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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by eyeinglife, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. eyeinglife

    eyeinglife New Member

    On Feb 22, I paid this co a registration fee and got reply saying they'll send me a/c login details for me to start work in 24hrs, fine! I can wait. And up to now, after 3 reminding emails I sent to them, I haven't had a word! I can wait! Or whatelse can I do? Maybe here I can give out my lesson to someone who's going to deal with typeinternational.com --- JUST WATCH OUT!
  2. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    I dont know whether its a scam or not! but some of my friends have lost their money, they get start the work, but they did'nt get paid anything... and lost their accounts with no clarifications...
  3. pessi

    pessi New Member

    confirmed scam i lost money with them. They dont pay and you are wasting your time if you are with them.

  4. rosymay

    rosymay New Member

    Typeinternational is a scam. I have lost money and was not paid for the ad work... and lost my accounts with no clarifications.
    Filed a complaint to the BBB.
  5. jackiebk

    jackiebk New Member

    Hi rosymay,
    My name is jackie. I think you emailed me through the typeinternational forum when I complained about not receiving my cheque. What happened to your compalin to the BBB. Was any action taken. I have filed a complaint too with BBB so far no news
  6. rajeshmago

    rajeshmago New Member


    I am Rajesh Mago from New Delhi, India.

    I also tried earning money with Typeinternational and based on my exp., I would NOT recommend it to anybody because they might give you money (peanuts) for posting scam related ads selling their own products. They have a network of scam related sites, you can do google search by the keyword "typeinternational" and find it out. My mistake was to join without doing the google search and hence I seem to lost my money. Remember, they will claim that they will give you list of sites where you are required to post their ads (remember the Co. name is typeinternational but believe me at my time there was no typing job) but most of the links will not work and you will waste your time testing them yourself. Their instructions are also not clear and forget about their support. They are very rude and don't know much. If you send a similar query to their two or three different support related email addresses you will get two different answers.

    I have already written to a lady called Kim (maybe she is real) regarding the refund of my balance signup amount and money earned by posting ads but have not received any reply. There are some indian friends of mine who before my signup claimed that they are getting regular payments for posting ads of this scam Co. I decided to quit bcos i relaised that I was posting their own ads of scam related internet products and it was too tiring. The support was poor and the instructions were not clear. There are lot of Complaints regarding them which I discovered later after joining.

    Now I am planning to make max. complaints about Typeinternational to the concerns listed at the given below address-


    Regarding BBB, it's a private concern and I have read on Internet that they themselves blackmail Co.'s if they don't give them money for getting BBB certification from them. So, I will advise to make complaints with Govt. concerns such as FTC.

    My advise to all of my friends looking for earning money from Internet will be to do atleast a google search for the Co. which they are planning to join before paying any money. It certainly helps a lot.


    Rajesh Mago
  7. jobinfoway

    jobinfoway Guest

    Pls dont go with typeinternation.com, It is SCAM!!! because may frnds aslo member of this typeinternation.com from last few month but they dont get any payment till now. they dont any answere of their mail also. they cant contact with them atall....BEWARE from this programme
  8. g_bose2002

    g_bose2002 New Member


    I am Gautam Bose,from Kolkata,India.

    Bad Expereience about typeinternational.com

    I have registered myself in typeinternational.com prejoining forum. I have personally emailed their customer service that various complain I have seen about typeinternational in various forum & also I have emailed them personally (not posted in their forum). They answered me two times & after that they have banned me from their prejoining forum. I don't know why. They don't even not inform me that what my fault is. I have just ask their views about the complain. If this is my fault so what is the necessity to introduce prejoinning forum in their website. I am really confused about home based business.
  9. Bob Turner

    Bob Turner New Member

    One rule you should follow to avoid experiences like this....

    Never pay a registration or joining fee for any work opportunity

    There is no legitimate reason to charge a joining or registration fee.
    Any company offering work is going to be earning from the work you do - they should NOT be charging you for the privilege of working for them.
    Even if they supply you products or raw materials in return for your payment then this should be at their risk - not yours.
    Do not pay anything - then you can't lose anything.
    After all, you will be making money for them, when you sell their products.
    Unfortunately you still might be caught by a scam if you do work but are not paid for it - but at least all you have lost is your time - not any actual cash.
  10. fastcore

    fastcore New Member

    My name is robby from indonesia, yes..Typeinternational is a big scam, they never paying my comission and my account was delete without any reason, no response from admin (robert bell)
  11. arunkumarsuri

    arunkumarsuri New Member

    When you have joined a forum like this one you should have enquired before investing money. In future please do not get carried away by the ads and invest money in any program without trying to find out as much information as possible. We are here to help each other. There are quite a good number of scams on the net. Be wary of any program which demands money upfront.
  12. justinack

    justinack New Member

  13. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Any "job" which requires advance payment is probably a scam
  14. smarty pants

    smarty pants New Member

    I am also looking for a job online, have been for around a month. i could not believe my eyes at the amount of (so called available) jobs on here. every time i see a "great" job site, i type it in the search box. than i scroll down looking for forums like this to find comments from people who have tried the job. people just need to have patience and another job while they are looking.[​IMG]
  15. Vidi Mudhya

    Vidi Mudhya New Member

    Hai Robbi...
    my name is Vidi, me from Indonesia also... Aku pengen tau pengalamanmu dengan typeinternational. Tadinya aku juga pengen join..sound interesting before... Tapi jadi ngeri ya.. Would you mind to send me your story or further info to my email vidi_mudhya@yahoo.com, thanks alot before.
  16. gregriv69

    gregriv69 New Member

    Sorry to hear about your experience. It is true that the companies that want registration fee for giving jobs are all scams.
  17. awienaz

    awienaz New Member

    Thank you all for sharing the stories about typeinternational. I nearly fall prey not so long ago. Aren't they any truly legitimate sources for an online work at home? Have any of you also known of Interjobconnects.org?
  18. pocota

    pocota New Member

    I just signed up Typeinternational.
    I am not sure its scam but their assignments seems take more than full time work. You have to really hard study first to start doing assignments and you have to spend lots lots lots of time on internet.
    if you are combo member, you wont get paid as a combo. you have to work on each different program and have to get $110 each program.
    This $110 seems easy first, but once you started, they set so many rules. like you have to place 500ads no duplicate each different 5 or 6 assignemtns. who has that time to looking 500 different webs, sign up for those, and then place 500 different ads?????
    you wont get paid ever!

    Typeinternational says much more easy assignment rather than like google ads work but its basically same. what you have to do is placing ads. thats all, otherwise you have to make a lot lot lots effort spending more research yourself for them and just waisting time.
  19. kbreen

    kbreen New Member

    www.scamfreezone.org has listed typeinternational as one of it's legitimate companies. I joined typeinternational yesterday in the Research position, then found the first assignment is to compile a list of contact details for people seeking jobs (work at home, typing etc) on the internet. Sounds VERY suspicious - paying workers to recruit more workers. I emailed scamfreezone saying this, and also that people have been posting here saying that they haven't been paid. Scamfreezone wrote back saying they would need the names of the people who haven't been paid. They also said that they have never heard any complaints about typeinternational in the 6 years it has been around.

    So, I'd suggest anyone missing payment from typeinternational should contact scamfreezone. Please reply to this message if you have done so, so that I will know that scamfreezone are hearing the truth.
  20. mahive

    mahive New Member

    Thanks a ton I was about to join this one reading about it in Mylot the other day. Now I will ost a link to this discussion to my friends over there. Thank you all so much.

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