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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by swampqueen32, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. swampqueen32

    swampqueen32 Member

    Do any of you have success with Twitter? I love Facebook, but struggle with Twitter. I just can't seem to get the hang of it.

    Maybe my old age has something to do with it....? :confused:

    Anyway, I'd love to hear any tips from successful (or unsuccessful) "Tweeters"!
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  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I've gotten some traffic with Twitter, but I tend to have better luck with Facebook. The 140 character limit on Twitter makes marketing a challenge. I also find it easier to network and connect better with others on Facebook.

    The trick with Twitter is the soft sell from what I've seen. You want to try and make interesting Tweets that others will want to read and then sneak in a sales pitch once in awhile.

    Good luck. :)
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  3. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Putting a "Tweet" BUTTON on your website can generate traffic.
    Tweeting your posts titles and an excerpt gets the ball rolling.
    With any luck some of your followers will retweet it also.
    Just having the button on your page lets anyone share it.
    You may not have a million followers but a reader might.
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  4. swampqueen32

    swampqueen32 Member

    Thanks guys!
    I have a twitter button on my site, but I get stuck on what to do in a tweet. I must be tired...that just sounds silly...
    Anyway, at least this gives me a little more of an idea of what to do.

    Thanks, Just2EZ for the tip on doing titles and excerpts. That's what I'm going to implement.

    Payment Proof, you've made me feel much better. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's more dependent on FB!
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    CRIPLEY Member

    Have not gone the tweeter route yet but I have had success with videos. You can down load a free screen capture software and create your own presentation. I find people like to see who you are.
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  6. whitney black

    whitney black Member

    I"ve had great success with Twitter. The secret is, to treat it like a social place. The more social you are (replying to people, retweeting, mentioning people, direct messaging), the more followers you will get and the great success overall you'll have.
  7. Chris Marum

    Chris Marum New Member

    I do use Twitter but it's no way near as good as Facebook.

    The click through rate is pretty poor.

    Therefore you need loads of followers. That can be quite a task. You can try re-tweeting other people's tweets and follow them. If you do this enough times you will get followers.

    However, i don't tend to bother doing this i find it a lot of work for not much reward. I just stick to Facebook.
  8. mouadj

    mouadj New Member

    The 140 Caracs is a call to action so build your business on twitter to make sale and no to get traffic!!!
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  9. flappy birdws

    flappy birdws New Member

    Twitter marketing is one of the most widely accepted internet marketing strategies. Being a social networking site, it also has a massive fan base.
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  10. echolocs

    echolocs New Member

    The easiest way to get engagement and get involved is to reply to people's tweets. Follow various people in the industry and who you work with.

    This is the easy part, keep an eye on the tweets and if something catches your attention reply to the tweets. You can retweet other tweets which will notify people when it happens but sometimes reading the content from their blog and then responding with a specific comment means you catch their attention.

    This means you show you care what they say and builds a relationship. Do this multiple times a day and if you come across something you want to tweet like a webpage or a link to youtube video then do it.

    Don't worry about what you are going to say, say something which is short and to the point. For example if you come across a webpage about blogging and content sharing comment on a specific point "I like the tip about curating content. Has this really helped with traffic to your site?"

    Add a question to the other person this helps the conversation get started, Or make a rebuttal comment you will be surprised what can happen. I have had people follow my account I would never have guessed.

    The ones that are following me are people who see the things I am sharing and the questions I ask and it means I am not just pumping out inks like everyone else. I had about 50 people follow me in 1 week commenting multiple times a day.

    So to break it down
    Share webpages using the twitter share buttons
    reply to peoples tweets on questions or statements.
    Read their blogs and comment on specific points
    Ask them questions doing the tweet.
    Use hashtags to make your tweet be found so for blog comment put #blogcomment
    No more than 2 -3 hashtags anymore looks like spamming and it has to be related to the post.

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  11. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Twitter is good when you use their pay per click platform.

