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Discussion in 'Work at Home Dads' started by paulval, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. paulval

    paulval Guest

    Hello fellow work at home dads/ laid off Seriously, There is really only a couple things to keep in mind for us guys.

    If we aren't working 8 to 10 hours a day for some other chump, we need to work at least 3/4 that much for ourselves. It's a small price to pay for self employment and freedom to roam.
    And remember, it is WORK at home, not stay at home. Us guys can get lazy and we sometimes need someone to crack us in the butt to get us going. But, It is work and you have to treat it as such. If you do, it will be super rewarding and you can just coast later on.
    The money is there, lots of it. Start small, built at your own pace, and redirect your earnings into multiple streams of online adventure. With hard work you'll be turning profits on easy street.

    Good luck to us guys, and lets make your kids proud! Later
  2. Ann Williams

    Ann Williams New Member

    To help me keep working on a schedule at home I keep pictures of my family close by. It reminds me loud and clear what is important for me to do and what is not.
  3. thefortunemaker

    thefortunemaker New Member

    hi guys!

    how are you all?

    well im a stay at home dad and look after my son lucas who is 10 months old.

    my wife still wants to work even though i make enough money online to cover 2 jobs.

    il get her to quit soon lol

    best wishes

    Robert, UK
  4. GimmeScamFree

    GimmeScamFree New Member

    What's up fellas,

    Work at home dad here with a 3 year-old girl, 18 month son, and another kid on the way (still about 8months away)!

    I have been spending alot of time on the net doing alot of reasearch on supplimenting my income... lord knows we need it!

  5. EricHat

    EricHat New Member

    Yup me too work at home dad 3 year old boy, I love working from home, had a great summer, Now I'm getting ready for the winter days. [​IMG]

    A network marketing secret: Don't pass up an opportunity to use your talents, education, skills, and create multiple streams of income! Most successful Home base business owners have more than one stream of income.
  6. markmolina

    markmolina New Member

    Hi Guys,
    Love to hear the dads working from home stories.I envy you all.

    I'm still working the 8-5, parts I love, parts I hate.

    I spend the majority of my time with my wife and 2 kids (Camryn 9 yrs, Caden 5 yrs. old). What a blast they are.

    I'm working on an online business that I focus on in the evenings, when my babies are asleep. So I have to stay laser focused.
    I actually found something that fits that mold.

    If I can give one word of advise (coming from a program jumping junky, that has been rehabilitated), is stick with a good program that works and is legit and work it like a business, not a hobby.

    Also, stay consistent with your advertising.

    Get the education it takes to succeed online. There are many free sources out there. Just skype me (mark.molina702)and I will tell you where they are.

    Thanks again for sharing your great stories, I truly enjoy hearing them.
  7. bakakaichi

    bakakaichi New Member

    Hi Guys, I'm new here. I'm thinking of getting off from my day job and get something to work at home, while having more times to spend with my 2 little monsters.

    Any good idea where I can start?
  8. skgtechnologies

    skgtechnologies New Member


    Working from home might not be as easy as expected. It's hard to get a decent job online since the competition is very stiff, remember that most clients our looking for outsource work paying less, so you have to start right, make a nice impression, build positive feedback's and you must be consistent. Nice way to start is to do a lot of research on what field your planning to concentrate, then look for possible clients(avoid scams) and visit forums similar to this the learn the tricks on working from home. Good luck on your online job search.
  9. paulms

    paulms New Member


    What a terrific idea. The family is definitely a motivator to not lose focus.
  10. shoalinagent

    shoalinagent New Member

    I believe the best way to start is to find something that works for you. If you are passionate about it, it won't feel like work. We all want more time at home with the wife and kids, and none of us want to go out and labour for peanuts.

    Ive personally spent far too long out in the sun labouring for little reward, and it took being laid off because of lack of work for the company (like alot of us) for me to see that. There is definantly much cash to be made online, just find something that works for you, and support your downlines. The biggest issue I see is people treating thier recruits like numbers and not actually caring about THEM. If you show them your full support, and make them feel good about themselves they will stick around thick or thin. For me its not just about money and having more free time, its about making a network of friends who WANT to help each other attain financial freedom. All the best to fellow work at home dad's, we can get through this recession together [​IMG]
  11. Jean LA

    Jean LA New Member

    Good luck everyone. Hope we'll prosper together. Don't forget to post you success here. lol
  12. shepherdp

    shepherdp New Member

    I was laid off in May and have earned about a tenth of my outgoings since then and now trying to build a living online.

    Apart from Ebay, I've not earned a bean online but the lower my bank account goes, the more motivated I become. I've been putting in a lot of hours learning to write short articles - some good, some bad - over the last couple of months, butyou know what? I like it and it's fun and it gets easier the more I do it.

    Being motivated by negative situations is a recipe for disaster because when I get comfortable I'll drift back downwards again. That's what's so great about developing a business on the internet - once it takes off then it should keep going without much effort.

    It's getting the business off the ground that's the trick, which is where most of us fail. Despite, what the Gurus tell us, it isn't easy but doing a little every day will overcome the challenges.

    In a way I'm lucky that my kids live with their mother but I do miss them. I'm not sure that it's easier living alone though as it's easy to let things slide - emotionally and physically.

    Keep at it guys - all our results originate from our thoughts. Doing what you enjoy will keep your thoughts positive and powerful.

    One thing that I would say to newcomers, there's no need to spend thousands on an internet program - the secret is in doing the work and there is great quality guidance free and cheap on the internet.

    So my recipe so far:
    Do what you love.
    Share ideas through articles and posts.
    Do an hour or 2 every day
    Never give up.
    (and if you live alone, keep high standards and stay in touch with real people)
  13. hearthopes

    hearthopes New Member

    Yes, I agree! lol
  14. anthonysudbury

    anthonysudbury New Member

    I'm new around here.

    I am a work from home Dad - run my own business I set up last year (accountancy) and I now have a few websites up and running to create a passive income.

    This has given me the time freedom to be part of my kids lives (they are 3 & 4) and not spend long hours away in an office.

    If you can learn some new skills with the internet, you can make life easier for your family!
  15. timbonderud

    timbonderud New Member

    Yes many people think it is a walk in the park, when you first start many and many hours have to be put into building it up, then a schedule has to be written up in order to stay on track just like any business the use of a daytimer is a nice touch, whether its a classic paper one or online daytimer, which by the way is nice because then you can access it anywhere theres internet and will always know what you had planned for business strategies that day. Remember to have a passion for what you are doing, this is the difference between success and failure of your business. Take Care.

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