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    I couldn't find a topic here for TVI Express, but they have been around a long time and I wanted to ask you guys what you think (for those who are aware of it) about Clay Montgomery's new 2 x 2 feeder for the TVI discount travel business. It costs $37 + $40 for 2 referrals, and he recently claimed to be averaging 500 feeder positions a day being bought and / or cycling. Two cycles = $280, from which $240 buys each member into TVI Express.

    Everything after that Clay pays you in cash to your AlertPay account every time you continue to cycle and be paid in the team's feeder. The advantage is that your two people follow you into TVI Express automatically, and you have two income streams instead of one. It's a practical and well-designed building concept.

    By the way, I did find an old topic from last year about Mammoth List, in which TJamMoneyMan praised Clay and TJ seems to know what's going on the world of network marketing. I'd like to get his take any anyone elses on [​IMG]
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    I checked them out very recently. They are advertising to get the other 2. So one may be able to do the same if they know how to potentially put that $40 to work and get interested prospects.

    I missed where they had a product. Well, I didn't miss it, they don't have one. But who really cares right! Gonna get on that TVI Express train and cashout $10K over and over. LOL.

    If you want success, even if you get a 'free joy ride' in the beginning, you better have a plan to build your own business on your own efforts.

    While I'm on this. I trying to understand how TVI Express is not going to have illegal mlm, illegal pyramid, issues, if YTB did? (I'm not saying TVI is an illegal pyramid). I'm just concerned of the viability of the product being sold to match the out going cash-flow.
    YTB went on for years, and then came crashing down.

    Here's an interesting commentary on the companies status: -2add4.htm
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    Well, as someone who is rotten at sponsoring people on his own, this is the kind of vehicle I was looking for. As long as you have a solid system in place (in this case a 2 x 2 feeder) and at least some people who can build for themselves and everyone else it can work.

    I read the Rip Off Report site review from last month, and the author of that article is making more assumptions than facts.

    Also wasn't TVI Express around last year? They've been in business a while. Would need more articles from others to compare.

    If TVI members are getting their discount travel cards (the product) than it is legitimate no matter how the matrix is arranged. I'd like to read some testimonials and also testi-moneyals. [​IMG]

    I never heard of YTB. But I was in a program called Getaway Club, which in my opinion turned out to be a ponzi though they quietly disappeared over an extended period of time. Positions were originally $160 but they increased in price several times. It was a ponzi because nobody ever received any product. At least I reached break-even point, having received almost $600 in commissions from it.

    Even if this is a ponzi, it seems to be a workable way to make money. Clay's feeder system is an additional (and also primary) source of income for us. I got a reply from Dustin, who works with Clay on the feeder and handles Support. He said they are not averaging 500 people a day, but that there have been days in which 500 people joined the 2 x 2 feeder. That's certainly possible.
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    After waiting 6 days, AlertPay finally funded my account. So I joined Clay's 2 x 2 feeder matrix for $37 yesterday. Now I have to wait a few more days until they activate my account, so I can purchase 2 referrals for $40. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Communication from Clay and his staff has been excellent in a series of updates, as Clay works 18 hours a day manually activating members and placing them evenly throughout the matrix. Although he said they are too busy currently to answer individual E-mails containing the same questions from numerous people, Clay's right-hand man Dustin Bird was nice enough to answer all 3 of mine. [​IMG]

    Here is the latest update from Clay sent on October 23:

    Since we have had hundreds of people join us since the last update,
    it's time for another one. I don't send these updates out often
    enough and some is repeated for a very good reason. READ it all
    anyway. It may look long but it only takes a few minutes to read.

    Manual System: In case your sponsor did not tell you, our system
    is currently all a manual process. We have not launched yet and
    never got a chance to even announce a prelaunch date before the
    word started getting out and we had 100's of people a day signing
    up within the first week.

    As soon as I saw what was happening I hired a very good programmer
    to create a totally automated system with lots of bells and whistles.
    That automation should be in place by the first week in November.
    Until then we are stuck with what we have. The manual process
    involves checking to make sure people land under their sponsor but
    nobody gets more than 2 referrals, delivering paid referrals to the
    right ID, and monitoring placement to help prevent people from
    cycling ahead of their sponsor.

