VistaPrint reseller program.. How is the program??

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by GraceTX, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. GraceTX

    GraceTX New Member

    Hello, Have y'all heard about the vista print reseller program or any other print broker program?? I am considering starting this biz, but would like if anyone here has been successful with it.
    Are the rates good? Are potential customers receptive to it??
    Thanks for your responses!!
  2. ironman7

    ironman7 New Member

    Never heard of it, but I have heard of Vista Print...great site!![​IMG]
  3. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    There are a couple of things you should consider.

    One would be that many people either print their own cards or they may buy from the company that they are with. Or they can go into a local print shop and order them as well.

    And even if you feel this business is right for you, it will still be essential that you learn effective online marketing and techniques in order to succeed.
  4. dbmoney306

    dbmoney306 New Member

    My wife and I recently started a graphic design/print broker business. If you are planning on relying on Vista Print templates to make your products then the program may be of value except their prices are not as competitive as you might think, the fulfillment time can be long and the shipping prices are somewhat high. We paid the $50 to join the program, and I would take it back right now if I could.

    We do all of our own design work using Adobe Design Premium CS4 software and find we get a better deal using local printers. I have however, been very pleased with the service and quality of

    Hope this helps.
  5. fpullman

    fpullman New Member

    I love Vista Print and get all my business cards done there but I go direct to the company website.
    I have never heard of a reseller for Vista Print, but i agree with the previous post - even if it was a goer, nothing is guaranteed until you first master the art of effective marketing - except failure and frustration.
    My favourite method is attraction marketing but you can never beat the simple fundamentals of good business practice - you know, due dilligence, promotion, list building, record keeping, tracking results and plain old persistence.
  6. I promote Vista Print with fairly good results, just by advertising on Classified Ads.
  7. TopHits4U

    TopHits4U New Member

    I use Vista Print for my advertisements and they are a good company with decent prices. I tried to promote their service without much of a result, but never tried Classified Ads (not a bad idea).
  8. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    They must have an affiliate program. If you sign up with them and bring traffic to their site, you will get a commission when someone buys from them.

    It is just like any other affiliate program out there.

  9. techfellow

    techfellow New Member

    I have been part of the vistaprint reseller program for about 3 years or so and it has been all good for me. I called customer service twice and they were very helpful.
    The quality of the items are great, turn around time for me is a week guaranteed (I live in Middle Georgia).
    All you do is go to there reseller site, base you price off of their price upload your original designs (or use theirs) or and you get your items in a week or faster if you prefer in plain shipping
    For example 250 biz cards 14.99+10.26 (7 day shipping)=$25.25 so whatever price you you give your customers above that you keep for yourself. My customers have no clue that i'm using an outside company.
  10. Julsy

    Julsy New Member

    I do not know about the reseller program, but I have also used VistaPrint and saved A LOT of money! they were much cheaper than anywhere local and also anyone else I could find on the net. however, I chose to get 21 day shipping because I didn't want to spend a small fortune on shipping. So, if your not in a hurry, VistaPrint is the way to go!
  11. colleen

    colleen New Member

    Hi All,

    I have used vistprint for many years because of there prices. I have only just seen the reseller program that I am very interested in joining as many family and friends are interested in using me to get the products they need. This would be a great easy cheap way to start a home business if you are will to put in the work. I will also mansion in the past I have done the 21 days and its been delivered within a week!! I very recommend vistprint and look forward to working with them as love designing and adding designs on their site [​IMG]
  12. thistycoon

    thistycoon New Member

    Hi All,

    Nice thread, we're looking into joining vista print and offer their products to local businesses.

    To those already in this type of business, do you have an office or are you operating from home, also, how do you promote your printing business?

  13. Jpark3r91

    Jpark3r91 New Member

    I have used Vista Print myself for promotions ect... I looked into the reseller program but there are already a few companies in my area that use it.
  14. Vista Print is good reputable company, and yes, they have an affiliate program for which I have made a few bucks promoting, but like most affiliate programs, with hundreds of thousands you are competing with, most only make a few dollars in this market.

    You have to spend money to make money, and given the competition, this has driven up adwords rates to a level that few are making any serious money any longer. When I started with adwords, each term cost only a few cents, now same terms are often over a buck, so talk about inflation, ouch, PPC is no longer worth it.

    If you already have good traffic to your site, then it may be worth it to plug in a few affiliate offers like VistaPrint. But tell, how many people have not heard of them at this point? The are huge presence on internet now, so don't think you will be making much at this point. A few years ago, maybe, but today, forget about it.

    Look for an affiliate program that pays $500. and few know about, now you can make some serious money. It is all about value, saving people money while affording an easy way to capitalize on your traffic or contacts. I waited a long time for a real money maker to come along, so do your research, there are a few such deals which you can make serious money with.

    Success to all,
  15. Goldenman

    Goldenman New Member

    I have got Biz cards before, I am in Hawaii now.
    I have heard you can make money promoting
    them in U.K. We have a house in Tx.too. Keep in touch !
    Where's GRACE in nearness to DFW ?
  16. catevanne

    catevanne New Member

    I have gotten business cards from Vistaprint - the service was good and so were the cards
  17. LHinkle

    LHinkle New Member

    I use Vista Print for all my business needs they are a really good company I always opt for the 21 day and usually I get my order in 7 days!

    Never heard of their resale program, good luck!

  18. nsikub

    nsikub New Member


    That's inspiring! I would like to know how you market your products? Do you use a separate website from the Vista reseller site or just word of mouth to get clients? Would be nice to learn from you. Thanks.
  19. JohnnyRocket

    JohnnyRocket New Member

    I've used Vista Print to order business cards before and their service was pretty good... I would suspect they would have a good affiliate program as well... However in these times people are looking for opportunities that pay more than just once a month...
  20. bmfsports

    bmfsports New Member

    I run a sports company and we get all of our t-shirts through the VistaPrint Reseller program. The prices are reasonable for the products we choose, dropshipping is great (except the cost to ship to Canada), and the digital print quality of even our most intricate and colorful designs is really good.

    VistaPrint makes no claims of possible earnings or success, so it's up to the individual to promote and work their own business. Our shirts are popular and do quite well.

    For me, the $50 was well worth the investment and I made it back on my 2nd order of shirts from them.

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