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    There's a new and finally done right, in my view, telecom wireless network marketing company that is on the rise:

    First what Vitel Wireless is NOT as to phone service:
    Light Year Wireless, WOW Mobile, Global Verge, ACN or 5 Links
    Meaning that Vitel Wireless is not about trying to get you to switch, change, get a new phone through Vitel Wireless. They don't have their own service or special phone to offer you.

    Vitel Wireless is about getting paid your share of the $196 billion spent annually by consumers in the wireless industry. In other words get paid on what people are already going to do with wireless companies they already know, like and trust. No need to sell a person on some "new product" that is branded under Vitel.

    You are able to get monthly income as people pay their cell phone bill, particularly the Prepaid wireless market. As well as, you can earn income on Postpaid Wireless customers as they buy new phones, renew their contract, buy tablets, and more.

    What is exciting is that one can "Get Paid To Eliminate Their Cell Phone Bill And Helping Others Do The Same." Vitel Wireless has a refer 3 team members bonus that pays up to $125 every month to pay one's cell phone bill. That's your cell phone bill with the carrier that you are with right now, NO Switching, No Change Plans, or No New Phone to Purchase.

    Next They have a refer 6 and your monthly membership is free bonus at the Platinum Executive level.

    Along with a refer 25 and get a $750 monthly bonus.

    There are also 5 levels of overrides available on wireless customers on your team as you move up the ranks. Personal commissions for reps start at 40% of the gross commission that the company earns.

    Lastly, what is great to see is there isn't a high start up fee to get started and build one's Wireless business. Less than $100 gets one started at the top membership plan with great "Vitel Benefits Network" services. These services included a legal service plan (like Prepaid Legal), identity theft protection, roadside assistance, discount shopping, tax advice service, movie ticket discounts, fitness center discounts, and much more.

    Wireless communications are essential to nearly everyone's daily livelihood. Huge market place USA and beyond (Vitel currently USA Only). It makes sense to build a home business centered around something that people from young to old need and must have as they go about their daily lives.

    How many people do you know that has a cell phone? Yes seems like everyone. You get the point, and you can excel in this business without a customer point requirements like companies such as 5Links & ACN, which have inhibited so many that joined those great companies success.

    Vitel Wireless is the new and exciting Wireless opportunity that looks destined to be the next great one in the category of wireless network marketing companies.
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    Looks good. $100 to start is less than Lightyear Wireless for $200, but I wonder why there need be any startup fees.

    I'm on the lookout to replace my t-mobile contract and help someone out who is doing cell phone network marketing.

    I wish there were a list of all the cell phone mlms out there.
  3. FreeCashMan

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    Vitel Wireless is creating great excitement in the wireless mlm industry with the Refer 3 and ANY Cell Phone Service is Free, up to $125 a month.

    Every business has overhead cost. And if one wants residual income, you have to put in to get out. You won't get retirement income if you aren't putting money into the pot.

    If you like T-mobile you can stay with them and build your business with Vitel and you cell phone bill will be paid and your bank account will increase.

    Or you can go pre-paid like many others, T-Mobile has a one of the best Pre-Paid plans. Either pre-paid or post paid you can get paid on your cell phone transaction and those of others, without them having to Switch, buy a new phone, etc.

    Few to none home business opportunities are as big as the cell phone industry.
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Many don't know that Vitel Wireless is more than a wireless home business opportunity with great potential.

    If you are watching Vitel Wireless to see if this is an opportunity you want to pursue be on the look out for major developments that will be unleashed in June of 2012.

    Something BIGGER than wireless is about to hit the network marketing industry. If you are looking for that networking home business in which you can be positioned early to earn great rewards Vitel Wireless could be the one.

    Vitel Wireless released this promo video for the June 2012 festivities:

    All the best
  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member


    Vitel, a.k.a. Vitel Wireless is NOT just a wireless company, that's just what they are well known for since their inception starting January 2011. However, that will change from May 17, 2012 forward (It came earlier than June). Vitel introduces getting paid on Banking using the amazing leverage potential of network marketing/multi-level marketing.

