United Energy Partners, Is it a Scam or Real? Looking for advice

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    Hello everyone, I did a few different searches and found nothing on the forum or really on google about the company being a scam or anything. I know some of the deregulated energy companies you need to be careful about but I was wondering on this company. I have included a link where they also allow internships. I found out they are not accredited with the BBB but I have read on here that this does not mean the company is a scam or it is not neccassary to be part of the BBB. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated on this company. Thank you again. http://www.myuep.com/CareerPage.aspx
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    Well, I can't answer your question but their website doesn't comfort me.
    There are some grammatical errors and misspellings that indicate a lack of English.
    "The founders of United Energy Partners, LLC bring a combined 20 years of business knowledge"
    Uh, combined 20 years? By myself I have twice that much "business knowledge".

    No doubt there is money to be made if you work hard enough at it.
    Not being BBB listed is a plus in my book, no complaints is good.
    "The BBB has not received a sufficient volume of requests for information,
    nor has the BBB received any complaints on this firm to warrant the development of a report. "
    "United Energy Partners is licensed with the state (CT) and
    the Department of Utility Control [DPUC] said they have no complaints about them"
    Founded: June 17, 2009
    That being said, they have 4 fans on FaceBook and 3-4 employees.
    You do the math.
    Also, they have one 5 star review on Merchant Circle, ONE review period.
    Scam=No, smart=?
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    thanks for your replies, there is a company local that was at the Pennsylvania Career Link Job fair looking for people to sign up to work at home but they do not work with our utility Met-Ed ( a division of First Energy out of Ohio) they do work with PP&L but not as many people have them here so that is why I kindof turned away from them. Their company is Starion Energy, and my uncle signed up for deregulated power and he lowered his bill significantly. So thats why I was curious. Does anyone know any well known deregulated energy companies?
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    noone else does deregulated power on here? I thought this was starting to pick up on people here?
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    Hi, I happen to know the "CEO" of the company very well. Notice the quotations. He is 31 so the possibility of 20 years combined is likely if you add his 3-4 years plus his partner's 4 years plus .... well, you catch my drift. There are job postings that boast an income of 50,000 per month yet the "CEO" (
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    Hello there! My name is Ericka Diaz-Joseph, and I am the President and co-founder of UEP. We were recently alerted of this forum post by one of our independent contractors; somehow, neither myself nor my co-founder had ever come across this posting.

    I appreciate any interest in my company, and would love the opportunity to answer any questions you may have. I can assure you that my partner and I have a strong command of the English language, even though it is a second language for the both of us. We are both US citizens. Oh, and our combined "business knowledge" now exceeds 30 years.

    With that said, we do not, and have not, had any contractors earn $50,000/month. However, our monthly company revenues have exceeded that figure. Income potential is unlimited at UEP, we simply haven't partnered with a sales representative that has earned 50k/monthly, YET. I suspect that add may have been placed by an independent contractor, or perhaps been misinterpreted as monthly income instead of annual income.

    We can be found on linked in, and our company Facebook can be found by searching (UEP, United Energy Partners). We also have a website that may contain grammatical errors due to the work load I was juggling while single handedly designing the layout, design, language, and functionality without any prior background in web design.

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    Old thread, and easily found in search results for business opportunities, and given your recent response, I wonder what took so long to find this forum post? At least company still exists according to you, and given the near three years in passing since first thread was started, I congratulate your success for most companies in this arena don't last more than a couple years when it comes to energy resellers. Very competitive industry and getting more and more crowded every day. As one who has been involved in deregulated industries ever since Telcom, and also in utilities arena, the margins are so small and the savings represented are often very difficult to qualify, or worse, are introduction rates for first few months, like satellite and cable companies use to lure in new customers.

    In my appraisal of industry, too little savings are being seen over and above from your direct power company which leads one to quit in the usual three month period, so attrition is major issue as I have seen it in this industry. Many brokers will rely on distributor or agent fees to pump up income hype, and I do not know if this is the case here or not as I only browsed site and didn't see any mention of costs other than no fee for consumers. Having reviwed most such companies, and being involved with North American Power which does not charge a typical distributor fee, maybe you can answer if your company is also offering free agent positions? There is still next to nothing on internet on your company, so I wondered why. Looking a little deeper, if not connected with this company with same name, I wonder why you chose a company name with an SEC action against it. https://www.sec.gov/litigation/litreleases/lr15711.txt

    Success to all,
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    Thank you Yagooft! I appreciate your compliment about our sustained business operations. Indeed, we are blessed to have kept our doors open despite volatile, and often unfavorable market conditions. We are among very few companies to have been able to do so. It is due, in part, to our diverse service offerings and various partnerships including telemarketing companies. We don't pay fees to any of the supply companies we work with, including North American Power (NAP). We do not charge any fees for working with us. Everyone works for FREE, and they get PAID for their sales. Our compensation plan is quite generous and enable our brokers to earn a comfortable living. This year we will also begin offering some salaried positions.

    In response to your inquiry concerning my late response to a post that frequently comes up in searches for business opportunities; quite simply, I have not searched for business opportunities. My company is small enough that I can respond to this post, but not small enough that my time isn't consumed by much more pressing matters. We have a process in place for inquires regarding business opportunities, and it is not managed by me. This post was brought to my attention by a representative attempting to recruit using this forum. His post does not appear on the thread, so it must not have been approved (maybe for that reason). I have taken the time to respond to this thread because of the way in which it depicts us as a company. I would hate for a potential rep to come across this disparaging thread and conclude that we are not a bunch of foreign idiots.

    We do not market ourselves much on the internet. We rely on direct sales channels to do that. That is why there isn't much information on us besides office locations. We are not affiliated with the above referenced Texas company in litigation, neither do we operate in Texas. So, we used the name was available in our state, and fit us for a variety of reasons. Our first major campaign was with a large supplier out of Texas. Hence, the litigation of that other company has not affected us at all.

    Finally, in response to the difference a supplier makes, please read this article from a publication in the state in which we are headquartered and registered as licensed Aggregators. The utility will be raising its generation rate substantially, causing an increase in residential electric bills that will reach as high as an additional $36 per month. I am proud to say that my current residential marketing team is protecting CT residents against that increase and saving them a great deal of money on their electric generation rates. As for commercial customers, we routinely provide them substantial savings, which improves their bottom line.

    Please feel free to reach out to me directly. My contact information can be found on my linked in profile.
    Facebook- www.facebook.com/myuep
    Twitter- @teamuep
    Linked in- www.linkedin.com/in/erickadiaz
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    Thank you, and for all who read this forum, I am certain they will be impressed with your response as I am. Very professional and I wish you much success, well deserved I am sure given your dedication.

    Succcess to all,
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    Thanks again!

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