    Activations: I currently have a little over 500 pending payments in
    the queue. That number is increasing every day. I can do 100-160
    activations a day but we have more than that signing up every day.
    That means I will never get caught up before the new software is in
    place. BUT, that does not mean people should stop signing up. You
    and they are locking in good positioning and linked to your sponsor.
    Any backlog there is when the new software is ready will all be
    activated and placed at one time. That day is getting nearer and
    nobody wants that more than I do.

    The waiting time to be activated is 3 to 5 days. Please DO NOT send
    emails to me or the helpdesk asking why you have not been activated.
    Your sponsor should have told you about this and we are relying on
    you to tell everyone you bring in as well.

    I'm working 18-19 hours a day 7 days a week on this. I'm not getting
    a lot of sleep or time to even eat regularly. I'm doing this for YOU.
    Please understand that. If I wanted to I could just let them all
    pile up and wait for the new software to be ready but I want to keep
    doing as much as I can every day.

    Buying Referrals: If you want to buy referrals you need to wait until
    you are activated. Then login to your members area and click on
    Referral Purchasing on the left to get instructions. Again, please
    do not send us a bunch of emails asking about buying referrals. The
    process is in place. You just need to be patient and do things in the
    right order.

    Nobody can buy more than 2 referrals per person. That's not per
    position. You can sign up friends or family but not just to fill
    holes with names so you can buy more referrals. Each person should
    have their own AlertPay account and each one needs to pay for their
    own referrals. Nobody should be sending more than $40 out of one
    account without clearing that with us first. We know some people
    will want to collect funds from people and pay for their referrals
    while they wait on those people to open and verify an AlertPay
    account but this is not the norm.

    If you buy more than 2 referrals we cannot take on another task of
    doing daily refunds. You will get your refund by going to the people
    under you (like the first 2 referrals delivered) and asking them if
    they are planning on buying referrals. If they are you have them
    send you the $20 and you contact Vicky and change the delivery ID
    for that referral. The automated system will just credit you $18.50
    in this type of situation, which means you're losing the payment
    processing fees.

    Referral Delivery: There is NO set time frame for delivery of your
    referrals. just know that they will be delivered. You need to know
    where those referrals come from. It's always from YOUR upline and
    their advertising or their lists. That's why we need as many people
    advertising this as possible and there is plenty of incentive to do
    so. Any referrals you get will definitely go into your downline.
    That will be what pushes you through TVI Express for that $10k. You
    also get a $15 sponsoring bonus for each referral delivered to your
    downline under someone who paid for referrals. I always place them
    under someone who bought referrals first. If there are no people
    like that then they are delivered to the first open hole. So make
    sure your downline knows if they want to cycle sooner and they can
    not get their own 2 they need to buy 2 as soon as possible.

    That $15 really adds up quick. That can be more than enough to
    cover very good quality advertising and still put some decent money
    in your pocket.

    Advertise the splash page site ( and instruct
    people in your ads to put your name in the Referred By box. If you
    have a long last name like I do, tell them what I do. Enter it as
    Clay M., your first name and last initial. They are more likely to
    enter your name if they don't have to type in very much.

    I'm still getting way too many emails and half of them or more are
    completely unnecessary. Asking me questions that you shoudl be going
    to the helpdesk for or not asking at all because they are answered
    in our updates or your sponsor knows that answer. That will get your
    email deleted without a response and then you're going to be mad,
    thinking we are ignoring you. That's the last thing I want to do is
    make you angry. But you have got to understand there is no more
    time left in my day and there are literally hundreds of new people
    every day depending on me to get to their activations.

    To top this off, with the delays and all, I have to tell you this
    will get worse before it gets better. The last week before we put
    the new software online will involve a lot of tweaking and testing.
    My programmer says that can mean up to 10 hours a day on the phone
    with him. That means a lot less time I will have that last week to
    activate people. I'm just trying to be honest so you all know what
    to expect.

