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    I want to talk to you today about providing valuable content. Have you not been getting much traffic lately and wondering why? Maybe this will help you.

    Don't Half Step

    If you've reserved time for the should purpose of directing traffic stick to it don't get discouraged or let your mind wonder. WORK HARD and spend time finding out if your methods are working for you.

    You're Being Shy

    When you think of internet marketing then of physical marketing if you're a shy physical marketer how well is your buiness going to do? Well, the same rules apply to internet marketing.:cool:

    Your Content Lacks Value

    I can't stress this one enough; Value, Value, Value! Become valuable to people and you're success will follow. I guarantee it! It's one thing to get a lot of content out there but if there's no value in it you're not going to get the results you're expecting. Remember my friend it's all about reaping and sowing. Think of how it was when you first got in the business and how much more convenient it could have been if someone would have been willing to provide you with nothing but value.:)

    Always remember to put yourself in your customers' shoes and make that your mindset. Well that's all for now I hope this post helps you think of your customers as more than just $ but as eager minds looking to improve their living standards as you are.

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    I do agree that value is one of the most important aspects of being succesful but I also know a lot of newbies that have made fantastic websites and blogs offereing some awesome stuff but they still struggle to get a good amount of traffic. The mindset has to be 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and realising that money and good money can be made online is possible as long as you are patient. Thanks for sharing.
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    Very good post Tim!:)

    Give value...and you open yourself up to a lot more prospects.

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