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  1. melamom

    melamom New Member

    Anyone has success with Veretekk silver or gold member?
  2. arunkumarsuri

    arunkumarsuri New Member

    Veretekk seems to be a very sophisticated program. It takes some time to understand it fully. I was surprised that with one click I could submit to so many sites. But this does not guarantee any sale. As the gold membership is a bit costly it is better to wait till you understand the system well. As with any other scheme nobody can give any guarantee for your success.
  3. melamom

    melamom New Member

    Thanks for the info.
  4. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I use Veretekk extensively to nail great positions in search engines.
    Its a killer system. Most people who sign up for it don't use a tenth of its potential. Most don't attend the trainings, and if they do, they don't take the action.

    Its still the best internet marketing system out there IMO.
  5. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I'm noticing traffic from this forum regarding Veretekk, so there must be interest. Does it work? If you learn how to work it. They just made a major upgrade in the inbound links generation system. I think I am one of the first people to figure it out.

    Like any internet marketing, it takes time to get it dialed in. I am officially addicted to it now. I upgraded to Gold Immediately when I signed up...I saw the potential immediately. Silver membeer all too often give up because its too hard for them to understand. being a Gold provide motivation to get off-yer-butt and promote the system.

    I was promoting something called pay-it-forward-4-profits for a while. When I saw that they weren't delivering on the claims and promises they made, I came back to putting my Focus on Veretekk and it was a good decision for me. Veretekk Delivers. Bottom Line.

    If Automated Lead Generation is what you need to grow your business, this system can help you. Its important to understand that most "leads" will not get in the boat with you on the first contact. Call 'em 6 months later and the will be impressed that you are still in business and will want to hear about what you have learned and accomplished. This is where the relationship marketing starts to take off.

    I am building friendships with people through Veretekk that are rewarding and could be immensly profitable for all parties... in the long run. If You are looking for a steady horse to get behind, Veretekk is it. Its been around since 1996 and continues to grow.
    They have 250 servers, live phone support, superior training.

    I dont care whether you are promoting Liberty league International | Coastal vacations | Prosperity automated systems | Emerald passport | Melaleuca | Quixtar | Mary Kay | Arbonne | or anything else; Veretekk leads are among the best you will ever get.
  6. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    After six months with Veretekk my system is starting to produce signups from who-knows-where. That's the idea, by the way. when inbound links to the site reach a sort of critical mass, the traffic happens.

    DON'T join veretekk now though. [​IMG] Its not some automatic builder type of thing that will make you wealthy next week. Its not the hottest thing going. Its a slow, steady process and it won't hurt you one bit if you don't join this year.

    It COULD help you though.
  7. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Veretekk has introduced instant text messaging to your cell phone when a premium lead comes into any of the traffic portals. This allows a person to instantly call the lead, introduce oneself and immediately engage that person in learning effective Internet Marketing with Veretekk.
  8. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    The unprecedenteed pairing of | Veretekk | and | Predator Marketing System | predator-system-movie | has created a one-two punch of the most powerful lead generation system on the net today with the | Predatormarketingsystem | , a unique website that promotes 8 streams of income for you and markets itself, generating massive cashflow with as little as 1/2 hour of work per day. There is no need to call anyone ( though there is no harm in doing so) because all Predator sales are closed for you at the Gold and Platinum level.
  9. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Knowledge is power.

    Those with the knowledge...

    have the power.

    If getting wealthy were easy, everybody would be there.

    If interenet marketing were easy, 95% of the marketers would not be failing to make money at it.

    Veretekk teaches the knowledge.
  10. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Veretekk | veretekk system | Veretekk lead generation | traffic

    Is spoke with the CEO of Veretekk a couple of days ago. Veretekk is adding a whole bunch on new servers - this means massive memory which enhances the power of Veretekk.

    I do not really believe that the full power of the Veretekk System has yet been unleashed. There is really nothing quite like it on the net. When it comes to maturity, the meaning of "total marketing domination" may be clear, at least I have the vision to see it. Those who make the effort to comprehend the Veretekk system will understand.

    Veretekk really goes far beyond lead generation - it helps to funnel real, highly targeted traffic to the right places. In this way Veretekk may be mastered to produce a steady, solid stream of good-as-gold traffic, not the crap traffic that can be bought and sold.

    The only way, in my experience, to have the righ traffic is to create it yourself. Veretekk is designed to do precisely that, ultimately.
  11. GrandmaKathy

    GrandmaKathy New Member

    Hello [​IMG]

    I joined Veretekk last week and ...whew...a huge learning curve indeed! I like it so far.

    Today I was searching the net and found a troubling report about the company on scamsdotcom. Here is their thread if you want to read it:

    The discussion is centered on the thought/belief that Veretekk is a Big-Scam.

    Could anyone share some thoughts with me about that?

    Thanks [​IMG]
  12. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I like, but the people on there will come up with reasons to call every program a scam. Its fun to read though. Veretekk has been around for a long time, you can get the CEO on the phone, the affiliate commissions pay out ad the Silver training is free.

    The offers on the traffic portals are real and the system does some pretty phenomenal things with marketing. I have no concerns about Veretekk being a scam whatsoever.
  13. barefootmentor

    barefootmentor New Member

    Quoting: GrandmaKathyI joined Veretekk last week and ...whew...a huge learning curve indeed! I like it so far.
    Grandma Kathy,

    Just hang in there... Veretekk can seem overwhelming at first , but if you will just come to the trainings we will help you every step of the way.

