Unemployment extension rejected today (Nov 18, 2010)

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Elysium, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Yes it is very sad for alot of people that have honestly been looking for work and simply can't find it. But as one employer on the news tonight was saying there were quite a few people that just wanted their unemployment seeking sheet to fill up to prove they were looking. He had 60 jobs to fill and he said about 1/2 the applicates weren't wanting to go to work. [​IMG]
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    weebitty: He had 60 jobs to fill and he said about 1/2 the applicates weren't wanting to go to work.
    Any mention of salary?
    Hours, working conditions, TYPE of work?

    Or are you saying, because a person is unemployed, he should accept ANY job at ANY salary?

    This person seems to be blaming the applicants, without even giving a meaningful description of the work being offered.

    UE is an entitlement that employees pay for, not welfare.
    It's protection for workers, not a free pass for employers to fill their low-life 'opportunities' with overqualified workers.
    It is also protection for our economy - so that bills continue to get paid.

    If you got sick, wouldn't you use your health insurance to get quality care, or would you just utilize the first and cheapest/do it yourself quack-fix that came along?

    If you are have something for sale, and it's not moving, would you blame the consumer?

    If I am ranting here, it's because the same 'representatives' that would block UE, also seek greater tax breaks for the wealthy.
    This in the pretense that paying for extended UE would enlarge the deficit.

    The actuality is otherwise.
    UE benefits help people pay bills, supporting the economy.
    Tax breaks for the wealthy just go into their savings accounts.

    Anyone who thinks the wealthy use tax savings to stimulate the economy, by creating jobs, is simply naive.

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