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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Danielle19755, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Danielle19755

    Danielle19755 New Member

    Last night was my first hour taking DR calls.. I have to say I have never been so confused in my life, and I did fairly well in the training.. The training I feel does not prepare you well enough. I have over 15 years experice in a call center setting.. and I couldnt get my bearings. I Resigned the skill right after my shift.. No way can I have my nerves like that every night.. I hope the will offer me another skill..Might not be likely.. DR was a nightmare!![​IMG]
  2. momof3boys

    momof3boys New Member

    I'm so sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. I also work DR, have been with West since September and my first night was a train was hard to follow scripting and get into flow of calls, plus I didn't understand some of the types of calls we were taking...but it does get easier..within a couple of shifts it was much easier and now it is really almost mindless...just follow your scripting....I hope they offer you another skill, I have heard it is very hard to get another skill even if you are active...good luck.
  3. mrsladyc

    mrsladyc New Member

    I am in the same boat that you were. I have been taking calls for DR for not even 2 weeks and my nerves are bad! I contemplated resigning from DR, but really like the idea of working from home and no other W@H companies have responded to my applications. Did you get offered a new skill after you resigned? If so, how long did it take for them to offer you a new skill?
  4. jojo35

    jojo35 New Member

    True, I tried to finish the modules but I ran out of time. The time frame they provide to finish the training is not enough. Telecommunications training usually takes at least two months. For all they want us to learn, too short time. Im upset too. Now Im waiting for them to call me back with a new project, I was copunting on this job for income, the economy is really hitting my fam.
  5. mphschic03

    mphschic03 New Member

    I hope they send you another offer, I'm doing the DR training right now. So, I hope it goes good. I failed the HSN training because I didn't pay attention! It took them about 4 months before getting back to me with this skill.
  6. miranda

    miranda New Member

    well, i failed my training for ge and after 3 mths got called for directv[​IMG]..good luck
  7. GlennELee

    GlennELee New Member

    Woah, stay away from West Customer Service Management Group (West At Home, same company). West has a severely bad track record with screwing over their employee's, whether at home or at their call center locations.

    I used to work at West on one of their AT&T Linegroups in Huntsville, Alabama and was the most horrific job I've ever had. The company looked for reasons to fire you, dock pay, etc. Every day myself and my co-workers would fear that we wouldn't have a job when we got in. One day in December of last year, my worst nightmare came true. They laid over half the AT&T linegroup off and started new AT&T training classes right away for people never involved with the company before (Can we say Illegal?)

    Sorry you got gypped by West, just please spread the word around, the company is nothing more than a joke.
  8. angiedbc456

    angiedbc456 New Member

    Well I have been with West on and off since Jan 09 and I have never had a problem with them nor have they messed with my pay. Sorry that happen to you.
  9. sparehair

    sparehair New Member

    I have also been with West since Jan 09 and have never had a prob with them. My pay has always been on time and never docked, I never even heard of that. Sorry for your problems, but I have no complaints. Yes the skills are different and so are the trainings and pals you have to work with, but thats everywhere. I am currently training on DR after resigning from C*t* which was horrific. I expect DR to be a breeze coming from that hot mess!!![​IMG] If not I will move on to the next one. I was on Citi for 8 mo.

    Good Luck all.
  10. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    W*st while I dont or didnt like the line group I was on.... Is always right on time w/ my DD and calculations for pay
  11. star75074

    star75074 New Member

    is anyone here works for DR? They say they pay 0.15 per talktime minutes. So if u were talking for the whole hour which is 60 mins u should get $9 for the 60mins talktime. If there's no call - 0 talk time minute, u would still get paid for that working my WAH site, it says minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. So, i u work the whole hour w/c is 60 mins without any single call or no talk time minutes then you would just be paid $7.25 if u r working in TX. But it seems it is not the way it is...i worked 18 hrs in the first wk of Nov, if i didn't receive a call in that whole 18.83 hrs logged in time, i would expect that i would be getting $136.52. During that 18.83 logged in hours, i got 109 answered calls with ALC 377. But my pay would just be $139.92. I mean, just a few dollars more if I worked for 18+ hrs w/o any talk time. How abt the 0.15/min that they were saying. Their computation really confuses me. I would say that maybe it is better if i log in then i wont get any single call anymore so im sure i'll get the whole $7.25! Now i doubt if they were cheating. Pls. those who knew how it works...pls. lighten me up. Thanks!

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