    There may never be a simpler and more universal product to hit the networking industry than to get paid on the average banking needs of the average individual

    This is going to be BIG!
  6. tiredofscams

    tiredofscams New Member

    I would like to speak with free cash man. I did check out the site, Very interesting and cheaper than light year. I am very interested but I need to know how to promote the site nationwide once I get started. Please get in touch. I would like to get started Friday. My email. is
    ps I need to be with someone that has a great team!
    Team Players not for me to just get in and be left hanging.
  7. Interesting,

    Given the fact I research them all, and have seen more failures than successes, so what is your take on this being truly different? I go back to Excel days, so I have seen them all, and in this highly competitve industry, in fact, I am awaiting one of my companies new wireless plan details, so I have been actively looking to add wireless deal to my portfolio, so what makes this one better than all the rest?

    Succes to all,
  8. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Tired of Scams, I sent you a PM (private message), to make sure you got my email. I look forward to talking with you. We do have a great team not just me but other leaders and support groups on my team to help members have success.

    Just know there is no magic success bullet. I've achieved success because I learned to be consistent and effective in my marketing. I can help you do the same.

    Talk soon,
  9. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    FREEBUSINESSES: Given the fact I research them all, and have seen more failures than successes, so what is your take on this being truly different?
    Yes, many have failed, Lightyear is actually the exception to the rule, however, I've heard from those in that are supposedly in the know that Lightyear is not a profitable company even with their network marketing success.

    The common thread of those that have failed is that they have tried to run their OWN Phone service, like Lightyear. One of the most recent biggest disasters was WOW Mobile. Vitel Wireless does NOT have a phone service called Vitel Wireless that they are switching people too, and has no plans.

    As a Platinum member benefit, if you have 3 1st level Platinum members that renew each month at the $99.95 level you get any cell phone bill paid up to $125. The excitement is there is NO Switching, No Buying New Phone, No Changing Carriers to get Free Cell Phone Svc., and start generating monthly residual income.

    Vitel is an authorized online retailer of Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and many 2nd tier carriers such as Boost, Cricket, etc. Our members can earn income as people do cell phone transactions, such as buy new phones (at discounts), renew contracts, or pay prepaid phone bills, and more through their Vitel web portals.

    Additionally, we have a great benefits package that our members receive as part of their monthly membership in which we earn as much as $7/m per member down 7 levels, plus generational overrides.

    Thus the potential for failure like other wireless phone service mlm companies of the past does NOT fit Vitel Wireless because they don't have the same business model of companies that have failed in the wireless industry trying to offer some "special" wireless deal to members and consumers via a company's own wireless plan.

    Additionally, Vitel Wireless is more than just a wireless company and the additional products we are going to be offering very soon will show that.

    We just unleashed our pre-paid debit card program that allows a member to earn income and monthly income down our 5 levels of product commissions - Get Paid Like A Banker.
    See press release here:

    This general non referral video shares more about the Platinum membership and benefits:
  10. phillippoole

    phillippoole New Member

    Free Cash man there are some misunderstandings about wireless and directs sales.

    1. Vitel is not an authorized retailer for anyone they are an affiliate of Simplexity, so is ACN, Target, Radio Shack and a list of others.

    2. Lightyear Wireless is a licensed FCC Telecomm company we sell, service our customers and pay our agents directly. In Vitel your last! The customer pays Verizon, the Verizon pays Simplexty then Vitel gets paid then you. Plus you have no product control, and you will not get residual as Verizon pays an advance on contracts and another advance on renewal. And where there is advance there is chargeback.

    3. If Lightyear Network Solutions is not Profitable. Then explain why the CFO was just name a finalist for CFO of the year for our industry?

    4. If there were no opportunity attached to Vitel who would buy from them?
  11. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Let me start by saying I think Lightyear is a good company, with great leadership at the top, and deserves big kudos for thus far surviving where others that operated the same way have failed. Lightyear Wirless and Vitel Wireless are NOT the same type of wireless companies other than they offer a Free Cell Phone Benefit to people.

    Lightyear wireless is essentially the same as Boost Mobile, Cricket, Metropcs, and other Independent Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO's) and are considered 2nd-tier carriers because they use the major carriers (Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, ATT) towers and not their own (sounds like a partnership/affiliate model to me, see comment in relation below).

