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Discussion in 'Work at Home Dads' started by ahgow8882, May 1, 2009.

  1. ahgow8882

    ahgow8882 New Member

    Hi I am a trying to work at home dad.
    Due to the current economic situation, I have lost my jobs unable to get one for past half a year. Doing part time jobs to feed my family. Few weeks back I came across this website"Work as a freelancer", which I am trying to promote regarding Freelance Jobs and to earn from adsense ads. Hope to get some income. It involved adsense to get the income.(Gave up online marketing after 3 years of losing most my cash saving promoting affiliates program). Still believe in the dream of making it online one day and to support my family. However time and tide wait for no man, every penny are running dry.
    Does any one known of any successful case earning stable income online using adsense. I only heard of $2 to $3 dollars per day, which I think will stuff all my children, if I were to earn this kind of income.
    Please provide ways I can promote my "Work as a Freelancer website" for free. And also please explore my website and give me some support. Many many Thanks.
  2. johnjimat

    johnjimat New Member

    dont give up. just work and focus on your promotion. work hard is the key to success
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome wah dad

    You are doing the ight thing by coming to the wah forum and having a link in your sig. [​IMG]

    You will get some traffic that way. There are also other wah forums, by the way, that you can go to. However, don't spam the forums! Be willing to help out where you can and participate in discussions.

    With wah stuff it is really hard to write articles, blogs etc that will get you enough traffic to make it with adsense, etc... forums are the best in my opinion.

    Welcome by the way to my very favoritest forum on the net.. [​IMG]
  4. samda

    samda Member

    Great that you have decided it. All the very best. We would be glad to see your progress....
  5. ahgow8882

    ahgow8882 New Member

    Thanks for your reply and support.

  6. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi ahgow,

    You CAN earn money from Adsense, but you need a LOT of traffic to make it worthwhile. I make several hundred dollars a month from Adsense, so I know it is worthwhile.

    Different site topics (and page topics) will earn you a different amount per click based on what the advertisers are willing to pay.

    The main thing to understand about Adsense or affiliate marketing or any type of online venture, I presume, is that it takes time and numbers. The greater the traffic the more income you will generate. And the traffic needs to be targeted - people actively looking for what you are providing.

    There are a few basic principles to keep in mind.

    1. You need to know what you are doing.
    2. You need to put in a lot of effort.
    3. You need to be patient and wait for the results.
    4. You need to do more of the same.

    Unfortunately, there are an abundance of sites and sales pages that make it sound like you can throw up a few mini websites and start raking in the cash. It doesn't work that way.

    I have sincere sympathy for your financial/job situation. I have family members in the same boat. As much as I LOVE what I do online and am so grateful for the small measure of success I've achieved so far, it's not a quick solution to financial crisis.

    Keep trying to find some offline work and use your "spare" time to work at building up an online income.

    I can only imagine what you were doing over a 3 year period promoting affiliate products that would have caused you to LOSE money. I suspect you were using PPC or something.

    Imagine if during that same 3 years you had gradually built up a niche website around a topic that you know or enjoy - a hobby, a sport, a special interest, a skill you have, etc.

    By now you would have a website business with hundreds of pages, each page targeting a specific phrase that people are searching for relating to your niche topic. You would be getting hundreds, probably thousands of visitors to your site every single day.

    Those visitors would be clicking on Google Adsense ads (money in your pocket), purchasing through your affiliate links (money in your pocket), and maybe even buying an ebook or two that you've made available (money in your pocket).

    Hindsight is 20/20 as they say, but since you can't change the past, you can think about doing something like that starting today for the future.

    It's slow and steady going, but if you can find something offline to tide you over, it will pay you well for your time in the long run.

    Wishing you all the best.
  7. ahgow8882

    ahgow8882 New Member

    Hi Angie,

    Yes, I put thousands $$ in PPC all my saving empty as high as 3k to 4k per/mth sometimes. Come up to 5 fig. But still,
    Thanks for your advise, nice to hear that you are making money from adsense. I needed real confirmation of people making some money out of adsense. It give me confidence to go on believing that dream of eran income online one day.

