people sign up under me that I don't know, but I make a point of trying to get to know them. Some prefer to remain silent, but like to utilize tools shared with them to grow their business. However in most of my experiences, people appreciate some one on one, whether it is by phone or email. I love to share knowledge and tips with others and also work with people that are in my downlines downline when their sponsor does not assist.
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  12. UltimateWingman

    UltimateWingman New Member

    Great overview on attraction marketing!
    I'm still learning the ropes of it so this helps alot!
  13. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    Or at least they appreciate the fact that you are there if they ever DO need to talk with you. People who are introverts (like me) tend to work really well alone...and that can make uplines not happy to deal with them if a question arises. Those with a downline need to learn to "live and let live." Kudos to you and how you run your downline! :)
  14. Christopher Li

    Christopher Li New Member

    BOOM! You got it. Sadly most in the industry have it the other way around. You're ahead of the game.
  15. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    My biggest selling point is that I DO talk to people. They don't just buy a product and never hear from me again. It may not be the most popular method but I prefer to actually watch these people grow and become successful. They then become my walking testimonial. If they sign up and I never hear from them again, where is my gratification. I do like the money, but I am in this for more than the money. Oh and all the friendships I would miss out on. I have made friends and have also learned a lot from my students. I have found partners in new adventures by actually being present and available.

    I love attraction marketing. If you have to chase the dollar or chase the customer, chances are that customer isn't going to do squat with your product anyway, so why take them on?
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