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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by lizmet, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. lizmet

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    With many of us suffering in today's economy how is Coastal
    performing? The increased cost of living , gas prices and airline fares how is the success of prospecting? Are people seeing a decline of their Coastal business? Thanks in advance for the responses.
  2. mountainmom5

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    Great question but we are actually seeing an increase in business - with more and more folks trying to avoid the high cost of commuting... the corporate downsizing, etc...[​IMG]

    As far as airline fares, that doesn't seem to affect us much as people will still vacation whenever they have a few extra bucks...
  3. PNL Travel

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    Viola is right! Actually, last week when I picked up my kids from school, one of the teachers there stopped me and asked about Coastal. One of the other parents told her that I work from home so they were asking questions about what I do. It seems that lately a lot more local people are looking for a way to bring in some extra income. [​IMG]
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    There are so many statistics...but as I remember, out of all travel done in paid public carriers (air, bus, train, ships) only 10% is actual vacation travel, the rest is business (salesmen, execs. conventions,etc.), moving (relocating), health reasons, government(armed services, employees, etc.), students,, travel is mainly a necessity.

    Actually, we don't really or mainly sell travel. Coastal sells stays, vacations, discounts, dreams come true, stress reducing life style, family togetherness, etc.

    The fact that gas is up, traffic jams are up, the dollar losing value presses the need for extra income as does health care. Work at home also saves lots of money in all aspects, like, eat-in (brings family together), no much need for dry cleaning suits, etc., no much need for expensive make-up, work clothes, transportation time saving, aggravation savings (crazy drivers, no parking, and stressed out cops), time to work and fix things in the house thus increasing its value and doing exercise to keep trim, more relaxed and together time for the family.

    I see a future with more and more people doing not only their own business at home but their office work at home.

    Hmmm, perhaps we should canvass Doctors to prescribe Costal for healthy bodys, peace of mind and getting out of debt with all the savings.

    And comparing the actual savings plus the priceless family and mental health benefits, a mere $1295, or even $3,995 are such bargains!...really!

    Be well ya'll!


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