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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by OnMyWayToWealth, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. OnMyWayToWealth

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    If I join Coastal Vacations through WYCS entry level option and later upgrade to Level 2, will I still have to pay the full $4,995 fee even though I have already paid $795.00? I understand that the entry level option is not Coastal Vacations but the call center fee is still included in the entry level join option. Any help?
  2. hsimpsonjr

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    the fee is different for each level. You would have to pay the upgraded fee each time but the director might work with you on the upgrade fee also. If you can come up with the money for level 2 by waiting a couple of weeks then I would suggest doing that.
  3. goldmills

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    Yes, you would pay the full amount of $4995 to get in at L2. The prior payment only counts for the level of the program you join. Since Entry Level Product is not a Coastal product, you would pay full price to get in at the higher levels.
  4. linkmetro

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    Now just why would you want to pay $4995 for something is listed on Coastal's Official Website for:
    -- Level 2 - Lifetime Membership - All for just $3500! --
    Buy both Level1 and Level 2 "Premier" package for $3995 ??

    Looks like people have lot's of extra money...

  5. Bill D

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    The reason people pay the extra fee for the different levels is for the Call Center. This is a one time fee that allows you to let the professional sales people at the Call Center answer all your incoming calls, present the business opportunity to the prospect, answer any questions that they may have, take the membership payment, send out the membership information to the new member and send you the commission.

    This is a tremendous asset to have in your business. Why you ask, well you might not be comfortable with the sales aspect of the business and the professional staff at the call center will do all your selling for you. Another reason would be you can offer this tool to your new members. Think about that for a minute, after all your marketing efforts you come across a prospect who is not at all comfortable with selling but likes the business as well as the product. If you are not a member of the Call Center you CAN NOT offer the product to the new member. This is your business and the tools you use and offer can make all the difference. Another tool worth looking into is Contacttalk. The cost for this tool is about $500 and it allows you to send out email and voice campaigns. Yes you have email and a telephone but do you think having a tool that will send out emails for you and make phone calls for you is a tool worth having. Both of these tools are one time fees that will last your business a lifetime. There are also additional benefits of the Call Center that other Coastal members DO NOT HAVE. That is our Entry Level Membership. This is for prospects who do not have the funds for the higher membership levels. This allows them to start a home based business using the Call Center to do all the selling for them. The Entry Level Membership gives its members week long Condo stays anywhere in the world as substantial savings. These can be booked online making the process easier. This is also something that can only be offered by Call Center members.

    Just to highlight: The reason a person would pay the higher fee for the Level 2 product would be for the Call Center. It is a one time fee that allows you to direct all your prospects calls to a professional salesman. This is an added feature that other Coastal members do not have. We have seen a number of Coastal members who are now getting involved with the Call Center. This is after trying the traditional methods and being unsuccessful. They too are paying a higher cost. They have already invested in the product and find themselves paying over and above that cost to incorperate the Call Center in their business. Having the benefit of forsight you would be better off waiting and joining with the Call Center at Level 2 than pay the additional fees.

    Brittni, I would follow the guidance of both Jeff and Harold and wait and join at Level 2 rather that start with the Entry Level.

    Best Wishes to your Success,

    Bill Decker
  6. OnMyWayToWealth

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    I would pay the extra fee so that I could use the call center....but I don't understand why I couldn't use the initial $795.00 I pay for the entry level product to upgrade to the second level. Instead, I will wait until I have enough money to join at Level 2 so I don't feel like I have spent so much extra money.
  7. goldmills

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    It's a separate product, and is not Coastal vacations. So, it cannot apply. Entry Level is run by a different company completely.

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