    When the new system is in place we will all forget about how slow
    this was! It will be able to handle 3000+ people a day easily. We
    will have multiple splash pages we can use, very high quality
    video's in place, a full features back office area with sales and
    tracking, contact manager, full matrix view that you can move
    around in, transaction reporting, and a lot more. Placements of
    referrals will be completely automated with a set of rules in place
    that will do on the fly what I've been doing manually all this time.

    Tomorrow afternoon I will be recording a closed session interview
    with questions and answers that are derived from the past 2 weeks
    of the most common quest
    ions or issues submitted to me, the
    helpdesk, Vicky, and other support personnel. I will include a link
    to that audio recording in the registration emails that go out and
    also send out an update for all of you to get that link. You will
    want to listen to that recording at your earliest convenience. It
    will answer 95% of your questions.

    This system is going to help 1000's of people during the next
    several months. Don't forget that. The slowness and waiting now
    will all seem worth it in a few weeks.

    Please get this information out to all your new people. It's hard
    to keep people updated by myself when we have 300 new people every
    day coming in.

    Clay M.
    TVI-GAT Admin

    P.S. Do NOT pay attention to false rumors going around about TVI
    Express. Pay closer attention to the sources of those rumors. There
    is another program out there called Juugo that is similar to TVI
    and people promoting it are playing dirty pool. They know TVI is a
    better opportunity and that creates too much competition for them
    so they are trying to make people think TVI is a scam. That makes
    those people bad and dishonest in my book. I would never want to
    work with anyone who uses tactics like that.
  5. Interesting,

    Having researched them all, TVI had far too many red flags for me, and I passed, but many of my good friends are still pumping me to join, fat chance. Hey, I like to gamble, but I would rather go to a casino than sending wire transfers to unknown entity overseas in my case being in U.S.

    Not one name of any owners have been identified in all these months, a sure sign the Russian mafia is running this deal just like they have dozens of other ponzi's. The same MO is used every time, just as they have done with HYIP's, the are hidden from view and nothing but the money is hyped which is the focus in everyone of these deals.

    If it were not enough that the so called travel card mills have been under attack for years, they also have vouchers which were run out of industry years ago. Combining travel with voucher is the kiss of death, just wait and see. Legitimate companies using vouchers in U.S. in the travel industry must post a very large bond, yet no one seems to know of this requirement, and why, because they don't care, they know it is short term deal and they will end up with millions like all the times before.

    Don't believe it, then give it a few more months for I know this is on the FTC's radar screen already. Don't think TVI is safe because the are supposedly based in UK, it doesn't matter, the big earners are the new target of offshore scams like this, and for good reason, all these top dogs like Tommie Sloane are putting themselves in great danger, why, because they are all selling the vouchers they are earning, and that opens them up to money laundering charges, and you cannot squirm out of these charges for the regulators will freeze all your assets first and ask questions over the next two years while they are flat on their backs to broke to even hire legal council.

    Money laundering charge is so all emcompassing that anyone charges rarely ever beats it. Once you sell vouchers, which everyone is doing, it is opening you up to be a target, so if you are going to gamble in this deal, make certain you don't sell these worthless vouchers to others. Has even one person used these vouchers yet? None that I have found, and I know who the top dog is in the U.S., so with no one retailing a product, just recruiting others, beware, you are opening yourself up to one of the toughest charges to beat in the U.S., so think long and hard, the whole system is set up like a house of cards, and the vouchers are the deferred dollar hook knowing greed motivates, so people will simply use vouchers for other positions, hence, TVI does not have to worry about paying money out for fullfilment of vacations, a perfect vehicle for a ponzi, take in more money than you pay out as vouchers are worthless.

    I must say, this is a brilliant plan, from an illegal standpoint. Why do all ponzi's fail, they run out of new money to pay off those who came in before them. A voucher system builds in a time buffer as 99.9% will never bother trying to use the voucher for a vacation, so it will be many months before people discover they are worthless. Document one single person who has redeemed one, and in more than nince months I have followed it, I don't know a single one, not even those who cashed out already, they just roll vouchers back into program, just as owners calcualated most would, after all, this is not about vacations, it is all about the money.

    Good luck
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    I think it's overly harsh to call this a ponzi with such certainty, when some of the facts are unknown. To assume the Russian mafia is behind it is even more absurd. So it works both ways.