  8. happywife

    happywife Gold Member


    I suspected as much. Those that promote using PPC as a way of making some money online easily, really don't always explain how difficult it can be to stay in the profit with that method.

    Using Adwords for advertising takes definite skill. Otherwise it's a real good way to lose money fast.

    I haven't even attempted Adwords yet! Go ahead, call me chicken. [​IMG] I suppose I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to risking money. I've never had a lot of excess cash, so I value every penny a little more than I should perhaps.

    At any rate, I have never spent any money in advertising my sites. I haven't even purchased links in paid directories. Now THAT'S just me being cheap!

    Fortunately, I learned that if you build a website correctly, it isn't necessary to pay for extras like advertising and links. Sure, I could probably increase my traffic and income quicker if I parted with a bit more of my earnings, but I'm still hesitant to do so. I've heard of too many people like yourself who have had bad PPC experiences. [​IMG]

    I'm glad if I can encourage you to have the confidence to give site building a try. SBI helps you learn to do it right the very first time and has all the tools you need integrated together already so you cut out a lot of the confusion and learning curve.

  9. robert scott

    robert scott New Member

    hi there ahgow8882!
    im sorry to hear that you havnt been as successful in reguards to affiliate marketing.

    i was made redundant in october last year and i didnt know what to do to make money. my son was born just 2 months after i lost my job so it was a pretty scary time.

    but since then i've learned a lot about online marketing and affiliate marketing in particular. it was realy hard at first,all the effort i put in and i wasnt making any money. i know how you feel when you put time into something and get nothing in return.

    but now after all the hard work and effort,i make a great income working from home.

    my little piece of advice is to stick to something and give it your all.

    all the best and i hope you catch a break and find what you're looking for.

  10. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    ahgow8882: Please provide ways I can promote my "Work as a Freelancer website" for free. And also please explore my website and give me some support. Many many Thanks.

    I notice that your domain EranIncomeOnline actually misspells the word "Earn". I don't know if that was an oversight or by design. While there is some traffic to be gained from misspelled words and domains, I believe the flow would be more irregular than regular.

    (Just so you know... the domains and are taken.)

    Here are some things I would suggest:

    1. Add more content to your site that talks up the benefits of freelancing. Highlight things such as the earnings potential, and the ability to make one's own schedule, set fees and choose projects.

    2. Include more keywords and phrases that are relevant to earning an income online. That will give the search engines something to chew on.

    3. Beef up the meta tags in your source code particularly the "keywords" and "description" tags. (I would add "eran income online" as well as "earn income online" to the keywords tag.)

    Hope this is useful!

  11. ahgow8882

    ahgow8882 New Member

    Thanks for your advise.

  12. MikeHumphreys

    MikeHumphreys New Member

    Joel Comm has a very popular ebook and print book on making money with Adsense. My experience with Adsense is very limited and not real profitable.

    Look, if you are promoting the freelance angle, why not do some freelance work yourself?

    You can hit sites like,, and to try to get any number of freelance jobs. There's always tons of projects posted on all of them.

    Hope that helps,

  13. fab4004

    fab4004 New Member

    yep don't give up!! read and read on the web !! and talk to people who makes a living online for the tips !!

    Good luck ! [​IMG]
  14. dunnd999

    dunnd999 New Member

    Hi there.

    I have read your post with great interest and feel a lot of sympathy for your position. Unfortunately the general trend of everybodies replies is quite negative.
    I personally have been an Affiliate marketer for some time and do make a very good living off it, BUT, you need to be prepared to work hard! I treat it as a 6am to 12pm job. It is like running your own company and it really helps to have basic marketing and sales experience.
    I use mothly affiliate marketing strongly driven by PPC. But to make a success of PPC you need to know what you are doing and using Google's Keyword Tool is a valuable resource. You need to do a lot of market research and carefully structure your keywords so you can get maximum return from your clicks.
    My personal piece of advice is, promote something that there is a strong and existing demand for. You do not want to turn your page into a sales letter. When a potential customer get to your page, he/she must have allready made up their mind what they want and you must use your landing page to show them the way.

