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  1. Typing from Hom

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    In the current global economic climate, I have found that many businesses are wanting to cut their overheads and outsource their administration tasks such as, typing, reception, data entry, secretarial tasks.

    If you have any type of administrative skills there is now a huge market for virtual typing services, virtual VA services but, you need to have a well optimised, high ranking website to advertise what services you can provide for a client and, how you can help them.

    A lot of businesses are now outsourcing their administration as, a typing from home service works out much cheaper than having an in-house member of staff. Look at the legal sector and, in the UK the NHS. They are making their secretarial staff redundant and, are now hiring outsourced staff as, it cuts their overheads.

    If you figure out what skills you have to offer and then have a well optimised website, you can find clients that you can help and, for a much better hourly rate than if you were working in an office.

    I started my own typing service in 2006 and, now have a team of transcribers and we have never been busier.
  2. signorm68

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    For all interested in this, I think that best place to start is ex rent-a-coder, today called vworker.
  3. talfighel

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    Welcome to the forum.
  4. aivilvin

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    Yeah That's Typing from Hom: In the current global economic climate, I have found that many businesses are wanting to cut their overheads and outsource their administration tasks such as, typing, reception, data entry, secretarial tasks.
    Yeah, whatever you said is right but behind these few genuine typing job companies there lies a huge crowd of affiliate marketing, scams, frauds involving this work type. Because of the demand, easiness of the work and due to it's sheer popularity, there has been a lot of fake work that started alluring innocent users by showing false figures and promising a 'Quick money'...so almost 9 in these 10 companies don't stand a truth...!!

    I have made a similar article showing the true picture to the users and i have mentioned 4-5 companies details which are true, legitimate and provide you real money in return of the work done by you...and most importantly they are FREE to register !! Other fakers earn only registration fees from users and sell users some training kit and ideology to make money indirectly !!

    So, my dear users wise up, open your eyes and don't get trapped in such companies which claims the false promises !!

    Cheers !
  5. shuvo

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    Well nice to hear that now you have a good typing business.Unfortunately most data entry jobs found in the web are scams.So the best places for those want to do a data entry job is finding them in a freelancing marketplace like freelancer,elance.
  6. BabyStepsMama

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  7. resolve777

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    Most of there kind of opportunities are only available to US and UK residents and as was said here before, many of them are nothing more than scams.
    I agree that there must be some real opportunities for home office workers.
    It would be wise not to put your eggs in one basket. Diversify you online income sources.
  8. Sum Yung Ho

    Sum Yung Ho New Member

    You have to type fast to rake in the ching - 80 WPM with no errors to even make a pittance.

    Who really wants to make a pittance? Not me. Don't know about you but I need to make a real living.

    Sum Yung Ho
  9. Goosebump

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    So how much can someone who does 80WPM earn per hour?
  10. Jacq1292

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    As a medical transcriptionist, I have seen my earnings cut in half due to a number of factors. I would not recommend that field to anyone. I am barely surviving on the income I am now making.

    KeyforCash is a legit site (I've been paid multiple times) but can be hard to get into the pay is very low (they recently had a pay decrease). The worldwide market is great for everyone else in the world, except US and other European countries. The design for KeyforCash is for true data entry with showing you snipes and upcoming snipes to help you speed on. You can also pick what you want - numbers, letters, alphanumberic, etc.

    QuickTate is another legit site where you transcribe phone messages for busy people on the go. I did not like it because they provided no transcription tools and since I do this for a living it was like trying to run with my legs tied together. But, you can earn money there is your spare time, they pay, I believe, via PayPal, and you work when you want.
  11. Belle Wojo

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    I've thought about doing this but I can't find any legit companies. I keep hearing that everything is a scam. I'm new to the this forum and I hope I find something legit here!
  12. Jacq1292

    Jacq1292 Member

    KeyforCash has changed it's name to VirtualBee, but everything is the same.

    Depending on what you want to do, you could even advertise your services on a site like Fiverr.
  13. payment proof

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    Just be very cautious of any Typing from Home positions that try and charge an up front fee.
  14. Jacq1292

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    I personally just don't like the whole bidding thing with many of the freelance sites. Some people do and it works well for them, but it just doesn't fit me. If you don't mind, there are lots of companies. Just Google freelance typing or freelance jobs. These services don't cost you anything, but you will need to register and in most cases submit a resume and perhaps take a basic skills test.
  15. rihith

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    Finding good typing outsourcing company is very difficult. I tried lot of companies, most of them are scam. Freelacer, elance, odesk companies provide good quality service.
  16. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    First of all, if this is working for you, then that's great. I have heard of many home typing scams out there, so I tend to be leary of them. One thing that stood out to me about what you wrote is that if you have an optimized, high ranking website, chances are, you wouldn't NEED to do anything with home typing stuff because you would be earning money from your website in the form of affiliate programs, or ad networks such as AdSense. On that note, if you have a high ranking optimized website that gets lots of traffic and are NOT making money from it, I'd encourage you to research affiliate programs and ad networks to increase or create online profits. Just a thought...
  17. jamess

    jamess Member

    Yes, This is true that typing from home job is getting huge day by day. And many good sites are offering quality work like freelancer, odesk, p4parttime, elance etc. I had tried these sites these provide quality work.
  18. Anniediva

    Anniediva New Member

    Trying to find a typing job from home was where I started but I have had very little luck with most of the names mentioned above because you must bit on the jobs with lots and lots of other people. I kept bidding and not winning the bid. Are there no online typing jobs that you just apply for and work either gets sent to you or you just go in and pick up the available jobs? Maybe this is not possible?
  19. cooper betty

    cooper betty New Member

    If you'll type in Google "typing outsourcing company" then you'll find the results total (two million three hundred forty thousand). Most of them are scam. Avoid and be aware of Scam. I will suggest you to find best outsourcing company follow below steps. 1. Before you outsource Investigate the market 2. Do proper research about the company 3. View the sample work 4. Check your business goals, as per your goals that outsourcing company have proper talent or not. 5. Check certification especially ISO certification.

    In other way you can outsource your work by freelancing sites - where payment protection system is available. Like- elance.com
  20. NetMoneyMaking

    NetMoneyMaking New Member

    It's true there are many money making opportunities for typists online. Most of the websites that hire typers have strict demands but newbies can get started in freelance marketplace websites like Elance or Odesk

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