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Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Ctina Alvarado, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Ctina Alvarado

    Ctina Alvarado New Member

    How do you handle Reps who say they want to "win" but dont follow your coaching...and choose to do things their way....
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  2. Ed Zimbardi

    Ed Zimbardi New Member

    Have a straight up conversation that there is the hard road to success (doing it their way) or the path that has already been cleared for them which is the "success system" that the leaders & company has created. Tell them you know some of the things that are being talk might feel weird at first but they are time tested and proven. They must buy into the mindset and be all in for at least the first 90 days.

    Be firm by telling them this is what you are doing and you'll match your energy with their and results will be there as long a they are consistent.

    If they won't adhere to it this way then wish them the best and let them know you are always here when they are ready to plug into the success system.
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  3. Ctina Alvarado

    Ctina Alvarado New Member

    thanks so much, it's like when it comes time for me to pull back the rep says i'm not supporting them, that there's no team work... they end up catching a tantrum as well.. a completely unpleasant experience. this person is great at getting people in front of the presentation but that's as far as their participation goes...i like your advice but this person is kind of a loose canon... i have to tread softly with them. i've pulled back from them before they ended up writing all sorts of negativity where the team can see it...it was terrible.. have you ever had an experience like this?
  4. Ed Zimbardi

    Ed Zimbardi New Member

    Yes I have. There was a time when I told a team member we are all "independent distributors" working together as a team. If you can't adapt the team culture then do your own thing as an "independent distributor" and sit back and cash the checks from the people you bring to the presentations but allow me and the rest of the team build the business based on what the system teaches us and don't be negative as it causes cancer in the group and will effect all of our income. So check your EGO at the door and focus on the part of the business you are good at which is bringing people to the presentation and we'll focus on training & supporting your new team member.

    Continue by saying your EGO will create so much friction within the group that everyone will not earn income for the long haul.

    If you are strong with your conviction & tone of your voice this person will see you are serious and back it down some. Tell the truth and exactly what you feel is right and they will ultimately respect you for it and you'll see how things change. Good Luck!
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  5. David J Horne

    David J Horne New Member

    Hey.... I want to be a little controversial here.

    Personally, I think it is a good thing when reps want to challenge the norm. They may know things that you don't.

    An example is me. When I started I was being told by my up line that I needed to hang out in coffee shops etc. Being a tech head, I knew that there was a massive opportunity online.

    So I went against the norm and smashed it. Before that my up line did not want to know and pushed me away. There is so much I could have taught her about marketing. Instead of using her old school techniques.

    On the flip side... not everyone that does it own their own will crush it!

    I would advise the following.

    1. Have a meeting with them and tell them your concerns. But do not be negative.
    2. Tell them that you are open to new methods, as it could result in a break through
    3. Agree a date to say... 'if your way does not work, we do it the team's way'
    4. Evaluate their progress and maybe you will learn something.

    If they fail and they don't conform to the team's method. I would agree with Ed and leave them to it.

    Not enough time in the day.

    Let me know if you have any questions, love helping out

    All the best

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  6. Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia New Member

    I hear ya there! Almost word for word my experience with my previous company.
  7. Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia New Member

    I say inspire them by your results that you get following the system.
  8. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Are they "chickens"? Because Chickens don't fly. When you pick them up and throw them up, they will come down.

    You want to work with "Eagles" because they will take your advice and do what you teach them and they will succeed and become leaders.
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  9. Dylan Lam

    Dylan Lam New Member

    There ino other way in coaching them other than having them to learn it the hard way, would suggest them trying out their way, and your ways and have them to experience which method is better for themselves

    Hope this helps

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  10. NetMEmpowerment

    NetMEmpowerment New Member

    There have been some really great replies here already. I understand your situation.

    Whether it is this situation, or something similar in the future... Never, ever, under any circumstance allow a prospect or a rep, to dictate how you run your business.

    Also, never feel like your business could be threatened by what a disgruntled rep could say about you. If you continuously stay in action on the traction points for our profession, and never compromise your integrity, your business becomes vaccinated against any politics.

    It sounds like your history with this particular rep has become long in the tooth. When coaching repeatedly falls on deaf ears, it is often our turn to "listen" (to the signals.)

    Being "in the flow" has always worked well for me. When I continually encounter energy in opposition, instead of resisting, I get out of the way and allow it to take its natural course. The opposing energy may or may not change down the road. Leave this to the broad shoulders of time.

    As previously suggested by other members, an authentic conversation is the best course of action. Be respectful, diplomatic, understanding... while at the same time, calmly firm about what you will be doing going forward.

    I would make sure they felt understood, as to their reasons, and chosen gameplan. I would let them know that they are a valued member of the team, and I would compliment their strengths. I would sincerely give them my blessings on their decision. Then I would move on, working as hard as ever, and allow time to take its course.
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  11. melgreenough

    melgreenough New Member

    Always remember that people do what you do not what you say... so are you being coachable? are you taking the actions you are asking them to take continuously? Are you taking massive immidiate action?

    These are the questions I ask myself when I find I am faced with these challenges.

    Lastly remember Dogs don't chase parked cars! Talk about where you are going and who you are looking to take with you! Great advice from everyone! Time to FLY!
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  12. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    You can avoid this by asking the right questions BEFORE they join your team. Ask them are they coachable. Simple as that. Now if they still are being askholes (Someone who ask questions but doesn't listen) then I would honestly give them very little of my time. When they are tired of not getting any results maybe they will start to listen if not move on and spend your time with the one's who are coachable. Hope that helps.
  13. gordy05

    gordy05 New Member

    If they do not Follow the Recipe, you cannot afford to lose your time. I put them in a category of plugging them into group activities rather than in my personal time and focus group.

    You MUST focus your efforts and time with the people who are coachable, teachable and trainable!
  14. elvisobryant

    elvisobryant New Member

    My suggestion is fairly simple. Find out about their past experiences, then build from there. Remind them the reason they are not doing things like that any more. For example, "If doing these things hasn't worked in the past they will not work now. Why put all of that aside and learn something new that is proven to work?"
    This has worked for me in the past, I also remind them it is a way to get rid of the frustration that comes when they are doing things their way.
    Everyone is different so just because that works for me may not work for everyone.
    Hope it helps.

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