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  1. What is video hosting. I just want to know the detail about it's advantage, price.
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    Video hosting is a web service that allows people to upload video clips to a remote server where there are stored and from where others can view and share the content online.

    Such sites make it convenient for users to display their videos to the world without having to worry about complicated programming and bandwith expense.

    Here are some examples of video hosting sites:

    Hope this helps.

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    Sites such as Youtube are essential to use if you want your video to be available in the search engines. Youtube is often used as a search engine for people vs Google or Bing.
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    I think you are referring to hosting services that allow you to protect your videos from unauthorized download.
    Most basic hosting accounts prohibit even storing large video files for download or streaming.
    Amazon S3 is one example of video hosting that charges you by file size and bandwidth usage.
    There are many hosting companies out there that specialize in protecting your videos.
    Prices vary a lot but the newer cloud hosting accounts are probably the cheapest.
    Cost is really a matter of how much bandwidth your viewers use.
    That's why most people just use YouTube or such instead.
    If you want to protect your files paid hosting is the way.

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