Tips for Work at Home Job Searches

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by HomeJobsGuy, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. HomeJobsGuy

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    Here are a few tips for looking for work from home:

    1. Do Your Research. Search Google or other web browsers for the company you are interested in. Do they come up on the search page? Also search for the company plus the word "scam". Do they come up with hits? If so, they may not be the right company to work for.

    2. Check their Email Address. Is the company's name or website in their email address? If a companies name or website is not part of their email address, be suspicious. They may not be a legitimate company or opportunity.

    3. Research the market. Is there an audience or need for what this company is hiring for? If the company is offering a product or service that is not wanted, it may not be worth your time and effort to work for that company.

    4. No up-front money or sign-up fees. If the company requests money from you before they start, they are probably not a good company to work for.

    5. Check the Better Business Bureau website. Have their been any complaints about the company you are interested in? If so, then stay away from them.

    Good luck with your searches!
  2. talfighel

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    The truth of the WORK AT HOME JOBS online is that they are not real jobs but more like AFFILIATE MARKETING.

    If a JOB opportunity online comes up and you have to pay a ONE time fee for it, then you know that it is not really a job. I am not saying that it is a scam either.

  3. FreeCashMan

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    Please get educated on the Better Business Bureau. They should never be recommend for making a definitive decision to join or do business with a company.

    And searching under Scam doesn't often make for much informative info, unless you can really get commentary from some that has actually been in a business and discussing the cons of the business.

    As talfighel stated, in essence, There are not really, or very few, viable online JOBS.

    People need to learn that companies are online and setting up virtual operations to save money, not spend more money by adding employees. Technology has required less people to do the same task in many areas. Heck you don't even need parking attendants in lots any more, a machine will take your money, and a video camera will record you and your license plate if you try and do something improper. "The machines are taking over" lol [​IMG]

    Your own home business is going to be the key to making some income from home online. People are succeeding in working from home online. Making from a few $100 to $10000s monthly. It can and will continue to be done, but it requires a commitment to succeed, and consistency in your marketing efforts.

    Those that come looking for online "jobs" and opportunities to instantly replace full time income, end up creating their own disappointment.

    You can have success, but look to Do For Self!

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