    Vitel wireless provides members a cell phone dealership to sale products and services of multiple carriers, Premium and 2nd-tier, along with tablets and accessories. Plus other vital services that people use on a daily basis, such as prepaid cards. Membership has its benefits such as Free Cell Phone service without switching or buying a phone, getting paid on prepaid debit card deposits and purchase swipes, along with additional cash flow potential using the network marketing proven business model for establishing a successful marketing arm for a business.

    That being said let me respond to your points in reverse.
    First thing, I know of the video that someone in LY put out a making th0se same inaccurate and/or misleading points of information in order to prop up LY.

    If there were no opportunity, who would buy:
    If there were no opportunity would people buy Cell Phones from Vitel's web portal that offers better pricing in most cases than what the major carries, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, have on their own sites, for the same phone, same plan, same deal. Do we really need to formally answer this? Notwithstanding the awesome Vitel Benefits package that is included in our Platinum membership that contains a legal plan that rivals Prepaid Legal (Legal Shield), roadside assistance plan, identity theft protection, hotel travel discounts, shopping, and movie ticket discounts and more, that people already buy and that there are other well established network marketing companies promoting the same products individually as their core product.

    Lightyear Network Solutions is not Profitable:
    Next, we want to be clear that Lightyear Wireless, a subsidiary, of Lightyear Network Solutions are NOT the same company. A CFO being named a finalist for being a good CFO doesn't make a company profitable. Wallstreet has plenty of "successful" companies that don't show a profit. Sprint is an example.

    In any case, my statement was that Lightyear Wireless was NOT a profitable company per my source of information. It does not mean that they won't become profitable. However, I do think it is an important point in light of the other past similar structured mlm's that have failed. LY continues to prosper and I wish them the best, in part because we will pay a person LY bill if they are a member with Vitel Wireless, we don't discriminate [​IMG]. If the information is incorrect about LY wireless then please rescue me with evidence that LY wireless is a profitable subsidiary. I hope my source of info is incorrect for the greater good of the mlm wireless companies and the industry.

    Lightyear Wireless is an FCC Telecomm company, and Vitel Wireless is just an affiliate of Simplexity:
    Yes, Vitel Wireless, along with others you named worked through Simplexity. However, in a Partnership fashion and not as an affiliate, contrary to the misinformation has been put out there. There is a difference. There are certain credentials that have to be met to be a partner and get dealer codes where available such as the one Vitel Wireless has with T-mobile. Simplexity has been put in charge of doing this for the respective wireless companies.

    The major carriers, unless one wants to be an MVNO, requires going through their managing partner Simplexity so that they are not dealing directly with the Independent authorized online retailers.

    Lightyear Wireless wants to be, and is, an MVNO of Verizon and Sprint, as I understand it. Vitel Wireless, 5Links, ACN, Radio Shack, etc. do NOT wish to be MVNO's, as history says that's a quick way to have a failing non profitable company, particularly on the mlm side of things. Not saying LY wireless will fail, I do honestly hope they can avoid what history has said is very possible. However, the wireless industry is not a high individual profit margin service business, and works best in volume producing methods.

    Even if we were simply an affiliate operation, what's the big deal. None! Affiliate networks have been very successful and have lead to the birth of what is now termed Affiliate Marketer. Vitel provides additional essential and valuable benefits to its team members that align themselves with Vitel Wireless in their pursuit of a prosperous home business. In that respect it would be no different than the many monthly membership affiliate marketing training resources that are out there that help people prosper in affiliate marketing. Additionally, in most cases, a 100% of commissions on product sales are paid out to the Vitel members through the 5 level product compensation plan with matching and generational bonuses. Thus, no harm, no foul, even with an affiliate status, but Vitel Wireless is not that.

    Vitel Wireless has no product control, charge back commissions, no residual on phones service:
    The flexibility of Vitel not being an MVNO allows a company like Vitel Wireless to adapt as things in the industry change, yet still offer the same or similar benefits as MVNO's.

    We get residual on customers, particularly in the prepaid cell phone market, that reload their minutes monthly on our Vitel Wireless webportal. Prepaid users, which is huge expanding market in the USA, are motivated to use our portal because we do not have any fees for pre-paid reloads. We also offer bill pay for other carriers that can bring residuals, versus LY members only earning a residual on LY service. Vitel distributors earn a income/monthly residual on any service, any carrier, any plan, and most importantly it is in real time direct to each carrier not through Simplexity.

