Tonights Agel Virtual ABB Was The Best Ever!

Discussion in 'Agel' started by ProMarketer, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Tonight's Agel Virtual ABB is a keeper!

    My good friends, Agel Diamond Directors Tony and Sarah Zolecki did a killer job and a superb presentation. Tony and Sarah BTW, have gone from "0" to a high five figure per month income with no previous MLM experience in two years. They explained where we are in America and where we are going unless we make the right decisions.

    The call also included Double Diamond Director Billy Looper. An Ex-Realtor who realized that the downturn in the real estate market was the perfect opportunity to build a million dollar Agel Business without ever retailing one box of product... again, in only two short years. Billy also gave an incredibly detailed talk about our unique "Quadraplan" compensation plan which allows you to create "true residual" without harsh quota's and high qualifications.

    They described our unique gel-suspension technology and especially our incredible breakthrough AGELESS skin care line.

    Tons of incredible testimonials as well!

    I am so glad I had people on this call tonight. It really was the best one ever. It was seamless and flawless.

    For those who missed it and would like to hear it. Email me and I will happily send you the replay line number.

    I AM AGEL!....and so was everyone else on the call

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