Training your downline for your success and theirs.

Discussion in 'Global Resorts Network' started by mentoru2success, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Hey everyone. This thread is going to be about the various ways that we ensure our down line success.
    The great thing about Global Resorts is that I have a big incentive to help my down line succeed.
    Every person that comes into Global Resorts their are two equal
    commissions paid of $1000 each.
    $1000 is paid to the the person who made the sale and the other
    $1000 is paid to the sponsor of the person who made the sale.
    So we are paid $1000 every time my down line makes a sale.
  2. mentoru2success

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    Train before they join...

    One thing my team and I focus on is training our people before they actually join. No secrets here. And if they don't join, oh well.
    This helps people see what they could expect after joining.
    The way we do that is by having multiple training webinars a week that my team and I host.
    There is one called "Avoiding rookie Mistakes"

    I give people a video training series that are on my list.

    To your success,
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    That sounds pretty good because the one thing that is lacking in most businesses in this industry is training and support. More specifically good training and support.
  4. mentoru2success

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    In 11 years of trying to find that perfect business I wish i had some kind of help. The Global Resorts opportunity was designed so that I have a really big incentive to help my partners succeed.
    Plus I really love helping others. I use to market information through the classifieds on good businesses out there.

    Dan H

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