Video Marketing: Making Your First Video

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    Video Marketing is still a relatively new concept, there are still many people that are not certain "how" to go about making a great video.

    First, you will need the proper supplies. You can make a recording using something as simple as a digital camera, your cell phone (provided it is one that takes recording pictures) or a traditional camcorder.

    What you do is simply record a short, 2-10-minute clip of your video. Then, download the video to your computer just as you would any digital pictures you would take. YouTube then allows you to upload your videos. If you want to shine, you can edit your videos before uploading them.

    There are many software programs readily available that allow you to edit videos relatively easy, even if you are a beginner.

    Some examples include Windows Moviemaker. software applications are a big hit, in part because you can add subtitles to your video, you can incorporate special effects, and you can zoom in and out and take advantage of many other features. Since optimizing your video is essential if you want to attract attention on YouTube, let's find out how to do that.

    If you have a digital or analog camcorder, then you probably already know how to use it. It is easier to post videos to YouTube if you use a digital camcorder. All you have to do is shoot your video, download it, and upload it to YouTube.

    If you use an analog video recorder, like the kind that uses older VHS tapes to record videos, you will probably have to use a converter box to create a digital copy of your video, which you can then upload to YouTube.

    Once you upload your video for video marketing, it's time to improve on it. Sure, you can leave it as is, but remember, if you take even a small amount of time graphically strengthening your video you are likely to attract a larger audience and create a following for future video marketing videos. So, here's what you do.
    • Once you have the right software, upload your video to the application. Once you do this you can edit your video all you want. Try saving multiple versions of it and testing it with users to see which video converts the best.
    • Now it's time to make your video marketing video stand out. Add special effects, like interesting color schemes or fade in. Try adding titles or even chapters to your video. Put some music in the background. All of these small additions will encourage more people to look at and review your video.
    If you are not sure what makes a good video, go to and check out their "featured videos" section. Find out what makes these video marketing videos stand out. Is the content outrageous? Does the author use multiple special effects? Are subtitles or category titles included?

    Take some notes about what you like and what you don't. This will help you when you brainstorm ideas for improving your personal video marketing video.
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    Great post Randy and excellent tips and advice. Thank you for taking the time to share this with everyone! :)
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    Nice post Randy! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks for sharing Randy. You have made some excellent points!!! :)

    I would also like to add that there is a new software out called Easy Video Suite which is awesome. It's not free but it will really help out those into video marketing. With this software you can take your videos and instantly convert them into web ready format which includes adjusting the quality and size of the video file. There is also an option to upload instantly to YouTube.

    With this software you can do a screen recording or if you have windows 7 or higher you can do a video recording as well. Then it instantly uploads and converts the file as I mentioned a bit ago. You can customize your video with different players, sizes, auto play, social media options, pay pal, comments, etc... there is so much more you can do and it is incredible. Plus you can instantly upload your video and customize a webpage with ease. They also have an dashboard where you can look at reports of your video to see how many plays, where people are dropping off, etc... It shows you your weak points so you know what to fix.

    This tool is really something every serious video marketer should have. I just purchased it myself. It you know what easy video player 2 is then you are familiar with the company. Easy Video Suite is Josh Bartlett's new product and it is bigger and better. It's really in all in one tool.

    The only thing I wish they had were more options to do editing to your videos. You can cut out clips and things like that but you don't have a full editing platform to do cool things to your videos like with other software. I guess you could take a video that you created on your own and then edit it fully with a software that specializes in editing and then upload it to Easy Video Suite.

    I had some of my videos for my online business professionally shot and edited then I uploaded them to Easy Video Suite and had so much fun customizing my videos.

    Hope this helps, (y)

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    Helping people do videos is great. We are in a "video world" its good to have one on what biz one is doing. A tip for networkers, if you do a video, put your State or local area in the video description or title. Even if you are not a top person in your biz, there could be those that want to work with someone in their area.
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    Great write up. I've been thinking about trying to get into video for a while.

    This might have just tipped me over the edge.
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    This is true that video marketing is getting huge day by day and this is effective also.. you have shared interesting points about video marketing.. Thanks for share
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    Windows Movie Maker is great start especially for newbies. This is my first ever software I have used to make my first
    video. This software is very easy to work with. I don't like anything that is too complicated. I am still proud of my first video. Video Marketing is awesome and I am still working on getting started in this arena. A good read Randy and very detailed:)

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    Video marketing is a great and free way to get more and more traffic to what ever you are promoting. I have a good number of videos on YouTube and they still get me free traffic each and every week. Not a lot but some.

    For all new marketers, if you are going to use YouTube to market online, make sure that you also have other marketing strategies work for you at the same time.

    You should also use:

    Pay per click

    Solo ads.

    Articles ( You need to have a lot of articles to do OK online and get free traffic. No guarantee of any traffic from this strategy).

    Forum marketing.
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    I have not done any video marketing as of yet but that is on my list to do this year. So many people
    are having success with it and most people like to watch a quick video rather than read so I think it
    is something I need to do at this phase of my business.
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    thanks for sharing this. I'm planning to do video marketing in the following ways.

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