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    I joined the company early May 2013. My initial investment was $54 (although the minimum was $40) and my first check was $118.

    There were 3 things that drew me to the company:
    1. The products work!!!
    2. Low initial investment
    3. Compensation plan

    Everyone wants to lose weight and get healthy now a days, especially with the rise in obesity. THAT'S HOW IT ALL STARTED! I was desperate to lose weight and decided to give their 26-day Intense Weight Loss Pack a try.


    2 weeks later I was down 15 lbs! Naturally my friends and co-workers began to ask what I was doing. I of course pondered for a little while and decided to look into the business. Conclusion, I only needed $40 to start, I needed some more product anyways for my second round of weight loss, I would recoop my investment and the money i spent on my very own pack of weight loss. It was a win-win for me.

    1 month later I continue to draw in customers with my own weight loss, those who also lose weight decide to join and the way things are going I hope to make this a full-time thing. I was working full-time at a bank and have decided to lower my hours to dedicate some more time to my own business. Eventually, I hope I can leave my job.

    I'd like to know what others experience has been.

    I'd be more than happy to answer any questions about the company or the products.

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