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  1. suni315

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    URGENT stop making dual offers until further notice


    make up you fr....ing mind I think that was w**t deal with the dual offers to raise the offer rate and now they are not compliant so its turned out to be a big hassle
  2. sparehair

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    Yes, is that the most crazy thing you ever heard. It never made sense to me in the first place to over whelm the client and make them more angry. They don';t want the first offer forget the second. You are only doing it because West said so not because you are really trying to sell it. WAAAy to much crazy stuff to do in 4 min to keep down AHT. I hate AHT!!!!!!! Almost inpossible to keep down. I don't know anyone on those list they send out, I think they made those names up lolol!!!
  3. suni315

    suni315 New Member


    I think you are right about making the names up BECAUSE...I asked in one of my webbies if any of those people are in the mandatory webby and everytime there isnt one person on the list of greatness in there. The leader blurted out when I asked "No" they are not.I said maybe they should be so they can role play for us how they are able to get sales but that hasnt happened. The whole webby thing is a crock but go ahead and pay me to read a script. It certainley isnt like that in a live environment. AS for aht my average last week was 502 seconds
    My lead was pi**ed o well I thought that was pretty good most of my pain calls take at least 6 minutes and I have had 30 minute calls unless its a activation with no sale pallette but I dont seem to get many of those!!!!!
  4. dierkingl

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    I just resigned my skill CitiSales this sunday. Per their instructions you have to give 2wks, well surpise I am now blocked. go figure. When I first applied it was customer service then since July it has turned into HARD SELL job which I do not like. MY TL is a B***h and now after following there policy to try to get on another skill I am blocked. Sent letter to employee relations. I have worked for Teletech and they are a cake walk compared to WEST
  5. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    Thats BS It sounds like you have my old TL she was what you stated. I have been hanging by a thread. I have made no sales this week I offer they decline I move on. This is a very difficult line.
    They put so much importance on AHT & get the sale rebuttals it takes a lot longer than 4 minutes to complete most calls we getr very difficult call types now in this economy. most of mine take more than 6 minutes to complete. Even worse if you have to call P*L

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