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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by CPrice, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. CPrice

    CPrice New Member

    Any Visalus reps/distributors here?

    I'm looking for a health related product to promote and came across this one online.
  2. wealthymarket

    wealthymarket New Member

    Not a part of Visalus, but I used to be part of Monavie...great health product (actually works for many things...I had had mono, and it helped me recover much more quickly than most people do), and it has a pretty nice comp plan, too. I'm not a part of it anymore because I simply got SO much Monavie that our pantry is still full of it. lol I know of people in bigger areas who will give away a bottle for others to try, and they almost always come back wanting to buy more (I'm in a small area, though, so that didn't work so well for me. [​IMG]). Hope that is somewhat helpful in your search! :-D
  3. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I have a friend who is doing Visalus, and she's a big fan of it - she has made money from it, and she seems to believe in their product. She tried to get me to join...but since I'm not a big fan of MLMs, I declined. In fact, I wrote the following post about what I think of MLMs, and why I think internet marketing is so much better than MLMs:

    Does She Like You Or Does She Want You To Join Her MLM?
  4. wlrahilly

    wlrahilly New Member

    Old thread...but thought I'd wake it up a little. I am actually with Visalus. It really is an AMAZING company! I'm taking the 90 Day Challenge. My goal is to really only lose the belly fat I acquired from my last son and fit into my bikini this summer. I have found their shake plan to be really effective and easy to stick with. I'm already noticing results!

    However, I really joined Visalus for the business side of it. There are 3 levels to join in the company.. $49 starter...$499 ESS (Executive Success System) and the $999 which is the same as the ESS but with extra samples.

    In my opinion, you can definitely join the $49 level, but it is limited. You can only make commissions off of customers and cannot build a team. Your best bet if you are a serious business builder and really want to make money is to go for the ESS level at $499! That is what I did and I'm so glad I did. You get the transformation kit which includes the shakes, vi-slim, flavor boosters, neuro energy drinks, vitamins, and the other antioxidant supplements. Plus, you get samples to hand out if you are looking to market in your local community.

    No matter what level you decide to join in, you still only have a small $125 monthly minimum after that to earn commissions. So, if you really are looking to get your feet wet, you want to try the products and are not really interested in building a team, go with the first $49 level. BUT...if you are a serious business builder, love the concept of residual income, weekly bonus pools, an awesome back office loaded with tools, resources and cutting edge training...the ESS level is definitely for you!

    Our team alone is the fastest growing team. We genuinely care about other people's success. This is what really makes the difference. People follow people, not businesses. So it is VITAL to have that community of support, not to mention a team training site loaded with valuable training on both online and offline marketing which includes TODAY'S way of marketing and NOT yesterdays!

    Oh did I mention the FREE BMW's??? Oh yeah! Visalus also gives away free black BMW's once you qualify. Unlike other companies, Visalus does not give away free incentives and huge gifts (like the BMWs) to Top Producers ONLY. They make it so easy for anyone to qualify. That is probably why they have already given away 700 free BMW's with 300 this past March alone!! Whoo Hoo! This is big! This is so much fun! I'm having such a blast and am so glad I decided to join Visalus.
  5. msst8dawgs

    msst8dawgs New Member

    The body by vi 90 day challenge by visalus is definitely a goot mlm company. It is only my second one to try and we are already having success at it. I am on pace to make about $600 my first month and earn my BMW by the end of next month. Definitely worth my time!!
  6. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    getagrip: I have a friend who is doing Visalus, and she's a big fan of it - she has made money from it, and she seems to believe in their product. She tried to get me to join...but since I'm not a big fan of MLMs, I declined. In fact, I wrote the following post about what I think of MLMs, and why I think internet marketing is so much better than MLMs:
    There is your answer right there. It seems to me that it is all worth it and that you should give it a go.
  7. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Body by vi is getting a lot rave reviews. People love it.

    I'm not sure that there can be a viable strong case for internet affiliate marketing to be better. It, mlm, may not be for all, but the leverage potential of network marketing can be beat unless one is trading the financial markets.

    A good diversified home income portfolio should consist of a network marketing home business, imo.
  8. meetdtrip

    meetdtrip New Member

    Just thought I would through my two-cents in. I am also a promoter of the Body by Vi (ViSalus) Challenge. So far this has been the most wonderful thing I have ever come across. I was at an event last month and just could not believe that I was apart of such an awesome company and the opportunity we had. I mean to earn $1000/mo income in such a short period of time and being able to achieve the car bonus so early in the comp plan. in July 2011 alone over 45,000 people joined the challenge. This month we have already past that by thousands. It is truly amazing how fast this is growing. I love it!! Thank you ViSalus and thank you team.
  9. amandahayford

    amandahayford New Member

    I am a promoter and love it! The products are great, so much that there are 6 times the number of customers to distributors. Most MLM companies seem to only have their distributors as customers.

    The 90 day challenge is an exciting way to grow your business. Who doesn't want to improve their health? And a challenge with friends is a fun way to do it. Plus, even at the customer level if they get 3 friends to join their auto-ship is FREE!

