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Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by handsun, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. handsun

    handsun New Member

    The Tulsa newspaper has published a mis-informed article on ASD, the author did not even get the correct information about how the payouts are made, it is titled "ASD - a fraud" and is already in the anti-ASD forums. I called the company and they siad they know about it and are taking steps, this could be exactly the situation which will give the company some positive publicity. What do you guys think?
  2. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    I think I'm glad that I learnt somewhere in my life to be less concerned with what other people think and not let it get to me!

    I don't give a flying .... if they put negative publicity about ASD, Andy or the like and drag it behind an airplane all over the freaking world, spell it out in neon lights in every city, post it in every media medium out there!!!

    Personally, I did my due diligence, and my experience thus far with Andy and this company is that they do everything they say they are going to do. I can see they are actively addressing the problems with the web site and their vastly underestimating the growth. I know it takes time to build a web site of the magnitude they require. I also know it's a pain in the butt to try to work with an existing system! I'm not a programmer, but I know that iremodelling a house is more difficult than just tearing it down and building it from scratch!

    Obviously, they are aware of that and that is why they are working on a brand new site, while simultaneously trying to get the existing one functioning.

    Naysayers will always be around! The more we react to them, the more we are professing our own insecurities about how we feel about this company.

    How does the expression go? "Me doth think he protests too loudly."

    This post is not directed at anyone, certainly not the person who started this thread! I'm posting based on what I'm interpreting about the general "feeling" of this thread... Naysayer posts, anti-naysayers respond (sometimes looking more ridiculous than the original naysayer IMHO) and the bantering continues.

    That's why I enjoy Iggy's posts so much... I think he has a great deal of wisdom and he shares it openly!

    Perspective is a powerful thing! Broadening your viewpoint is one of the most empowering things anyone can do to enrich their life!

    Ok... stepping down from a soapbox....

    Nuff said! I'm going to read Iggy's post on the banterings... should be interesting.

    You create in your life based on what you believe to be true.
  3. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Well said Vassie,

    Who on earth would be so humourless to want to stop the Thoughts of Iggy. They are worth coming to visit the forum for alone.

    Keep up the good work Iggy - watch that tequila and dont forget the salt. And maybe the Gym on holiday may end up being your salvation.

    The Tulsa "newspaper" article, by the way, was in fact an online news sheet published by the Award winner of....a playboy bunny award.

    Sadly I dont thing this kind of pubicity is helpful. It wont affect the company but it may scare certain members, especially those who have never had an online home business before -which was their intention.

    I have a feeling that once the site is back and everyone is back to normal and paying in and cashing out - we will see a great change in the bad press. Worried people have come onto forums for help and they have jumped on this for their own ends.
    However when everyone is cashing in and out happily - who on earth is even going to listen to them.
  4. xotrevor

    xotrevor New Member

    Hi Jenny,

    I agree, but in the end it will be the people who published that article that will be the ones wishing they would have just taken a look at ASD instead of bashing it and putting out false claims.
  5. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Can anyone post a link to the article? I'd like to read it and see what they had to say...
  6. mrich87

    mrich87 New Member

    getagrip: Can anyone post a link to the article? I'd like to read it and see what they had to say...
    You asked for it.... so here it is ... ASD Cash Generator considered fraud

    all it took was a few key words and google and it popped up.

    I am really disappointed in this guys research, as he seem to make it appear that ASD was giving 100% matching.

    Has anyone on here that's been to an ASD event heard that they were matching 100%? The most I've heard was 50%.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

  7. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Hi Mike they did give qive the 100% match at Las Vegas and Tampa.
    But now the only one to give a 100% match is the 30 day offer fron the Golden Panda.

    But lets face it, if the guy who wrot the article had stuck to the truth it would have been a much less sensationalist article! lol Then he wouldnt have got his 5 minuts of fame!

  8. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I read the article - very interesting. Where does the article go wrong? What specific points of the article are false? Using the number crunching examples from the article, I can't possibly see how ASD could make a profit, such as in the following example from the article:

    "Robert summarized his understanding of ASD's philosophy: "If you buy a $10,000 ad package, you get 10,000 ad credits ??“ which earns you $100 a day for 125 days. Thus, in 25 days, you would get back $12,500. That's a $2,500 profit."

    Are you guys saying that the figures above from the article are incorrect? Did the author of the article (or Robert) misrepresent facts about ASD's payment structure?
  9. Vaussie

    Vaussie New Member

    The formula is correct, but the reporting party appears to have done 0 research beyond that of his one source! That constitutes very poor reporting in my mind.

    He has assumed that the scenario you mentioned is the whole business, when in fact it is not!!! Purchasing ad packages is only one stream of income for ASD... which is far from their objective!