    There is no reason not to accept that the owners of TVI Express are in the UK as they claim. Furthermore, they post their street address and phone # on their website. Anyone living in London can easily check that. However, even if they are registered as a business the company name may be different than the online (program) name.

    In spite of this being an international opportunity, I live in the USA and I will pay taxes on whatever money I earn over $600. In my country travel vacation vouchers / coupons are often given away as free incentives for doing business. It is perfectly legal to sell those too. Those vouchers are product, and that makes it viable within the framework of a multi-level marketing matrix. Somehow I don't see that being any different in England.

    The success or failure of TVI Express will be based on how any other business operates. It will ultimately rely on total sales. And that's profit vs. loss.

    With TVI Global Assist Team, according to Clay Montgomery (who is in the USA, by the way) two of the members have not only gone from his 2 x 2 feeder into TVI's matrix, but they have also cycled through one time for their first $10,000.
  7. If you check address in UK, you will find many companies listed, as well as many scams of the past, so a mail drop does not establish confidence in my experience.

    The biggest red flag is accepting wires only, and this encourages the sale of vouchers, and as stated, this is dangerous to be sucked into money laundering deal.

    There is no reason to accept owners of TVI, why, because no one knows who they are, that is plain outright insane and the biggest red flag of all.

    And to think a feeder is needed for a measly $250. deal is just as insane. Demonstrated clearly people cannot sell a pig in a poke, even for only $250. plus wire costs. By the time the feeder ramps up, this one will be long gone, along with your money, but I wish you luck, atleast losing $37. is not as bad.
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    Here's a quick progress report:

    With the TVI-GAT team, in my first week they've gotten me my 2 paid referrals. However, I only consider one of them spillover because the other I found out was sponsored under my upline, who is an old friend of mine. The other person she never heard of, which is a good thing. (I've written to both of my downline members).

    I wrote to Support to ask them for a partial refund for the first referral, and $18.50 is showing as pending on my account so they must have read that ticket even though it wasn't directly responded to.

    So my my first level in the feeder is filled.

    Meanwhile, my friend cycled once and she is very close to cycling a second time, entering TVI Express, and being paid the remainder in cash ($140) to her AlertPay account. [​IMG]
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    Last night Clay sent his first update in 7 days. Some people spoiled by the immediacy of the Internet think that's a long time, but I don't mind the wait because of the important info the TVI-GAT team leader had and the continuing work being done to their site. We've seen the results.

    Although he didn't specify a launch date for the additions to their site to be finished, it looks like everything will be in place before Christmas. Rather than include the entire letter, here is a small portion of that update:

    Now that you know how that works, I need to also tell you this
    program has NOT officially launched yet. I will not announce
    an official launch date until we have 3 more things in place.

    1) Integration of our splash page and the
    autoresponder follow up series with our affiliate site.

    2) The TVI Express enrollment process - the system will track
    who is qualified to enter TVI and when.

    3) Our Product distribution module - The product will make us
    legal. I have made arrangements with a leads provider that I
    have used for many years to provide me with quality, fresh
    leads on a daily basis. Every paid member will receive 1000
    fresh bizopp seeker type leads for their $37. Leads will
    include all contact information including phone numbers.
    Point # 3 is encouraging because even if TVI Express were to go under, TVI-GAT still has a viable product: LEADS. A routine product perhaps, but it does indeed make what Montgomery is offering legal just as his Mammoth List has long been. This 2 x 2 matrix can in itself over the long haul can become an ongoing source of income for the members.

    Some of us were under the assumption that they had already launched, but we were mistaken since that previous date given only applied to the automation of their sign-up process. Its worked, because I paid for 2 referrals and I got them in the first week. Now in my second week, one of my referrals who also paid for two got his first. In a few more days his Level 1 will be filled. [​IMG]
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    My thoughts on TVI Express is the following.

    The several gagillion marketers I've ran across were some of the rudest, most aggressive marketers I've ever seen in my life which made me want to beat myself in the face with a hammer every time I heard any of them speak about TVI Express. Never once in my life has a marketer ever made me want to jump off a cliff and kill myself until I met these kinds of marketers.

