Tips to staying organized?

Discussion in 'Work at Home Moms' started by happygal, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. happygal

    happygal Member

    Just wondering from other work at home moms out do you separate the work from the home. What are your best organizational tips? Fire away!
  2. pip87

    pip87 New Member

    The easiest way i find is having a day where i dont do much work on computer i spend the day doing house work!

    Then i work around my daughter on computer for the rest of the week round her feeds, play, sleep etc!

    I think its hard to be strict with organisational skills when you have children to work round

    It is hard to fit everything in i know but its all worth it at the end! [​IMG]
  3. MamAtWork

    MamAtWork New Member

    The biggest thing is to not try and work in a room with a tv! Otherwise, you have to be flexible to meet your family needs. I tend now to work alongside my daughter whilst she is doing homeschool. When I'm working on articles I do it on paper so that there is not temptation to browse.
  4. happygal

    happygal Member

    I agree that the TV thing is key. Any other thoughts?
  5. dmgditeam

    dmgditeam New Member

    Hi, just thought I would give you a tip..

    Make a folder for each day of the week and place it on your desktop

    For each day , put in there your todays list of to do's for that peticular day.

    Then when you go to your computer everyday, just open the file for that day and there is what you do for the day..

    It really does help.. I hope this helped alittle
  6. busymomKristi

    busymomKristi New Member

    I just started with a direct selling business, but I've been working from home doing freelance writing and mystery shopping (get jobs from home and submit reports from home, but obviously have to leave to complete them...I'm pretty sure that still counts) for a couple of years. My advice would be to try to find your family's schedule and then schedule your work time in where it fits and STICK TO IT. It can be so tempting to just take that naptime and see what's on tv or call a friend or whatever, but if you've set that as your work time then do work.

    You also need to realize that your schedule may not be the same day to day if you have family activities or other commitments and it may fluctuate as your child grows depending on their age (naps change and/or disappear for example) so you need to plan as far out as you can and only book yourself as much work as you can handle. I went through a period of serious overscheduling because I kept thinking that I could do more and trying to stay up all night to finish it. That's not good for you or your family. Good luck!!
  7. maxworks

    maxworks New Member

    I have been working from home for about 6 months now and have struggled with the same issues.
    Here is what I do:
    I make a list today for what I need to accomplish tomorrow.
    As soon as I get up, I get to work. If I have an appt. then I work before or after.
    I set aside at least 4 hours each day and stick to it.
    I also work hard to keep up with housework so I don't have alot of that to do in any 1 day. If I do get backlogged, I take my weekend days a get caught up.
    I also have an away place in my house with my computer so I can stay focused.
  8. happygal

    happygal Member

    Somehow I lost track of this topic but went back and re-read it and there are some great ideas in here. Keep them coming!
  9. Carl_B

    Carl_B Guest

    well.. You can start your work on computer when your children are away e.g. sleep or play. I think after finishing your house work you can easily do your work. Make a proper scheduling of your house work and the official one, and try to save 2-3 hrs per day apart from your house work. You also need to realize that your schedule may not be the same day to day if you have family activities..

    I hope this help..Good Luck!!
  10. ZiggyZoo

    ZiggyZoo New Member

    Funnily enough i just updated my blog with a post on how to be a bit more organized when working from home. You may want to take a look - might help.
  11. paulval

    paulval Guest

    I know im not a MOM, but I certainly put in my part with the kiddies. And in the beginning of my online adventures I had the chitlins crawlin aover me trying to show me this and that. And not to menton the " look what I can dos" I have three girls...not including mama, that beg for my attention.
    I keep most of my online hooplah organized in spreadsheets and favorite folders.
    I also utilize any and all nap/ activity times to get online for brief periods.
    I also found that I stay up really really late to use my quiet time on the net. I know it kinda sucks, but I feel being tired is a small sacrifice to staying at home working.
    I have a 5 a 2 and a newborn in my wee little home, so I feel your pain. GOOD LUCK MOMMYS!

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