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    I recently got involved with TVI Express, not expecting much. I currently have successful online opportunity, and wasn't really looking. My friend told me about it, and I just joined for the "heck of it"! Anyhow, after 4 days, I cycled, and doubled my money! I was just wanting to hear other peoples story (good, or bad) about TVI Express. I haven't done any advertising except to a few people on my current team. The response has been overwhelming, but before I do a full launch, wanted to hear other peoples stories.

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    pplrulz: but before I do a full launch, wanted to hear other peoples stories.
    If it is going that well for you, I sure wouldn't be waiting around for stories - I would be doing the full launch.[​IMG]
  3. getagrip

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    mountainmom5: If it is going that well for you, I sure wouldn't be waiting around for stories - I would be doing the full launch.
  4. History shows that the minute a program needs a feeder program, there is trouble, especially when it is only a $250. deal to start with. No matter how much hype there is on this one, you cannot overcome the basics, it is selling IOU's, no one has taken trip in over nine months I have been getting bombarded with it, and knowing dozens who are stuck in board, not even moving at all, as if frozen in space, this turkey is ready for Thanksgiving. lol

    Good luck,
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    Actually there's something the owner's of the feeder programs aren't tell you. You pay such a small amount and they pay the rest, what they're doing is taking your IOU's and a good portion of the money you'd be making for the feeder program itself leaving you with a very small amount, not worth it. Feeder programs sound good but they're dirty on the inside.

    My personal experience with TVI? Just aggressive marketers that need banned from the company. I've had TVI members outright tell me that I'm "retarded" for not joining with their team. I refuse to join any sort of company that seems filled with such kind of marketer.

    Now I do have a friend in TVI Express that's had one hell of a time claiming his voucher. Seems the voucher is there, site says the voucher is there, but he is completely unable to redeem said voucher. Tells me the company is having problems holding up to their product/service.

    I've also noticed the site seems to go down every so often and will remain down for days, so they seem to have stability issues. If they're suffering DDoS attacks, then they're lack of investment into a Round Robin is ruining them further.

    All in all I've had bad experiences and so has a couple of my buddies that have gotten into it.
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    im in TVI and yet to cycle and ive told everybody i know about it and yet there is no interest in it as another poster said the vouchers you have a hard time collecting them with out the vouchers your left with a pyramid scheme just my 2 cents
  7. latkins

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    I am in TVI and not liking it at all. I cycled off the traveler board in 2 days and I have been stuck there for 2 months. I actually have 3 (tri-pak) on the same board. The system with jump overs and split boards is a negetive from the beginning. It is not a true follow me system because when it splits you go one way and your personals
    go on another board.

    The system will get you so drawn into it that you will keep sinking money in it. I have talked to so many people that has put so much money in it including myself. Do you have to that? NO, you don't, but you will!
  8. residualcash

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    TVI by all appearances was/is a pyramid scheme from inception. Sorry! And I know of someone that cashed out $10K. But then lately I haven't seen her promoting it so that tells me something has gone astray.

    But don't give up, just realize, that chasing a quick cash distribution cow will almost always leave you with nothing.

    There are viable options for making money from home but systems like TVI tend to only work for those that are heavy recruiters and/or that have a big list.
  9. I know dozens who have not cycled even to get vouchers, so this one has run out of steam already, so for those even thinking about it at this point, save your money.

    Good luck,
  10. pplrulz

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    here's an update! Since I've cycled, I've been on the 10k board now for almost 2 months. They've made lots of changes, and I'm hoping that they get the voucher situation taken care of.
  11. Amazing,

    Even with all these feeder programs popping up, some good friends of mine involved have still not cycled, so congrats if you got to 10K board, hopefully you get what you have been waiting on for two months.

    Success to all,
  12. TJamMoneyMan

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  13. TVI is set to implode as it has reached the end of the road, the wall with most MLM's is hit at the 18 month level, this one hit in less than half the typical, which says alot about program. So many are stalled that they will never see a cycle, and as the word spreads, it compounds problem by stopping pyramids growth.

    Success to all,
  14. TJamMoneyMan

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    FREEBUSINESSES: TVI is set to implode
    U heard it here first folx!!

    I don't know if that's true, but we'll all be watching...

    Is there no way they can solve the 'fragmentation' problems?

    And for TVI'ers, I don't know if I understand this right - you can't POCKET your 'earnings' until you reach the $10,000 amount?
  15. evys3cats

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    I don't know a great deal about TVi, but my friend from Canada joined and it was going very slow which he felt meant he was in a team not promoting very well. He called a member he knew had cycled the board 3 times already, so he signed up with her and it it moving faster. Maybe that is a thought for you.
    I didn't join because every penny counts since the loss of a successful biz to the economy. I just really didn't have the money.
    Take care
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    I mean why do people join such obvious pyramids? They all get sold on the hype and the false hope. With no true product or service being exchanged the pyramid stops quickly like it is with TVI. It is a shame. Hopefully people learn their lessons and only join rock solid companies where people actually join or buy a service or product without an oppty attached to it. Look at the next program you join from the top perspective and figure out whether its growth is sustainable. Good luck to all that are about to lose their investment.
  17. Margo Tuul

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    Thing about TVI is: you make money, when your downline works. If they stop. You stop making money.

    Like affiliate marketing. If you are not taking any action. You are not going to make any money. Simple. First people get excited, when seeing numbers...but later drop out and quit.

    I was/still have account in TVI. Not promoting it, because i don't see any product there. There is opportunity to make money...ONLY IF your downline works as good as you. If people drop out...everything stops.

    You need to go "DEEP" not "WIDE". Once you have your 2, you need to give others away for your cycle faster.

    I know many people, who made serious amount of money there. 1 lady (she had some mlm exp.), got 60k in 3 days. Good friend of mine got 10k in 2 weeks.

    I was watchin a live webinar, from guy in India. He had over 20k signed up as downline. He cycled out every 2 days. 10k. Showed paypal account as proof...sick.

    So you can make money, ONLY if everybody works together. If few people break the chain, things fall apart.
  18. Funny,

    And as you said in your last sentence, if some people break the chain, things fall apart, and that is the reason why pyramids never last forever, too many break the chain which stops the flow of new peoples money to pay the people on the top of each mini pryramid.

    And to make it worse, friends lie too, so don't believe it when you hear of people who cycled, I know far too many that put their money into this and worked it hard, and got nothing in return, so as with all pyramids, some win, most lose.

    Success to all,
  19. loanhomewealth

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    Great points. Anything with boards or cycles is flat out a pyramid waiting to crumble. Selling a unique service or product that has demand WITHOUT an oppty attached to it is the only way to have longevity in this industry. Also giving people a chance to make money without having to pay their way is also the sign of a real oppty and not just a money game. I have been doing this for 7 years and I know its hard to find something worthwhile that is not all about hype and fast riches. Cause those never work out.
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