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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by riennns, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. riennns

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    Im a stay at home mom as well, and im looking for something that you can do on the internet and that really pays.I found a few PTC sites that people say that are not scams, and i found Hotfile, that seems to be better.Hotfile is a file hosting service.You have to upload your files and after that share with others.The best way to do that is by posting in warez forums.So you can upload anything, music, movies, programs what ever, but the important thing is to share, and when someone downloads your file you get paid. I know that this is not a scam, because i know people, who already got payed. You don't have to pay anything just to register, create an epassport account so they can pay you and you can start earning immediately, put in a little effort and time. Anyone can try it its free and you cant lose.Its much better than those paid to click sites because with Hotfile you can earn more money and earn it faster.
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    You can also make a whole lot of money with affiliate programs. ( Selling other people's products).


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