Tips on Video Marketing for Your Online Business

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  1. Hello :)

    As we all know video marketing can be a very powerful tool if done correctly. Video helps brand you and what your business is all about. It builds trust between you and your audience.

    Here are just a few tips on video marketing.

    1.) If you are filming yourself or someone else (To Camera).

    I feel that actually putting yourself on video is the best way to build trust with your prospects.

    a.) You can upload it to YouTube which is very easy to do. If you know and understand how to correctly use YouTube it can be a great marketing tool. (IMPORTANT: always make sure you are not violating any of YouTube's rules!!!!!!!)

    b.) Let's say you want your own video player. There is a product called Easy Video Player 2 which is awesome. You can customize your own player and video features and it's easy to do. They have a new product that is supposed to be coming out this month called Easy Video Suite which is supposed to be amazing.

    c.) A great place to host your video's for cheap is at Amazon S3. This where I host my videos and it is very inexpensive. I highly recommend Amazon S3 cloud.

    2.) If you want to film your computer screen (Screen Recording)

    There are many instances where someone may want to just do a Screen Recording. You may want to film an instructional video or a how-to-do something course. There are many reasons why this is use and can be effective.

    1.) There is a great product called Camtasia which will allow you to do this and edit your videos but this does cost money. A free choice is Camstudio. Now, I'm sure there are many other products out there as well. Just always do your research to see what is a best fit for your business.

    3.) How to create cool videos that have a movie trailer like feel.

    1.) If you want to create a video for personal or business and want it to have a movie trailer feel than I recommend Animoto. You can create a wide range of videos with Animoto. They don't have to look like a movie trailer. They can have a variety of different looks and feels to them.

    4.) How to create a cartoon or animated video

    1.) If you want to create a video with cartoons/animations check out Go Animate. Here you can create some really cool stuff for fun or business.


    I hope this information can help some people and if you have any questions please let me know. Also, there are many other ways to make video's and companies that assist with this but I just wanted to name a few to help.

    If anyone else has any suggestions or comments please do so. Hopefully, we can build this thread with a lot of great tools and information we all can learn from and share with others. :)

    Hope this helps...

    To Your Ultimate Success,

    Kevin Rime
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  2. payment proof

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    Excellent post and advice Kevin! Video Marketing can be very productive and a great resource for getting traffic if done right. (y)
  3. For you to get views and be searchable in YouTube's search engine you need to properly optimize your YouTube videos. Make sure you have a catchy title with your targeted keyword on it. Add a well written content under its description, 100 words is fine. Add meaningful tags that are related to your video.
  4. Adrian

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    Great Advice. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips ironoutthegrind.
  5. jamess

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    Video marketing is the very important thing to improve your business.. You have elaborated very well .. Another thing is you can create a video using power point that will also beneficial for your business..
  6. Christian Cole - Very good point. Thanks for sharing this.
    Jamess - Yes, absolutely!!! I completely agree that power point can be very powerful as well.

    Thank you all for your very nice comments and sharing your input. I am so happy this information was helpful. :)

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