    I love getting customers to join because it usually doesn't take long before they are asking to upgrade to be a promoter.

    I primarily do online marketing, but the way they have the promotions set up it is easy for people to grow the business by just word of mouth and having Challenge Parties where they sample the shakes, watch a video and have people sign up.

    Let me know if you have any more questions about this great company. Like everything, you have to work at it to be successful, but if you have a great team that supports you, it isn't too hard!
  10. curtv

    curtv New Member

    I am a promoter and I really love their products. Best of all, by referring others you can get your product for free.

    I am currently half way through my "90 day challenge" and have lost 13 pounds and I feel great.

    I have an excellent team who have helped me get started and provided me the tools and coaching for me to become a success promoting Visalus and the 90 day challenge.

    Like Amanda, I too mostly promote online. It is hard work but the rewards are great! [​IMG]

    [Link removed - Admin]
  11. spicer

    spicer New Member

    I am a promoter and use the products too.
    Lost over 30 lbs in 23 days. Started as a customer, but
    once I seen the results I had to become a promoter.
    Same happened with my sponsor.
    He only started a month before me
    and he is already on track for a BMW in about 3 months.

    There are 9 people with BWMs already in my area.
    Most of which earned them within their first 6 months.
    We have a solid team and a solid product that sells it self.

    I was going to start my own business. I had just set up a corporation for any legal purpose in my state and
    just received a large line of credit plus my initial cash investment.
    Think over 100K

    Now I am taking my company, the credit line and cash into this product and helping my team as this is the best opportunity I have truly seen.

    I have just started to promote, but actually looking at setting up a mall kiosk to help my team with customers and lead generation.
    I talk with the mall tomorrow. I am just extremely excited about the opportunity.

    I was so glad to see the great reviews which helps solidify my thinking. I have looked at many mlm companies before and done quite a few as well. But their comp plan is so refreshing and unique.

    You can actually make major money just selling their quality product and not need to recruit anyone. although having 3 people under you would allow for the best opportunity even if you just focused on product sales after the first 3.
  12. cmc49

    cmc49 New Member

    FreeCashMan: I'm not sure that there can be a viable strong case for internet affiliate marketing to be better. It, mlm, may not be for all, but the leverage potential of network marketing can be beat unless one is trading the financial markets.
    I can't agree with you more on the leverage potential of network marketing.

    As for Body By Vi I had a severe allergic reaction to the soy product in it, as did a lot of people I know that have used it in the past.
  13. luvbodybyvi

    luvbodybyvi New Member

    As everyone stated, ViSalus is an amazing company and their products are very good, nutraceutical quality. They are working hard to become the first direct sales company to do $1 billion in sales in North America. They are the first direct sales company to have a COMPLETE mobile sales can place orders and enroll promoters right from your smart phone with their recently released credit card swiper. Their products are being promoted by MANY celebrities as well as professional athletes. A lot of MMA/UFC and body builders use the products. ViSalus has positioned itself to be the fastest growing weight loss challenge in the country. ViSalus had record breaking first quarter 2012 sales of $136.7 million, which is a 585% increase year over year. Do your due diligence, and I blog almost daily on my website. Above all, helping people achieve their health goal is the most satisfying...and seeing transformations and changing people's lives. That's the best part. The money that we make for changing lives is really just a portion of this amazing business.

    They offer a free product program for customers as well as distributors, and I love that they offer something like this to people who aren't interested in the business, but can still benefit financially with ViSalus by saving money on their monthly Challenge Kit.

    It's a truly amazing company and I'm blessed to be a part of it.
  14. Brucefan

    Brucefan New Member

    Not much too add, other then agree with all these comments. I have been with Vislaus now for a month, hit Rising star director, and more importantly, dropped 10 lbs! After a 14 year career with ACN, I am so sorry that I didnt start buildimg a business with a company like this , back then. With ACN, we always lead with the business. The customers always came from people who said no. With Vislaus , we always lead with the challenge. The company really could care less who becomes a promoter. They are so confident in the program, that they know people will be so excited when their body goes through whatever transformation they are looking for, that they will want to promote it naturally. People will ask you how you lost all that weight, or look so good. No one ever got that kind of excitement from saving a few cents off of their telecommunications services. No disrespect to ACN of course
  15. bfryer

    bfryer New Member

    This has been a company that has had it's ups and downs over the years. Still to this day, I have many friends who are still promoting Visalus, have lost a tremendous amount of weight, and have stuck it out. I personally have never tried the products, as my first go at networking some 7 years ago was with a future competitor of theirs.

    I know there has been some recent buzz Troy Dooly has exposed to the public... not sure how this will affect the company and it's distributors, but wish nothing but the best for them. To me, it has been a solid company(not a Visalus distributor).
  16. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    I am not currently Visalus but used their products about a year ago. I lost around 50lbs from those shakes. They were actually pretty good.

    But from the business side of things I know they used to be very picky about what you can and can't promote. For example a lot of internet marketers who were promoting Visalus lost their check because they were promoting other products.

    I know this thread is old but if anyone is on the fence about joining just make sure you check out any disclaimers etc they have just so you know were Visalus stands on promoting other things.

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