    I know, I am making it sound very easy and straight forward, but believe me, once you get the formula right you will consistantly bring in sales profits of $200 - $300 a day, every day. (I operate about 8 sites at this moment)
    There is a publication I would love you to read, but unfortunately I am not allowed to put the link here according to forum rules, but feel free to contact me on my site.

    You can make a success out of it, all you need is a bit of gentle coaxing in the right direction.

    Take care

  15. ahgow8882

    ahgow8882 New Member

    Hi I had very much like to know and read about how to used PPC.
    please send me the link.
  16. jdaq11

    jdaq11 New Member

    Hi WAH dad! and hi to many others..

    I'm also a newbie to the work-at-home/freelancing world. Left the corporate world (thankfully by my own decision) last March. So I've been freelancing since.

    Just want to share to everyone who's looking for freelance work, you can try what I've been doing. I've been making a living out of it for the past couple of months. Just click on the link to my blog below to know more about it, since I can't post it outright [​IMG]

    Goodluck to us all! [​IMG]
  17. paulval

    paulval Guest

    Affiliate marketing is no joke, you never need to spend money on advertising, if done well, they pay you to advertise.

    What you need to do is multitask! Do about three or four different ventures, that way you can focus on whatever is doing best at the time. Believe me, one will always be doing better than another. GOOD LUCK DADS!![​IMG]
  18. RA Enterprise

    RA Enterprise New Member

    Hi All,

    Great to see so many dads in here trying to do something positive!

    My advice would be similar to that of others already, but whatever venture you decide to dedicate your time to you need to understand the following:

    1. A 10 hour week is possible, but that is a goal you achieve and cannot simply be purchased from a website.
    2. Unless you are very fortunate, you do not become a success story over night.
    3. You do not become a success story by treating your new business venture like a hobby.
    4. You will face problems and barriers, it is how you overcome these that will define how quickly you achieve your goals.

    Nobody can sell you an easy life, but people can introduce you to opportunities that you can develop into an easier life with alot of hardwork.

    Professional sports stars are paid very very well and many moan about how easy their life is.

    However, whilst they do live a privelaged lifestyle, the sacrifices, hard work and dedication to get them to where they are now is second to none.

    If you put in the hard work, the rewards will eventually come. Never be afraid to ask someone for advice, the answer you receive might just be the missing link for you.

    Plus, seeking advice in the online community - it's what it's all about!

    Wishing a great day to all the dads!
  19. profiting4less

    profiting4less New Member

    This is all good advise. There are a couple of points that i would like to make as well:

    1.) If you want a business, treat it as such: Do not take for granted that it is a home based business. Set up an office somewhere in your house where you can work with little to no distraction. The most sucessful earners put in more hours (to begin with) then the average 8-5. Far more.

    2.) Passion: Be passionate about what you are doing. If you don't believe in it, how can you convince someone else to? If you freelance write, write a free ebook to give away ... put some good information in it, but tease them somewhat with more info that they can purchase.

    3.) Adsense: Make sure what you are advertising through Adsense is relevant to your site visitors. Target groups/forums that have a target audience in the realm that you are working. In other words, don't advertise bikes in a car forum.

    I hope all of this helps you out. Feel free to ask more questions!
  20. ahgow8882

    ahgow8882 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the advice, I have after almost 6 months I have found a program the that for the past 3 months have income of US $400 - US $ 500.

    Would go on to explore more for an higher Income ( My GOAL is to hit US $5000,00 per/mth).

    Give me all the support I needed.

    Really feel good to have cash into my paypal account every month.

    Money give me power,drive and strenght to go on and of cause my family - wife and 3 kids 7,10,11.

    Thanks to All for your advice and encouragement.

    From working from home dad.

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