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  1. Markanthony

    Markanthony New Member

    I recently contacted and was interviewed by Verafast. They told me there are absolutely no startups involved...and that most of their assignments involved renewing subscriptions for various regional and local newspapers. It does not sound like it is paying very much.....but is it legit? Has anyone had any experience with them? I'd rather not be paid much....than get completely scammed but you just don't know these days!

    I really would appreciate help on this. Tks.
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Verafast are legit, search using the internet, you will find a lot of feedback from people working for them
  3. harrisoncounty

    harrisoncounty New Member

    Verafast is legit, I used to work for them in Ohio, I stumbled on this post while looking to see if I could work for them in AZ. (Don't expect to make too much $) Not a bad part-time gig.
  4. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    It sounds like its not a scam, but it might be a good idea to find out what the earning potential will be in relation to the amount of time you'll need to put in.
  5. basmommy

    basmommy New Member

    HAs anyone worked for them? I just started this week and over 80% of my calls are answering machines. Dont get paid for those only for contacts and there are not a lot of those. SO is it worth it?
  6. lovlouis

    lovlouis New Member

    Sounds like a great working opportunity. I'm going to go ahead and look into it myself. But if you get a chance got to my website. I have websites that I have already looked up and know that they are legit.
  7. ariyike

    ariyike New Member

    I work for Ver-A -Fast myself and love it no compliants!!
  8. roxannaarvizu

    roxannaarvizu New Member

    hi i currently am waiting to start my training with verafast. and i have read a lot of peoples input on their income potential and it concerns me. would you be able to tell me how much have you earned in a week for how many hours? and also is it necessary to have a headset? e mail me at i would greatly appreciate it!!! thank you
  9. cahilton01

    cahilton01 New Member

    I am also waiting to my training. How long does it take them to contact you after they have received your package. I received my package July 20 and mailed it in July 21st, but haven't heard anything back from them.
  10. VicodinES

    VicodinES New Member

    I have been getting calls from these people recently but until I found out who they were I would not answer.
    Just remember as with all these online money makers.If your asked to spend money in order to be part of it.Like some of the get rich online
    adds like hell.Just remember If your your working for someone that they are supposed to pay you and train you.It is to their benefit to train you.but as soon as they start asking you for hundreds of dollars for training materials and accelerated course materials that cost hundreds more,or you have to start paying upfront for the items you sell.Say to your self WTF is that.Does Any REAL world job ask their employees to pay for the stock in the store or to train them for that matter?No,because it's to the company's benefit to train you,and if someone is asking to fork over big money for materials because their gonna make you a rich?Or even as much as 150.00 bucks for that matter....Run.
    The only reasonable fee I ever payed was for uniform fees when I was young,but I was driven and became a SGT. and was running security for a college in the Midwest.
    Just remember you get payed for work you should never have to pay for work.This is all is unfortunately from personal experience.
  11. arnea98

    arnea98 New Member

    I worked in computer services for ver-a-fast for 4 1/2 years...They are definately NOT a scam...They are an outsource company for newspapers of very high standard, such as the new york times, chicago sun, etc...They take a load off of the actual newspaper staff and help with their customer service...Occasionally. you'll get a cold call where they will actually try to sell you a subscription...Good company...I left to go back to college to be a RN...
  12. a_umpa_p

    a_umpa_p New Member

    can someone email me and let me know how much i would make if i put in 40 hrs a week. i dont want to quit my job without knowing. PLEASE HELP I JUST WANT TO WIRK FROM HOME TP SPEND TIME WITH MY KIDS!!! Im waiting on my kit now
  13. newgen87

    newgen87 New Member

    They dont want you to work 40 hrs a week bc it ruins ur attitude and professionalism. And how much money you get paid totally depends on you. The pay is based on how many coded records you have and how many credits each of those records are worth. MY pay for this past week was $200 and I only worked 18 hours. Its also important to say that they do not take out taxes either. This is a great opportunity however you must have the discipline to sit down and work. THe calls are from newspapers in which the cust answers questions about the yellow pages and are offered a free trial period. There is no gathering of payment information. This is great to get into while you can, as we all can agree that with the economy the way it is, jobs are dropping like flies. One more thing if u dont like sitting still or talking on hte phone then this job isnt for you. Plus being able to not take no for an answer really helps! [​IMG]
  14. jlrowan1973

    jlrowan1973 New Member

    I have been getting these calls over the past few days as well and haven't answered because I didn't know what it was. If they call again, I may as well talk to them about it. I was laid off in August and I'm trying to go back to school. With a husband and 3 kids, it would be nice to have a little income again.
  15. lois

    lois New Member

    There are no start up costs associated with this company; however, they are evasive in answering direct questions. I started with them but stopped immediately as most of their calls are answering machine calls and you do not receive pay for those contacts. There is too much time that you invest with with little to no compensation.
  16. Mr Wilson

    Mr Wilson New Member

    The one issue that concerns me with Ver-A-Fast is payroll. Checks are mailed on Friday, but may not reach your mailbox until the next Friday. Their excuse is the postal service must have made a mistake. The next time my check is not on time, I will be going to another job.

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