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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by cashtextsny, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. cashtextsny

    cashtextsny New Member

    Ok so I love the whole concept of working from home actually spending time with my family instead of running in basements and attics year round laying wire.

    I did a lot of research of a program that was free but could generate some income. I have decided to invest into the marketing end as Clixsense and wordlinx has brought me 175 referral agents in a weeks time. Even if they never duplicate or spread the word I still am paid monthly on them because they opt'ed in for the service we provide.

    I feel I am willing to pay easily $2 per person to sign up for this program so my question is... I know the PPC and PPA is a volume game. I spend about 15 bucks a day on clixsense and get about ten referral agents a day. Google hasnt been so kind despite using good ranking keywords.. I have heard there is websites that will promote my website and if someone joins on my page I pay them a this a CPA website? Because I earn $4.50 a month for each opt'ed in referral agent I think $2 is a steal...Can anyone recommened a website that is good for this?

    Also I know some are saying but what if the info they provide is BS...well to get opt'ed in they have to receive a text code and enter it on the website.. I would only want to pay if the end of the deal is closed.. ie the person who joins completes that step and verifies... is this something any website can do??

    My goal is 1000 referral agents by the end of the month, I need 800 more.. the program is free for the people who join and the service is fantastic.... Im asking the experts what they would do??

    Thanks Everyone!
  2. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member


    What service are you using?

    It will definitely help me to help you.

    As far as home business and finding a better way.. I'm partial to network marketing.

  3. Lancs89

    Lancs89 New Member

    Hi cashtextsny....

    I have tried the PPc methods etc before. The truth is however if you have a one or two Page website then this method is gonna cast you big..... Even if you do have deep pockets.

    There are plenty of other traffic methods of getting customers to your website other than the ones you have mentioned. You have started in one place and that is forums.... Some formums may even market you product but if not most allow e-mail signatures that allow people like ourselves to follow hints and tips and visit pages.

    The real trick is to build a list....

    How i hear you say?

    This is very time consuming so dont expect an easy ride.
    Build your list by generating traffic to signup to something you are giving away. This is a business so dont do the pushy salesman thing.

    You can drive traffic like i said through:
    1 Forums
    2 Article Marketing
    3 SEO
    4 Newsletters
    5 Social Media
    6 Classified Ads
    The list goes on and on.

    You will need to master several methods before you succeed and see which works for you.

    Best of luck
  4. kensomerville

    kensomerville New Member

    Lets start with your question on websites that offer banner ads, and solo ads. There are a great many sites, tens of thousands that you can have banners on. As far as your paying after the opt-in, I don't know of any that will do that. If there ever were, they would have got burnt, by people and stopped.

    You pay for so many clicks of impresions and if you get 1 person or 100 does not matter to them.

    What ever you do with the banner and solo ads, just remember to only put your ad on a site that is in, or related to your niche.

    I hope this helps
    Your Friend in Marketing
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I'm curious, in "trying to find a better way to pay the bills" as you noted, how do you see PTC referrals and ad surfing doing such? Meaning what type of income are you hoping the referrals will generate for you?

    Before engaging in a paid marketing campaign, you would want to get an ideal of what it would take for the prospect that decides to join you in that biz to make your marketing dollars payoff.

    Keep in mind you are advertising a "Free to join" such biz historically can attract a lot of opt-in or registrations but translating such into income is a different matter.

    That being said, I applaud your attitude to win, but in asking what "experts" think, nearly everyone that frequents this forum and comments regularly would likely tell you that depending on your income goals, PTC referrals are not likely going to lead to substantive income in any near term.

    All the best!
  6. Martin Butler

    Martin Butler New Member

    In my opinion, these type on systems only deliver low quality leads and is not a real long term business. Whenever you buy traffic based on other people's actions to Opt in, they are normally only making the people creating these systems rich.

    Learning how to find passionate people in niches who spend money and providing them with things they want is a more long term goal and will see you grow a business and reputation. Having a reputation in a niche far outweighs having to buy opt ins for low quality traffic.
  7. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    You may also want to explore free ways to make money online and doing your own promotion and SEO. That way you can start without making a big cash investment.
  8. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    If you are seeing good results with your paid leads, you should invest more to speed up things. Then you should tell your downline to do the same thing because it all boils down to duplication. This is where the BIG money is and this is where you will want to build.

    Keep doing it and never quit.
  9. everythingsimpl

    everythingsimpl New Member

    cashtextsny: Because I earn $4.50 a month for each opt'ed in referral agent I think $2 is a steal...
    This sounds like a numbers game and that you have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done. Is this what CPA is? I have been looking around at paid methods as of late
  10. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    I'd get out of PTC and go into affiliate marketing. You're better off spending $30/month at to make Facebook fan pages and trying to promote Amazon products as an affiliate.

    If you have to, spend $35 for a week to advertise that Fanpage. You're probably better off doing that than earning $0.00004 for ads.

    You're better off laying wire in a basement for the same amount of work.

    If you're going make the cash work for you, go big.
  11. taakinc

    taakinc New Member

    I am a newbie as well and definitely willing to learn. What are the best methods for creating traffic to your site? Mainly, is there one that is best to focus on and not get overwhelmed with everything that is out there?

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