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    Hi All,

    Today's economic times are forcing layoffs left and right. What is the result of these layoffs? More and more people are flocking to the internet. The potential in wealth building provides tremendous upside and the amount of time to build that wealth is relatively short.

    As network marketers sprout up like dandelions, your business has the ability to grow rather quickly. The key to building your business is establishing yourself as a leader within the industry. All the successful CEOs throughout time were/are amazing leaders in their respective companies.

    This business trait is no different in handling your online business. By showing people your expertise in marketing; you give them a reason to want to learn more from you. A relationship is formed and you are then able to start duplicating yourself through them.

    There are too many people throwing sales pitches all over the internet and the victims of it are quick to shut down any opportunity that comes their way. Another reason they close their minds to any opportunity is because there are many scams on the internet.

    How do you overcome such a huge obstacle and convince people to listen to you? You show them that you are a leader within the industry. You show them that you have the skills necessary to help them in building their own online business. When people see that you actually care about their problems, they are more open to hearing what you have to say in the future.

    I know what you're thinking. "I don't have the traits of a leader. I'm not well spoken, creative, charismatic, etc. Becoming a leader within the network marketing industry is a lot easier than you might think. The key to becoming a leader is to become a student of the industry. I know it sounds backward, but this is what will make you the "diamond in the rough;" someone with exceptional qualities but lack the final touches that will separate you from the crowd. It will literally separate you from the thousands of marketers blindly soliciting their products.

    The common misconception to network marketing is overnight success. Relatively speaking, you can become quite wealthy in a short amount of time. Compare the time span and residual income to a 9-5 day job for 20+ years. It's not overnight, but it still is much faster.

    To become a student of the industry, you need to invest into your education. Start acquiring books, training videos, and training audios to learn how to market. Start mastering a few marketing techniques and develop a specialty. Some people specialize in social media while others specialize in article writing. Once you have mastered those few, start branching out into other areas to expand your knowledge.

    You are now equipped with the necessary knowledge many marketers are seeking. By becoming a student, you have subconsciously become a leader in the industry. Your knowledge brings you value and many people are seeking out people like you.

    Think about this for a moment. Thousands of people who were recently laid off are looking to the internet. They are excited at the opportunity to make a serious residual income on their own time with no risk of being laid off spontaneously. They find an opportunity and wander around the internet aimlessly trying to figure out how to make a sale. Two or three weeks later, these same people are back at interviews desperately trying to find another 9-5 job.

    Can you see the demand for leaders in the network marketing industry now? The economic downturn has actually provided a surplus of people looking for someone to help them build a business. If there are no leaders around, these new marketers simply fade away and go back to the corporate world.

    This is without a doubt the best time to form you as a leader. Just like any business, strong leadership will carry your business to a new level. By becoming a student of the industry, mastering a few key marketing techniques and teaching other marketers, you begin emerging as face in the industry. You separate yourself from the thousands of struggling marketers looking for overnight success.

    Remember, success in business is not acquired through sales pitches overnight. Success is acquired through strong leadership and strong relationships. Become a student once again and start learning the different sectors of network marketing. You in turn become a valuable name and face to other marketers and establish yourself as someone people know and trust.

    There is no greater feeling in network marketing than making a residual income while teaching someone how to do the exact same thing. You are truly a diamond in the rough.

    Luis Villasana
  2. talfighel

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    Another important aspect is to find ONE good company and stick with them.

    I see too many people who jump from one company to the other and never make it.

    So find one good and solid company and stick with it no matter what until you earn a comfortable income with them.

  3. villasana

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    That's correct Talfighel,

    I see that too, but this is how it works, when you stick to a business that you already review, don't wait if it works or not, just make it work.

    Luis Villasana
  4. DannyMichau

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    Luis Villasana Mate just want to sey well done on your post it is actually quite refreshing to go back to the basics with it all. I have just grounded myself after going on a massive education run under the alter ego belief I needed to be false in order to be a success if that makes any sense.
    Cheers I will be plagerising some of your pointers if that is ok with you
  5. ThePhoenix

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    You have really inspired me with this post. You are right, there are so many people who need to be led to success. They have it in them, they truly just need the right leadership. And that is something that I believe I can be.
  6. LeadingRep

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    I couldn't agree more. At our company, that's what it's all about, Being a Leader and Building other Leaders! Many people are "natural leaders", so to speak. But everyone has to be a leader at some point. The problem is that when people think of being a leader, they only think of it as a huge responsibility and leading several people. The fact is, Leadership can be simply leading one other person, helping one other person. When people begin to see it that way they are much more willing to give it a try. That's what builds success on top of success!
  7. mreese601

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    That's my friend is how you become successful. When people see you as a leader and can tap into your vision, then they want to go also. So what do they do? They follow You! It's that simple. So establish yourself as a leader.
  8. BabyStepsMama

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    talfighel: Another important aspect is to find ONE good company and stick with them.

    I see too many people who jump from one company to the other and never make it.

    So find one good and solid company and stick with it no matter what until you earn a comfortable income with them.
    This is so true. One thing I think every company should do is teach their team to follow the system in place, a proven method that wont matter how skilled you, "learn while you earn".

    Analysis paralysis is very common in this industry, but it doesnt have to be.

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