URGENT updated information on IATA cardmill crackdown.

Discussion in 'Fun Time Vacation Club' started by vernon dillon, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. vernon dillon

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    There is going to be a very important call on Tuesday, October,23, at 900 PM. The conference number is 319-741-8000 pin 1025286#

    We have arranged this special call to provide information and solutions to those that have been caught up in this travel agent emergency.

    If you belong to one of the companies that is involved in this major crackdown. You dont want to miss this call.

    We have special arrangments made for anyone affected to be able to restore there travel agent booking rights.

    We have been in direct communications with the cruise lines and have established clear and legal guidelines to make sure this new program meets all the travel industrie rules.

    Please come to the call early to make sure you can get on the call.

    There will be a special Guest speaker from this new program available for a question and answer session.
  2. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    See post on special call to address the issues of the travel agent cardmill.
  3. vernon dillon

    vernon dillon New Member

    The Tuesday night call was a great success.
    We have been taking phone call after phone call from people in the travel industrie from alot of different businesses excited about our new Fun Time travel affiliate program.
    Since the breaking news about YTB and alot of other card mill companies has come out people are looking for a better way to make money in the travel industrie.
    In the next 2 weeks Fun Time will be introducing a brand new travel affiliate program that is going to sweep the industrie......stay tuned

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