    I would not use them for getting more followers because while people follow you, they are also trying to get you to visit their tweets/website.
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  12. Ktpayers

    Ktpayers New Member

    You may be right about that Talighel. I have not used Twitter for marketing much. If i see deals on my website i will tweet them out from time to time but i never focus on it. I also think because of my age i may be lagging in that department.
  13. Aaliya Thunder

    Aaliya Thunder New Member

    Hey there! I absolutely love twitter advertising! I actually intend on creating an online course that teaches people how to market using twitter because whether you believe it or not, you are not the only one who struggles with it.

    I have found that many older people have trouble adopting the semantics of twitter but it is really quite simple.
    I also help manage a twitter account that has over 30,000+ Followers!

    But I have experience with both Twitter Marketing & Advertising and I must say that I am fairly satisfied with my results.

    One of my very first products online was a Product that taught the Basics of using Twitter along with the Slang and Terminology! :)

    In fact, it was my very first "Make Money Online" attempt that I sold for $17! How about that? I completely forgot about that product until now lol
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  14. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    I haven't had much experience with Twitter but I would imagine it's difficult to get a large amount of Followers.
    In my opinion you need to have already claimed the ranks and created a reputation for yourself using other methods.
    After you already have some followers with these methods it'll be much easier to get them to follow you on Twitter so they can keep updated.

    I believe it's very similar to creating an mail list.
  15. Aaliya Thunder

    Aaliya Thunder New Member

    Good observation. You are correct, it is fairly complicated to build a targeted audience with twitter. I think other channels such as youtube would be more effective simply because you have more "Space" to get your marketing message across. But with that said, although Youtube may be more effective, that is not to say that twitter is not effective at all -- It is just not Equally as effective.
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  16. OmarS.K

    OmarS.K Member

    Twitter can be a great source of traffic when used correctly. It is one of the biggest social networking landscapes and the biggest micro blogging platform which allows for the spread of viral traffic to happen easily.

    Here’s 5 great tips for using Twitter to draw traffic to your blog or website:

    1-Come up with a controversial idea.

    Polarize your twitter audience with a controversial post and get them talking about it. This often creates hype about your business or particular idea and can bring in potential new followers.

    2-Include links in your tweets.

    Tweet something useful and valuable to your audience and recommend a link for further reading.

    3-Add a tweet this sharing tool plugin.

    Blogging platforms such as WordPress allow you to add plugins like these so that your readers can easily share or retweet blog posts that they read. It usually appears at the end of every blog post.

    4-Ask questions.

    Let’s say your asking for an opinion on something. You can write your views on a blog post and ask your twitter followers on their opinion on it via twitter. This strategy can get you lots of new readers.

    5-Re-tweet others in the same niche.

    Twitter is all about the conversation. The more conversations you join and provide valuable input, the more people will see you as an expert in your own field. Don’t forget to use the hash tag so people can relate to you and find you easily!

    In short, twitter can be a great traffic source if you get involved in the community you are in and provide lots of useful value to the people. You should implement twitter traffic together with other traffic methods such as SEO and advertising for maximal impact.
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  17. Brandon Lukas

    Brandon Lukas New Member

    It's ok.

    I'm going to sum it up for you real quick.

    Don't waste a lot of time on Twitter trying to drive traffic.

    Use it as one of many social media syndication places to syndicate and share your content from blogging etc...

    Don't ever count on it as some magical source of leads, sales, and signups.

    Any questions just ask I'm here to help!
  18. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    BufferApp and HubSpot both have free articles on how to make a good tweet. I have found those really good for my clients who struggle with Twitter, but want to learn it.
  19. Michael Dowds

    Michael Dowds New Member

    I like being on twitter i did not go there in the beginning not to market anything but i find it a great place things like comet on events of interest try to make people have a laugh i am learning how to use the hash tag and just when you think nothing is happening you discover you have a new follower there is a lot of marketers on twitter and its fun.
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  20. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    My experience is similar. I started using Twitter for fun and then I began to see the marketing possibility as well. Some may say Twitter is a waste of time. But traffic from social media is usually pretty high quality. :)

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