    I do a Basic's Configuration and communication class every Tuesday at 1PM CST in the Gold Conference room come in and join us. Rememer just take baby steps and you will see that it can be really pretty simple to master over time.
  14. Taknoid

    Taknoid New Member

    Quoting: GrandmaKathyToday I was searching the net and found a troubling report about the company on scamsdotcom. Here is their thread if you want to read it:

    Go to This is the guy that started the thread at He and his partners Techie and Nogreenzapbs set about to damage Veretekk because Veretekk built a site (Traffic Portal) for a company called Greenzap.

    These three attack anyone that does business with Greenzap. They do this to scare anyone from doing business with Greenzap. This is called extortion. And the claims they make about Veretekk are false. This is called libel.

    The lawsuit they published naming Veretekk in it is fraudulent. The claims are fraudulent. This is why Veretekk is going to sue Richard Boyce, No Greenzap Bs and Techie as soon as they can find out where they are so they can serve them the subpoena.

    If you know who Richard Boyce is and how to get him served, they are offering a nice reward too.

    Veretekk has even been endorsed by Bob Burtis at

    Veretekk has been around over 10 years. They are a real company and operate above board.

    You can even call Thomas Prendergast at Inetekk (Veretekk) and talk to him at 858-625-8373.

  15. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Right On. Veretekk is really all about legitimacy in online marketing.
    Greenzap, which I do not promote, got off to a rocky start but is apparently gathering steam as old bureucratic extortionist dinosaurs like PayPal lose it. Its something to watch.
  16. barefootmentor

    barefootmentor New Member

    Quoting: GrandmaKathyThe discussion is centered on the thought/belief that Veretekk is a Big-Scam.

    Could anyone share some thoughts with me about that?

    I can say first hand that those people don't have the foggiest idea what they are talking about. It's really sad when a group of people get together to attack another company just for associating with someone they don't like.

    Veretekk is the real deal and you can talk to the CEO Tom Prendergast on the phone.
  17. cyberchick

    cyberchick New Member

    I joine Veretekk last night after reading an ebook. I ike what I see so far but my question is this: how can I promote my primary MLm with Veretekk without upgrading to gold first? Any suggestions please
  18. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I don't spend much time with the silver system, so I am not an expert in the differences. However, you will want to configure your traffic portals so they mention keywords releveant to your BIZ, etc and put links to your branding page in there.

    If Pif4P is your primary, I suggest you get a page which promotes yourself and use that as the one you are sending traffic to. As a lead generation tool, veretekk is similar in some respects to PIf4P. Before I get some reactions here, let me explain...

    It captures leads of people who are not really looking to join your business right now. Instead, it attaracts other networkers and people generally intrugued with home internet business to sign up for your free offers and they then become... your lead.

    The next part is creating a relationship with the person. When the current thing they are promoting tanks or doesn't make them any money, they will take a serious look at what you have next time around. As a silver member you still have some ability to communicate with you list via email... so I recommend an approach that doesn't relentlessly promote whatever you are hoping to sell this week, but instead educates and perhaps entertains...

    Remember, you want them to like you.

    If you are looking for Op.specific leads, Veretekk is a somewhat awkward way to do it. Its more of a long-term, build-it-strong sort of thing. For leads who are specific to you income program, you will want to have a specific campaign that emphasizes that and captures leads interesteed in that program.
  19. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Announcement from Veretekk CEO Tom Prendergast, a great idealist of the internet.

    "Phase 1 Server Enhancements Complete!!!
    Stability And Reliability Like Never Before!

    After nearly 10 years I get to take a few weeks off. It couldn't be better timing. Can you feel it? Can you see that light? Did you notice there is no more tunnel? I am ecstatic that Veretekk is now in the light and the long dark tunnel is behind us. For the last ten years I have fought, struggled, prayed as we scratched into existent this great system called Veretekk. With the installation of the last batch of servers (with more coming), our system is rocking. The email is going out on time in all categories (Bully Pulpit, auto responders, Sequential email). The issues with the Sequential default letters is resolved. Things are smoothing out. Now Mike and I can start concentrating on more very cool marketing developments.

    But Veretekk is more than just a great system. It is about the community. The Veretekk community has become a very special family. If you have not accessed our online conference training, you are missing out. It is very unique. Staffed by nearly 100 volunteer Veretekk subscribers who are the core of our training. Once you start attending you discover a family of like minded Veretekkies. You discover a spirit of others like you. And everyone works together to help each other.

    This is my primary goal building Veretekk. The community. You see, I have joined many MLM companies and I have never had a sponsor who ever cared for anything more than the kill. Once recruited, I have always been left alone to figure things out myself. I have always been an orphan in every business I have ever done. The only time I ever hear from my sponsor after being recruited, is when they are on the hunt again, trying to recruit me into another deal. I call this fowl play. This is why I built Veretekk. And here is the why.

    After many years of developing a real comprehensive marketing system, I knew the crowning glory was in training and building the cohesive element of the relationship. So Veretekk is the foster parent. We step up and without obligation we train you, help you, empower you to succeed. What a combination. The best marketing tools on the Internet with the most comprehensive training and support.

    Just leave the big stuff to us. We are and will deliver. You just need to get into the community. Get on the trainings. Become a trainer yourself. "
  20. barefootmentor

    barefootmentor New Member

    Quoting: cyberchickI joine Veretekk last night after reading an ebook. I ike what I see so far but my question is this: how can I promote my primary MLm with Veretekk without upgrading to gold first? Any suggestions please

    Hi Cyberchick,

    As a silver veretekk suscriber you have use of 70% use of the system. This enables you to get your system configured and start generating premium leads. You are very limited though in the follow up of those leads until you upgrade to a gold system. Bottom line once you see the power of the system and see how it works you will need to upgrade to the gold level.

    If you promote the veretekk affiliate program traffic portal you will have access to the phone numbers for those leads to promote to start the relationship building process for you primary MLM.

    Once you are a gold member you will have access to my trainings in Veretekk.

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