    Now that's just the marketers. With the website being down all the time from my experience (I've only been able to bring it up once the entire time I've tried and that was just a few minutes ago). Aside from that travel vouchers, something completely useless to me.

    I think TVI Express needs to ban their aggressive marketers because due to them, I have an extremely negative opinion of that company. Some of their marketers are completely ruining their image. Just my own personal experience.
  12. Funny,

    Agreed, I feel the same way, been overwhelmed with those marketing this deal. Funny, it seems there is a panic building as those who are stuck in board and not seeing any activity, as in spillover, are the ones getting more aggressive.

    Then we have all the feeder programs, some very well done, but they are wasting there time, feeder programs are a sure sign of problems, meaning 95% are stagnant, and knowing dozens in this deal who are honest with me, they admit they haven't seen any progress in months, even with all these feeder programs.

    Good luck,
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    Well, the fact is that feeder programs exist because the cost is otherwise too much for the average person to handle : $250 is asking a lot....particular for those of us out of work (the nationwide Unemployment rate here in the U.S. is 10.3%). That's why those coming into a program like TVI Express are having such a hard time sponsoring anyone.

    The days of my spending that much are long gone, but when the time comes and Clay's feeder can get me into TVI-E I will have already made money from his matrix and it won't matter. This has been done and there are some people coming in later who are getting through the lower boards and the big 10K board.

    I recently found a review of TVI-E that I feel adds some legitimacy to what they have to offer. Check out this portion:


    Travel Ventures International is a discount travel club. Members have access to a travel interface much like Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia and such. Included it access to discount travel packages. The initial product to join is a $250 travel voucher. This voucher can be redeemed for a 6 night 7 day vacation. This also includes the return airfare.

    Citizen Corps Product Review:

    5 stars

    Why a 5 star rating for what appears to be something everyone already uses , Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz for example? Well that's exactly the point. A product that is obviously in demand and everybody uses. That is only half the battle, it has to be at least as good if not better than the others. Add in a 6 night 7 day vacation including return airfare for the $250 membership and you have the recipe for a 5 star product line.

    While reviewing this TVI Express as a home business opportunity, one of our reviewers did need to book some travel. Our reviewer was in particular need of a one way car rental. Having tried all the normal resources and unable to get an acceptable rate, our reviewer remembered the travel business review. She checked for a one way car rental through TVI and was able to book the rental at a savings in excess of the $250 membership cost.

    A variety of comparisons were tested between TVI Express, Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia. TVI results matched or bettered the results of the other industry giants. Additionally members had access to discounted and last minute travel packages. Unlike Global Resorts Networks these are not time share travel packages.

    This is a product that everybody can use and probably already does. The Travel express interface excels in comparison to the competition. Combined with a 6 night 7 day vacation for the one time membership price of $250, that earns a 5 star rating.
    For the complete write-up....although the last part seems more like an advertisement, here's the site it came from:
  14. Funny,

    This is a total BS review by TVI representative with his banner at bottom, what a joke. LOL

    Good luck to all,
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    After reading some of the comments about TVI Express, I figured I might as well register here and post a comment as well.

    As for products... it IS stated right up front that there is NO PRODUCT to sell... TVI Express is a TRAVEL NETWORK.. when you go to Expedia do they have a product NO.. they allow people to make reservations for travel... TVI is a travel network with a TRAVEL SEARCH ENGINE that allows people to find airline tickets, rental cars, cruises, and much more when Members sign in. And yes, there are deals that are cheaper then what you can find anywhere else. And in some cases a bit more. It all balances out.

    A good friend of mine who lives in Utah is now earning over $4500 a month from the residual income from commissions made from travel purchases made by people in his group. That was with just over 600 people in his group.

    When people start claiming scam, hoax etc, I wonder what they do see that they think is legitimate. The idea that a company offers people discounts on travel with a one time membership fee isn't what I would call a scam. People get what they pay for.. A MEMBERSHIP in the Travel Network. Is it a product? No.. it is a Membership and that is what it is sold as.

