To Translate or Not to Translate?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by onedumbaussie, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    Being a wordpress addict I have the ability to translate my blog into many languages. Would this be of benefit to me?

    What are your thoughts on translating your blog to many languages any experience with this type of plugin would be appreciated.

    One Dumb Aussie
  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Go global. I use a global translator plug-in on WP and it works wonders.
    Can't say how accurate the translations are but the translations get repeat hits.
    It only translates a page on request, then caches it for future users.
    I notice a lot of search traffic picking up the translated pages.
    The problem is translating comments back to English for me.

    It really depends on your content how it translates in the real world.
    I have photo pages that need no translation and get tons of global visitors.
    When it comes to marketing pages accuracy becomes much more critical.
    For general information a loose translation is usually good enough.
    Hire a proof reader if it involves money or joining something.
  3. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    Thats the plugin I was Looking at, Thanks for the advice, looks like onedumbaussie is about to go into multi-language mode.

    Appreciate your help.

  4. jareso

    jareso New Member

    Translating your website is generally a good idea. But I suggest human translation rather than machine translation. Especially for blog articles human translation is the must! (If you take it seriously with your website.) Because machine translation is never accurate and (usually it) contains a LOT of nonsense that will immediately discourage any visitor. Machine translation is only tolerable in cases when human translation cannot be used ??“ for example stock photo agencies translate millions of image titles, descriptions and keywords by machine. That is of course OK - because no one would be able to translate millions of images by hand. But whenever possible try to use the human translation. Yes it will cost some additional investment ??“ but it will show your visitors how you care about them.
  5. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Hi Justin,

    Many of your visitors will not be able to read the English language and giving them them option to read in their language is a great idea.

  6. Fanciadance

    Fanciadance Guest

    I love this idea and was not even aware that there was a plugin for this. I will be installing and activating immediately. [​IMG]

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