using too much soap in washer/dishwasher could be damaging

Discussion in 'Frugal Living' started by weebitty, Mar 15, 2010.

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    That was an eye-opener. Thanks for sharing Leslie.
  3. weebitty: Here is an article on Yahoo tonight that might help some of us save money. Please read it and determine for yourself if you are using too much soap. The towel test was interesting. I am going to try that myself. However I am pretty stingy when it comes to putting too much in. I know what it costs. ur-dishwasher-washing-machine?ywaad=ad0035

    Absolutely agree,

    I proved this years ago that you can see same results using half of what all directions on boxes say you must use, and if you stop to try it, you will learn the same lesson, it is a well kept secret to sell more twice as much detergent all because most people are conditioned not to read the box to begin with, or to read operatiing instructions on washers, so combined, the detergent companies make more money, as do the appliance manufacturers, never mind repair industry.

    Simply put, use half and discover what many are discovering now that everyone is more interested in saving money and are looking for ways to cut costs. Here is another thing you might want to test, don't use any detergent once and I bet you will see little difference, and the reason why is because of all the residual soap build up in your washers which shows you that you are overusing detergents if it collects inside machines over time. Cut your detergent in half is the quickest way to save 50% on your detergent costs, plus your appliances will last a couple years longer and at least one less repair cost over average life of appliance.

    Success to all,

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