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    Another paid work from home opportunity .Teletech is among the largest and most geographical diverse outsourcing companies providing job solutions for major corporations and businesses.

    What Does Teletech Do?

    Teletech is a global supplier of business outsourcing solutions. They have over a 27 year history of providing outsourcing solutions to Global 1000 companies. They offer a variety of services which include:
    ??? Payroll Administration
    ??? Customer Service
    ??? Loan Processing
    ??? Many more opportunities

    Getting Started

    There is a hiring process that takes place when applying at Teletech. There are a few things that you will need to do before you can start:
    ??? Complete an application which includes a few pre- screening questions
    ??? Test your computer to ensure that it will handle the functions necessary for the position
    ??? Receive an initial phone screening with an online assessment test
    ??? Background check and PC Certification
    ??? Participate in an online group informational session
    ??? Be interviewed over the telephone

    I have gone through that process with them last year but then I turned the job down
    The pays varies from job to job, however the averages are between $10 - $14 per hour. Unlike Arise there are no fee to pay, as long as your computer pass their quality test you can work.
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    Why did you turn it down?

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