    As to charge backs. Other than a person returning a product, like they can at nearly any store, anywhere, there aren't any charge backs in the sense that you and other LY members attempt to state or imply.

    Even where such may occur it would not "kill" a member's business because were Vitel stands out amongst others is having a valuable commissionable membership. Vitel Wireless members earn on product sales and memberships in their downline without the restrictions of mandated customer points. A person could refer 1 person to Vitel in their 7 level pay plan and potentially earn very nice income (4-5 figures) if that one person exploded their respective business. You can't do that with any of the other companies that are comparable, LY, 5Links, ACN, unless I missed something in evaluating their compensation plan.

    Yes, there are some misunderstandings about wireless and direct sales, and unfortunately Lightyear reps are doing it, intentionally or unintentionally, based on information from other LY leaders. Thus, the need for the long post to set the record straight. Phillip, I do hope that you will not continue to be one of them.

    People, including Lightyear reps of the past, are joining Vitel Wireless, and I say this because I have quite a few in my downline, because we have a great income opportunity centered around wireless and a powerful refer 3 members and ANY person's cell phone service is free ($125 value), no switching, buying phones, changing carriers needed.

    If someone wants to focus on reselling a service as
    an MVNO and the residuals that can only come from that type of structure then I would say go with LY because one does not get that from Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, AT&T. However, we do offer other ways to earn that strongly substitute for that, along with the flexibility and freedom of not having to buy a new phone and switch service to get the company's free cell phone service benefit.

    Phillip we should talk and team up. Join me along with the other Lightyear reps that have saw the potential of what Vitel Wireless is doing. Time will tell, but I predict we'll be the next bigger, badder, and better ACN. Early timing can lead to amazing rewards...and we'll pay your Lightyear wireless bill if you want to keep their service [​IMG]
  12. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Vitel Wireless Just Keeps Getting Better! More ways to achieve success by offering more products and services that people already are familiar with and use.

    Vitel Wireless announced today at our successful Super Saturday in Memphis, TN that our reps are now able to offer Cable & Internet services from top providers around the nation.

    And We Still Are NOT Done! More to come that will set Vitel apart and above the rest in its category.

    If you are looking for that up and coming home business that you can commit to and build success take a serious look at Vitel Wireless.

    Since our team has come on board with Vitel Wireless we've been able to create a spark in the company that is causing a major explosion. There is something great going on here and it could be the home business you've been looking for to build you a powerful monthly residual income.
  13. Mikenivez

    Mikenivez New Member

    A lot of the people who i've come in contact with since my start in marketing,all talk about how great vitel is and how big it will become. I'm just about to join myself, many positive reviews on this company.
  14. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Great it is, and it just got even more exciting with these powerful bonuses to be announced on Vitel's Corp Live Call Tonight 6/11.

    >>Tonight at 8:30pm Eastern Join Our Live Vitel Wireless Rally Call - Special Guest, Scott Rogers CEO:
    (805) 399-1200 pin 546046#

    See how Vitel Wireless Will Pay Vitel Household Expenses MONTHLY!:

    Refer 3 and your Cell Phone is Free ($125)
    Refer 6 and your Business is Free ($100)
    Refer 9 and your Cable is Free ($125)
    Refer 12 and your Internet is Free ($125)
    Refer 15 and your Electricity is Free ($125)
    Refer 25 and you Drive for Free ($750)


    Join The Vitel Movement Early And Ride It Into Massive Home Business Success!
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    Facts on Lightyear Wireless per their public financials

    "Liquidity and Capital Resources


    Since Lightyear began operations in 2004, we have incurred significant operating losses. Through February 12, 2010, the date of the reverse merger transaction, Lightyear had an accumulated member's deficit of approximately $26.6 million. As a result, we have managed our cash receipts and disbursements, as well as our operating costs in order to maintain an adequate level of cash. As of March 31, 2012, Lightyear had a cash balance of $0.2 million, a working capital deficit of $1.6 million and was in violation of two of its debt covenants.

    We have instituted cost reductions, raised our customer credit requirements, and improved our efforts to increase revenues through targeted promotions over the past 18 months, all toward the goal of achieving positive cash flow from operations. During the three months ended March 31, 2012, we generated $0.5 million of cash flow from operating activities.

