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    As many of the avid internet marketers out there know, Coastal Vacations is the top home based business opportunity in the travel industry. The Coastal Vacations travel packages claim to have a value of over $15,000 but are only sold for $1,295 to $11,000 depending on the package.

    Many Coastal Vacations directors focus on selling these packages as a wholesale travel business opportunity and don't realize that by retailing these travel packages to local businesses they could well tap into a huge fountain of wealth.

    Here are a few tips on how to retail the Coastal Vacations packages to your local businesses and fundraisings:

    1- Don't sell them a Coastal Vacations packages; sell them a marketing idea ??“ Let your prospect know what's in it for them and how much more money they could make by giving away vacations from the packages to their own prospects and increase their sales by 150% or more!
    2- Show your prospects how to use the package to help them grow their businesses ??“ Give them ideas on how to use the vacations such as: business incentives for their employees, punch cards, raffles, incentives for future buyers, etc.
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    3- Give them something on paper ??“ Put a folder together with your contact information and the package profile and let them review it for a couple days.
    4- Ask to talk to the owner or the marketing director ??“ Don't talk to the secretary unless you have to. Go to the highest level person in charge of the advertising and/or marketing.

    With these great tips you are sure to make some Coastal Vacations retail sales in no time!

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    Successful Coastal Vacations Level 3 Directors
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    Again, great information from the seminar.

    Jay NaPier
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    good topic

    there are also great ideas, facts and figures on the use of vacations as incentives on:
    www. coastalincentives dot com / sample

    Giving away bonus vacation certs as prizes for attaining a level of sales, for referring new customers, for signing an agreement are just a few real life examples on how some members in my group have utilized the vacation certs.

    In the presentation folder I personally would also include a selection of testimonials, 5-6 sample vacation certs (activated) , an application form plus contact details.

    I personally would not leave the presentation folder with the company (you might be missing some certs on your return) but I would let them keep a professionally printed folder containing a tri-fold info sheet or the incentives flyer that you can purchase from coastals iprintcenter plus a copy of the retail presentation on DVD, contact info and order form with perhaps a time sensitive offer to accelerate the sense of urgency.

    just my 2 cents

    maria porter
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    I love when we have so many directors willing to share ideas about Coastal in the open forum. I look forward to hearing more from other top earners in the Coastal Business. Kudos for sharing Matt and Catherine and Maria.

    Adam Frederick
    Platinum Coastal Director
    302 476 2753
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    Hello Adam

    you are too kind. I have another tip. When ordering the coastal vacations bonus travel certs from the shipping center, be specific in the ones you wish to receive.

    If you have any favorites, scan a copy of the cert and then print a thumb nail pic of the cert on a sheet of paper, stating how many of that specific certs you wish to receive.

    You will need to make a copy of the bonus vacation order form page from the official coastal vacations fax on demand #5 order form so you can include your ID and mailing address, but using this tip will reduce the number of unwanted certs you will receive.

    If by any chance you have received a bonus vacation cert that you are not keen on, return it to the coastal shipping center requesting that they replace it with one that you want. They will do so promtly.

    Hope this helps
  7. victorious

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    Hi Maria,

    Absolutely, a time-sensitive offer is a great idea. People are moved by fear, in this case, fear of losing out if they don't take action soon.

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    Successful Coastal Vacations Level 3 Directors

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