To be sucessful you have to be able to SELL yes or no?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by miami77, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. miami77

    miami77 New Member

    I have read a million ideas, a million business ideas, the latest, greatest product etc, etc, etc.

    In the end you have to be able to "Sell" something... am I right or wrong?

    Would love to hear some feedback.
  2. annalaurab

    annalaurab Member

    Yes you do. Some people call it sharing but when you really look at it, you are still selling.
  3. miami77

    miami77 New Member

    I think anyone that wants to be successful in starting a business or exspending energy in a mlm type system needs to be clear that you have to sell something, weather its selling someone on joining something, selling a product etc. Once this is realized you can begin to make your path more efficient to your goals.

    Hope to hear for others.
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    The whole world is selling something some how, some way. It's called commerce.

    Don't trip on it, get in on it, on a conscious level because you are engage in it anyhow. Even if you clean office buildings for a living. Someone had to sell that account so you can work that job, or else, you have no job.

    Sell! Sell! Sell! Sell Your Way To A More Prosperous Life!

    Thank God videos can do all the selling, presenting and explaining these days, one just needs to help with the paperwork [​IMG]
  5. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    We've all heard stories of the snake oil salesmen in the 1800s who preyed upon the public by peddling elixirs and potions as cures for every conceivable aliment. Those products usually turned out to be more hype than help.

    That may have contributed to our collective distrust and suspicion of people who try to "sell" us things.

    Many of us have experienced pushy slaesmen who use high-pressure tactics to get us to part with our money. Such "hard sell" situations are annoying. They also make us feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable, so it's no surprise that today we have a spontaneous aversion to the word "sell" or anything to do with selling.

    But selling is not just about using pressure to get someone to buy a product or service she may not want or need, there are much more subtle approaches that can be applied to effect a positive outcome.

    If you approach the art of selling as the ability to "gain acceptance, convince, persuade, negotiate and encourage" you'll automaticlly avoid much of the natural buying resistance that enters the traditional selling equation. You'll create a more open environment for a win-win conclusion.

    We use these "softer" selling tactics all the time in non-commercial situations. We apply them to attract a love interest, to win over the job interviewer, to gain acceptance and approval, and so on.

    The truth is, we are constantly in a "selling mode" of one kind or another. There's no denying it or fighting it!

    Once we learn to accept that fact, all that's left for us to do is refine our ability to make the sale. [​IMG]

  6. miami77

    miami77 New Member

    Since were all using this forum which is "internet based communication" what do you think is the basic formula for selling via the internet?

    Look at "Groupons" for example, it doesn't take rocket science to go to google and look up "coupon usage statistic" and see its a positive trend.

    Then develop a system that capitalizes on this trends right.

    My thinking is its easier to sell when everyone wants or needs your product or service.

  7. Rach72

    Rach72 New Member

    "Then develop a system that capitalizes on this trends right.

    My thinking is its easier to sell when everyone wants or needs your product or service."

    Just a couple of thoughts;

    Looking at trends is a great idea to see what people are into and yes, get in on products that people are already looking for is the best idea.

    But try to go for products that have more longevity than just a 'trend' or passing phase - this way you have a better chance of getting a more stable income than having to re-do all your work when the trend changes.
  8. miami77

    miami77 New Member

    I think vurtual products and services work well. As a website designer / developer I have developed shopping cart sites which requirer shipping management, inventor management, website management, sales and marketing etc.

    My idea is a coupon directory system that can be scaled to any type of service using the same coupon system. But use the system to target "niche" markets opposed to competing in oversaturated markets such as travel and dinning like Groupons and Living Social .. in this way the coupon system adapts to whatever market its needed for. Cant give out too much of my million dollar plan but im working on it.

    Thoughts are welcome ... or if this sounds interesting let me know ..
  9. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    I think Hermas has it right. Yes we all have to "sell" something either ourselves or a product, or an idea, etc. But I believe there is an art to doing it correctly and only maybe 1 in 20 has that "gift" That is why video presentations are so important. It is done right hopefully, and it doesn't pressure the person at all. The person gets the information they are seeking and at a convient time for them, and if they have questions then they can get involved with someone to answer those too. If they decide that it isn't for them then the pressure is off of them to go further. Some people don't like videos but I think part of any successful business to recruit is showing them they can do it too. If you are the top salesmans of your company how many people can duplicate that? As I stated 1 in 20.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    miami77: In the end you have to be able to "Sell" something... am I right or wrong?
    Yes, that is correct. What's important is to realise the manner in which it is done.
  11. steelpaulo

    steelpaulo New Member

    You are constantly selling, every time you persuade anyone to your way of thinking you are selling. Everyone is selling all the time,
    in our society nothing happens until a sale is made.
    Your response regarding Groupon is exactly on point and someone has developed a way to capitalize on it.
    If you desire to be more successful you will become so as a by product of selling.
    As one said "embrace it" Learn more about it and get on with it.
  12. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    miami77: be able to "Sell" something
    Don't think of it as "selling", think of Creating the Desire to Buy.

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