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Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by broadland, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. broadland

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    There are news items suggestive of increase in the life span of laboratory animals from prolonged use of very low calorie diet. Some human research has shown that VLCD of about 800 Calories/day can reduce the amount of insulin in blood and general body temperature ??“ two markers of long life.
    All religions of the world and societies have some dietary restriction and fasting as morally beneficial. I sometimes wonder if the wise prophets had noticed this beneficial effect of reduced intake and incorporated it in their preaching.
  2. sashawk

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    Low-calorie dieting means triggering of the bodies emergency state of automatic fat production. Of course, what low calorie dieter doesn't end up with a adversarial or love/hate relationship with food (late-night secret rendezvous and then no contact for weeks). Low- calorie dieters that I know of are actually more obsessed with their favorite foods than they were before they dieted. They also lose and gain weight constantly, which is proven to shorten your lifespan and weaken your heart.

  3. determined

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    Hello sashawk. You body requires so many calories a day to function. If you don't meet your bodys needs your metabolism will slow down. This means you'll burn less calories at everything you do. You can even put on weight! Starving yourself also leads to some nasty health problems! Have you heard of anorexia? It's more important that you don't take in empty calories, ie. sugar from soda and candies. The human body uses protein to run on. Without enough you body slows down! Don' count calories try counting grams of protein instead! Good luck

  4. pcwork

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    Fasting or dieting for a day or two helps.
  5. Phil Stones

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    just counting up my cals for today now and it has been a good one ! weight watchers meeting in the morning ![​IMG]
  6. Newbie Shield

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    Diets never work. They have no longevity. Pure roller coaster.

    Sashawk is correct - when you cheat the body of calories, the metabolism does slow down and you actually start to gain weight.

    It's better to strike the balance. Decreasing portions and cutting down on junk is a good idea as long as it isn't at the expense of the required vitamins, minerals, and ions.

    It's best to increase physical output aka exercise. An hour of aerobics four or more times a week will result in a steady loss of weight and will benefit the entire body.

    It's like anything else in life - strike the balance, a mean between two extremes - and use common sense.

    Those who take shortcuts only cheat themselves, right?

    Hope that wasn't too preachy ;) I just feel sorry for the plump couch potatoes - just rotting away. Quit rotting?

    ~Newbie Shield~
  7. chaseswifey

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    ive been on my vlcd for two weeks and have managed to lose 12lbs. i have not consulted any doctors but i keep my calorie intake to about 900 or less and do cardio and strength training almost every day. i drink plenty of water and have not been taking any diet pills during the past two weeks.
  8. bdkfreedom

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    I agree with newbie in that you gotta exercise if you ever want to lose any weight! Diets are cool and all but you gotta exercise while on them or there is no point! For those that do the exercising, I found that Strip That Fat is a great program to follow and shows you the secrets on "how" to eat! My friend signed up just 2 weeks ago and has lost 10 pounds already! And yes, he does exercise regularly!
  9. harry67

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    Some of my favorite low-calorie snacks are plain popcorn, frozen yogurt and skim-milk puddings instead of a thick custard and ice creams.
  10. AshleySullivan

    AshleySullivan New Member

    The digestive system is similar to other 'engines' in that the less it has to work to make the operational parts of the machine move, the longer it will last. That said, you can't stave yourself to better health [​IMG]
  11. ryanbiddulph

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    I've been a bodybuilder for over 17 years. I was also a fitness model for about 5.

    I've tried about 30 diets and here's the one that works: eat when you're hungry. When full, stop eating.

    Fasting is fine 1-2 days a week if your only form of exercise is walking. If you aim to eat 800 calories a day over the long haul I pray that you're an enlightened being because the stresses of day to day living will eat you alive when in that type of caloric deficit.

    I've seen hundreds of studies touting high cal, low cal, high carb, low carb. All are silly. People seek a magic pill when sensible living is the key.

    From someone who weighed out their food, counted every single calorie ingested and could have cheese grated on their abs, trust me folks.....when you're full stop eating. When hungry chow down. Exercise 3 - 5 times a week.
  12. JTMx29

    JTMx29 New Member

    If you starve your body of food (calories) then your body will go into starvation mode. This means that your body panics and lowers your metabolism. In the end you burn less calories and end up eating more to make up for it.
  13. treevee

    treevee Member

    I always thought that a calorie restriction diet was dangerous and not sustainable until I read Quantum Eating by Tonya Zavasta. Very smart woman!

    She explains that following a raw food CR diet slows metabolism, which will actually slow down the aging process and even reverse disease. It is a very informative book with profound explanations of doing it correctly. If you are wanting to continue a healthy way of doing the CR diet, you should pick up this book. It is a diet that you will need to work into. So, if you are a SAD dieter all your life and switch to this way of eating, you could experience many adverse effects.
  14. ChristinaM

    ChristinaM New Member

    I think most diets are worth considering and all are worth trying at least once because you can determine for yourself what works for you and what doesn't. Either way, it's not really a health issue because you will never stay on a diet for an extended period of time. The only things that threaten your health are things that the body endures for years at a time (i.e. smoking, drugs, stress. fatty foods, etc) There are no diets out there that recommend you stay on them for years at a time. They are all designed to induce short term results, in hopes that people will use that as motivation to eventually change their lifestyles. Obviuosly, some diets are not smart so don't bother with those, but there isn't a diet out there that doesn't have two groups of opinioniated people... those who agree with the diet's philosophy and those who disagree.
  15. treevee

    treevee Member

    UGH! I just went into Clickbank and did a search for "calorie restrictive diet" and got some diet doozies! It really is scary and sad that people will originate just any kind of diet from which to grab your attention and make money! When people say the diets don't work, they mean fad diets. There is only one true sensible sustaining diet that is meant for humans. When we employ this diet, all else falls into place -- proper weight, good energy, perfect internal balance, great health and homeostasis.

    We basically need to be re-taught how to eat because we have been brainwashed for too many years by the big industries that promote their dangerous foods and false sciences. And then there are the so-called specialists (i.e. Dr, Atkins) that promote their fad diets that will put you in the hospital if not sooner, then later. Their misinformation has left us so perplexed with all the controversy, that we attempt the one diet that we think sounds good and that can easily be applied into our lifestyle (i.e. ones that say; eat whatever you want and still lose weight!)

    If you want to safely lose weight, the only option one should choose is a diet that will concurrently help you to regain/maintain your health. We are a fat nation because we eat foods that actually keep us starved and wanting more constantly! -- Foods with very little nutrition.

    First and foremost, for those wanting to shed pounds and/or regain health should attempt a good wholesome body cleanse or detox. Get that junk out that is prohibiting your perfect body. And, I'm not talking about those cleansing fads (yes, they have jumped on the bandwagon now, too!), but the diet that I suggest that should be the diet of choice. By following this diet, cleansing will happen naturally and will aid in avoidance of adding more toxins.

    Proper dieting should work in sync with how our bodies are made -- how our jaws are formed to masticate our food, the length of our digestive tract, the pH of our digestive fluids, how we assimilate nutrition, and so on.

    So getting to the point (finally) here and to understand which diet I'm driving at, pick up the books:
    Fit for Life: A New Beginning by Harvey Diamond
    The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health by T. Colin Campbell
    Diet for a New America by John Robbins

    I am an avid reader (and researcher) on this subject and have been for many years. Clickbank finally has a great ebook that covers what I'm talking about. It's in my signature for those who want to take a gander.

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