    Do you make money when others join? Not initially! Are you told that before you join the travel network? Yes. It is explained that you only earn money if you refer a couple of people and as they do the same you can first get $500 and then you move to make a $10,000 amount and that is all explained. So no one is being scammed. Everyone is told exactly what to expect and each person can make an informed decision. I am pretty sure as adults that people can choose for them self what they want to take part in and I don't see where anyone is being forced,dragged or otherwise to join the network.

    There is risk in any business. I have personal friends who have sunk over a quarter of a million dollars into a business and have not made any money yet because they are still funding the business to get it moving. Will they make Money? That is yet to be determined. And they have joined TVI Express and with only a $275 investment. They will actually start experiencing a return on the small investment into TVI Express and will be ahead with that investment way before they see any return on their quarter of a million dollar investment. Business is risky. And there is a lot of money to be made when you are willing to take risk.

    Those that don't take risk don't make as much as those who take risk. That is a fact.

    What I like to tell people is... take your $275 and go on a vacation for the weekend. When you get home... your money is gone. I put my $275 into TVI and am getting a 7 day vacation for my investment. And when I get home, I will be telling my friends what a great time I had. And for those friends of mine that have also invested money in TVI, they will go on their vacations too. And they will be buying plane tickets, rental cars, cruises etc through the TVI Express search engine. I will start getting residual checks from the commissions from those purchases. I will show my friends who took the 2 day vacation my checks and let them know my $275 is still on the horse while theirs is gone.

    So when it comes to TVI Express, I see the small investment to it as a window to something bigger. A check somewhere down the line for a job well done. While others will look at it is someone trying to scam them out of their money. Simply make a choice of which you want to do and don't blame others or accuse others of trying to take you for your few measly dollars.

    In 10 or 20 years when you are still working 40 hour weeks to make ends meet, others will be on vacation on distant islands because they understood the law of leverage and how it can help you retire early.

    [Self serving text/link removed - Admin]

    MOONLITE New Member

    [​IMG] well.. in my opinion,
    TV1 eXpress
    is just make all confused.
    why? cause they networking system is unbelieveable.
    i said that cause i just meet my friend which he new join at TV1 Expess
    and he make me trusted, i must join this networking bussiness
    ( they called Networking bussiness)
    and first i think i don't believe way to earn money is simple like that..
  17. Bottom line, is there even one single retail customer in TVI, as in, someone who wanted a voucher and took a trip? Funny, but I have asked this of many I know involved, and not only are they all stalled on board, none have sold a voucher to a retail customer, so when the FTC comes a knockin, it is all over, so for those who have vouchers in hand, use it fast.

    Success to all,
  18. ImportEyedea

    ImportEyedea New Member

    funny thing about this TVI (and I know- my former roommate was pitched and subsequently accosted me as I cooked dinner in my own home)-- you can't get the voucher.

    Their reps come up with some lame tales about back orders and such but the bottom line is that neither my former roommate nor his wannabe sponsor ever physically possessed their vouchers.

    The reason you need to wire money? Credit cards companies refuse to process transactions for their scummy founders, and Paypal won't touch them with a ten foot poll.

    Stay away, or don't. Some people have money and reputations to burn
  19. Exactly,

    In almost a year dozens of friends have been in this deal, none have been paid off the big board, and only a few have received useless vouchers, unless you want to sell them to others, and this my friends is how the program was planned, banking on the fact few would even use the vouchers for a vacation, so what have they accomplished, huge growth with only those at top making the money.

    I have a friend who did cash out, but he found out that he could be held responsible when this deal folds, which they all do in time, and usually before 18 months statistically, but when you sell your vouchers, effectively getting your money back out, and if everyone does the same, no new money goes in, which means everyone stalls on board, and most will not even get voucher to begin with, and that is exactly how this scheme was planned, genius strategy to extend the life of this ponzi, and as we see, few are posting any longer as they did last year when we were all being bombarded.

    Success to all,
  20. FreeCashMan

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    Well TVI express using the vouchers was strange. But unless your friend has done something personally in his promotion that was outside of what he reasonably relied on from the company there would been bases in which he would have any personal liability. Way to many programs that fail have no recorded of representative been held liable for misrepresentations by the company or people that started the company.

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