    Currently, the most significant item impacting Lightyear's liquidity is a note and interest payable to a Company director of $6.3 million. On March 20, 2012, the Company director agreed to forbear from demanding payment of the principal balance until August 30, 2013.

    In addition, we have a secured promissory note arrangement with a bank with a principal balance of approximately $1.9 million at March 31, 2012. We are currently making principal and interest payments totaling $37,780 per month and all remaining principal and interest is due on the January 25, 2014 maturity date. On May 8, 2012, the bank waived two first quarter debt covenant violations that resulted from earnings forecast shortfalls. We are in discussions with the bank with regards to resetting the debt covenants on a go forward basis, but there can be no assurance that the bank will agree to reset the debt covenants.

    Quarter Ended March 31, 2012..."

    Based on the above information, Lightyear is in serious financial trouble. Anyone building business with Lightyear COULD BE building on sand. They have ran into the same dilemma that other mlm MVNO's have ran into. Eight years later no profit. This simply does not look good.

    I'm not here to bash LightYear Wireless, this info speaks for itself. Lightyear Wireless reps may want to start pursuing other options. I personally would not be referring people to this service, that could be subject to being cut off like others, let along referring someone to build a business with Lightyear Wireless.
  16. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Vitel Wireless continues to get better and better, and shake up the home services networking industry. We just had an event in Dallas, TX where we rolled out our Energy product component featuring MULTIPLE carriers in Electric & Gas over more than 15 states. Our reps get paid on actual usage and not a flat fixed rate that may lessen their earnings.

    Additionally, we are added a $50 Free ANY Phone Service membership Executive plan to go along with the $125 Free ANY Phone Service Platinum membership plan. This makes the opportunity more than feasible and logical for the average person to participate in and building a home business around products and services that people already have, use and will continue to use.

    This is an amazing opportunity to get nearly $1300 monthly to pay your household bills, PLUS earn additional income.

    If you haven't looked at Vitel Wireless (More Than Wireless) lately, I would encourage you to do so. It's truly a company on the rise and offering a phenomenal opportunity for those looking for a viable home business to grow and succeed with.

    [Post edited. Image removed. - Admin]
  17. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    This weekend Vitel is holding a Super Saturday in the king city of the South, Atlanta. It's been so exciting to be part of a company that is growing with leaps and bounds and evolving to be the next great company in the home services category.

    At the event we will be introducing a new approach to allow more people to get their household bills paid by Vitel without referring a new representative. This will be a big game changer. Vitel will also roll out their new product. It's going to be great. If you are in Atlanta check out out on 9/8/2012. More info after Saturday.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    So with Vitel being around for about a year, who has been successful to date. I search all the forums and there are not many which are even active, so any input on success would be appreciated. I looked at it when it launched, but it didn't seem to get roots until now, so are they stable?
  19. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Vitel took on a whole new life in February of this year when myself and another leader came on board and suggested an effective marketing plan to the company. Which was refer 3 and ANY cellphone service was free - NO Switching or buying of new phones. Since then over 4000 people have joined my team specifically.

    I'm not saying this to brag, as it is a factual story, but to say what Vitel was and what it has become it now 2 completely different things. Many leaders are now looking at and joining Vitel. Are business follows the model of proven established companies in the industry such as A.C.N. and 5Links. I think we are positioned well for long term success and anyone looking to have a home business in this category would do well to take a good look at Vitel.

    Based on our pattern of growth we should cross 10k active reps by Jan 2013. I think we are stable.
  20. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Vitel continues its progress to a great powerhouse home business opportunity. The first of several new products/services roll out for the month of October.

    Vitel now has its very own Mifi Hotspot unit powered by Sprint's 3G Network. No Contract, No Credit Check, Just connecting on the go. Prepaid Service Plans as low as $9.95.

    If you are looking for a viable real home business that can make a difference in your and others lives then look no further than Vitel. We offer the opportunity to get paid on services and product you and "everyone" else uses daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

    Too many are trying to find success with these fly by night online ventures hoping to make money working from home indifinitely without putting in work. Businesses are built, it's a process. "Success is NOT for the weak and uncommitted." Be strong and committed to achieving greatness in your life.

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