    Iggy has written a great post. Rather than rehashing this here... I recommend reading through some of the older threads. Much of the information you are seeking is already posted. I seem to recall reading about this topic very soon after joining this forum... to give you a timeline.

  10. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Well the foruula is correct if you only buy for 10,000 and never rebuy with your rebates. (aand forgetting the 25% bonus ad packs under any apromotion)

    However, in order to generate a longer term income - the logical thing to do ad what the vast majority of members do, is upgrade from cash rebates continuously and after a period of time take out only 20% of their daily earnings from that point.

    All the expamples are based on the "ponzi crowd's" assumption that everyone is going to leave their money in the cash balance and take it all out after the 125% is eqrnt. And that is not the case.

    If that is the way things worked - the banks couldnt payout everyone either - and that would make b anks a ponzi too! lol

    In addition the articles always avoid discussion of other sources of revenue for AdSurfDaily, Inc which are there and expanding constantly. The various advertising systems sold plus the Greenbackstreet site are going to provide a very substantial revenue for ASD in the long term.

    Andy Bowdoin, in answer to questions on the subject has stated that it is the Company's intention to continue to add new sources. With the increased membership of 120,000 "captive ad viewers" this becomes easier and easier to attract businesses who want to deal with ASD.

    It is yet another example of someone who has had a brief look at ASD and hasnt really calculated the figures to see that it is sustainable either.
  11. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Ok...so far no one has pointed out specific facts where the article goes wrong. What specific facts mentioned in the article about ASD are wrong, incorrect, or innacurate?
  12. handsun

    handsun New Member

    The article states that the company keeps 50% of the ad package sales, the ASD business plan states that 50% goes to rebates and 50% goes to bonusus, commissions, overhead and profits, that is a big difference, this is one instance where the author did not research his article and shows how he is pre-disposed to convicting ASD without proper understanding of the business.
  13. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Thanks, hanssun. Are there any other instances where the author falsely stated facts about ASD?
  14. jobrick

    jobrick New Member

    This journalist didn't need an insider to report what he has written as most of it is available on the website all he had to do was copy and paste, except for the stuff the two of them made up, if this is fair and balanced reporting the first thing he would of done is find
    out about the guy who is running ASD and then reported it, well it is a sure bet he done that and found only good stuff so he conveniently left out anything about The President of ASD, but he didn't forget the link so we could see that he has got a couple of awards from the Naked News program sorry I mean the Playboy Magazine, but nothing about Andy Bowdoin visit to the White House.

    Robert the "Insider" inside what? does he sit around the boardroom with Andy Bowdoin on a Monday morning planning the weeks program, I don't think so, if he exists at all he was one of the five thousand that went along to a convention, if this journalist
    was doing his job thoroughly he would gone to the convention himself instead of relying on second hand information.

    One thing we can safely assume about Robert the Insider is he suffer from delusional paranoia or delusions of grandeur, because he thinks if he speaks out he will bring the whole ASD program crashing down around our feet who is this guy is his real name Solomon?, maybe he is just a snake in the grass, I mean he say's he does want to open his mouth because of undesirable consequence to his love ones but he doesn't mind if someone else does for him like our award winning bunny reporter.

    Out of five thousand people you are going to find someone like this, I mean lets face it the one guy that could stop this BO is the
    Attorney General of Florida, but he gave ASD the green light, BBB could stop it in its tracks but is happy to have ASD continue in business, how come this journalist missed out on these facts or did he, we know he missed out on reporting them, maybe he was on the lettuce juice at the time.

    You see where he has called us all greedy? because we have joined a business opportunity that is actually delivering on all is promises, there are ten's of thousands BO's on the net that promise the world and deliver nothing he could of gone after any of those but that would take a bit of journalistic investigation because they are nameless and faceless with no know address, it is much easier to attack ASD because it is open and out there anyone can meet and talk to the President of the Company, but our award winning journalist is a real bunny he would rather sit in his room with his two awards and hope an "Insider" comes along,

    He says we just read the ads with no intention of buying how in the world does he know if we are going to buy or not buy where did he get that information from his "Insider", I for one while surfing have purchased an ebook for $39.00 on a subject I have a great interest in and I sign up with the Send-a-Card program and within ten minutes I had a postcard on its way to my woman in
    China it is a fantastic service, he would have us believe that his 100.000 unique readers sit around and discuss his news items and the ads in his paper all week plus they spend their money supporting his advertiser, I suppose we would all be unique if we believe that one.

    Now for the Tampa convention, he talks in around about way of the company not having funds to pay the promised commissions if they shut shop, what an amazing piece of logic that is, how many of us could afford to pay the mortgage, the car payments, kids collage put food on the table and pay the utility bills, keep up with the credit cards if we stoped work?, I venture to say very very few of us, ASD are no more going to shut shop then we are going to stop work well at least until we have another means of income.

    Our award winning journalist says that the Company took $20.000.000 of the top at the Tampa convention, how is that for a piece of snide reporting, we all know because it is on the website that ASD keep half the cost of the ad packs and I for one am glad they do, it makes me feel very good knowing this company is very strong financially and is growing stronger, these funds will always be put to good use when the time and the opportunity arises which will benefit all of us and keep the commissions coming in.

    According to our stay at home journalist Robert the Insider told him that ASD goes to some lengths to let people know that it is an advertising company not an investment company, what so strange about that, McDonalds goes to great lengths to let us know that they sell burgers so we don't go there for pizzas.

    Our award winning bunny reporter talks about Devil in the detail issues like if someone has submitted a w-9 with the name John Doe then they want to be paid in the name of Jane Smith, well that is not going to happen, ASD like every other business has to follows the laws of the land, this bunny journalist want his carrots and eat them too one minute he calling ASD a scam then the next minute he is lambasting the company for following best business practices, give me a break this guy has nothing of substance in his article, I feel sorry for his 100.000 unique readers if this is the quality of his work, if they keep reading his stuff they are going
    to end up brain dead. .. John
  15. dbmaxx

    dbmaxx New Member

    Well Said John!!

    Getagrip -- to answer your question about "where the article goes wrong". How about you start with the title? I was hoping your question was redundant until I saw you posted it twice. If you really wanted answers yourself there is plenty on this forum and available on ASD's site, the webroom etc.. In short - the resources are readily available and are not here in this porous Tulsa article. I really hope you were not trying to legitimize this trash piece.
  16. Investigator

    Investigator New Member


    I have done extensive research on Andy and his numerous companies all of which have been dissolved by the State of Florida,Georgia and Alabama for various infractions of State Law.

    Keep your eyes open as Several Major Newspapers including the Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal Constitution,Tulsa Today and The Tallahassee Democrat will be doing stories on Mr. Bowdoin and his not so clean past. You will see my name mentioned as the source and yes I am still waiting for the lawsuit that the liar Andy Bowdoin said he had filed against me.

    The truth hurts don't it jobrick? Your great visionary is not who he says he is and your going to not only your money but your friends and associates that you fooled into joining.
  17. logicalusa

    logicalusa New Member

    Keep your eyes open as Several Major Newspapers including the Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal Constitution,Tulsa Today and The Tallahassee Democrat will be doing stories on Mr. Bowdoin and his not so clean past. You will see my name mentioned as the source and yes I am still waiting for the lawsuit that the liar Andy Bowdoin said he had filed against me.

    You are the source eh? lol Let's see. You're the guy who said you had cleaned up the picture of the Award shown in Chicago and it was in fact an Award awarded to Bush and not Andy Bowdoin.

    It has been requested a few times yet you have yet to produce the picture you allegedly "cleaned up".

    Weren't you the one who claimed to have $50,000 in ASD? You have no credibility whatsoever. Who "fooled" you into joining? That's a rhetorical question Inspector Clouseau.
  18. jobrick

    jobrick New Member

    Hi Inspector let me start by saying I am not the brightest light in the street but there are a couple of things I do know, one is ASD has been going I think for about two years the other is it would take the powers to be about a New York minute to shut ASD down if that is what they wanted to do, but the Company still keeping on keeping on, hey hit me with some truths and I will let you know if they hurt or not .. John
  19. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    I have a question for our own DIck Tracey

    Could you please make clear to us what your motive is for giving us all this "investigated" information.

    I think it is time that we do a small investigation too.

    Are you a member of ASD?
    If so, do you have money in ad packages?
    If so, are you proposing to ask for your money back?. (It was an option offered to discontents some time back by their President.)
    Do you have referrals who earn you comissions?

    If you are not a member, then the word "untruthful" springs to mind. If you are, well, biting the hand that feeds you is another.

    Why do have the overwhelming need to provide us with a lot of disjointed out of context information on some topics? Incomplete copies from state files, promises of photos that never materialise, photos of houses. etc

    What is your great concern about whether or not the ADS president received a honour from GWB?

    Are you worried about the members of ASD? If so why are you doing your best to make sure the company is prejudiced by bad publicity?

    Are you frightened of losing your money? If so ditto.

    Do you have a personal problem with Andy Bowdoin?

    WHAT IS YOUR REASON for investigating?

    I personally would like a straight answer.
  20. alasycia

    alasycia New Member

    Just one more thought

    Investigators work for other people. They get paid. It is their job

    So Jack, one more question, who are you working for, or is this a freebie?

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