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    No one likes to pay the cable or satellite subscriptions which go up every year. Bait you with initial discounts and long term contracts, then hammers you with huge rate increases after term is up.

    Imagine cutting the cable and satellite bill by over a thousand dollars on average per year? Now you can with our new advanced streaming technology. No more buffering, delays, choppy picture, nothing but the best HD and 3D plus 4D resolution on any TV with all programming available, movies of all types, local TV, sports, events, hundreds of channels all for free. Check it out for yourselves, I am glad I did.

    Better yet, you can easily refer others and get your system for free, start for free, no purchase required, earn your system by referring others, simple as 1-2-3, With three referrals, your system cost is covered. Watch demonstration video and get positioned today.


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    Life After Cable TV February 2015

    The number of American households ditching cable TV in favor of streaming or pay-as-you-go services is steadily climbing. New alternatives seem to be popping up all over as more people become frustrated with paying high fees for bundled packages that include many “junk” channels that they are just not interested in. Are you ready to stop paying for channels you don’t want?

    Saving Money
    Financially, it could be very much worth your while. If you’re paying $100 per month for a cable subscription, that comes out to $1200 per year — for many homeowners, a full mortgage payment. Alternatives such as Netflix ($7.99 to $11.99 per month), Hulu + ($7.99 per month) and Amazon Prime Instant Video (included with your Prime subscription, $99 per year) can provide films and TV shows on multiple devices at a fraction of the cost.

    Another plus to most of these cable alternatives is their portability. You can watch on your TV, through a gaming device, on a tablet, on a smartphone, on a laptop, on your desktop at work … all for one price. No extra equipment is needed to adapt your gadgets (are you paying for multiple cable boxes in your home?). Most can also pick up where you left off on another device: You started watching a movie on the TV in your living room, then picked it up on your smartphone during your lunch hour, and then on your tablet later that evening in bed. It’s entertainment when and where you want it; you can feel like you are in charge.

    The inability to watch live TV is one reason you may be reluctant to disconnect from cable TV. Enter CBS All Access ($5.99 per month), which provides live streaming in many cities. New on the horizon is Sling TV, a Dish Network service that plans to offer live cable channels — including ESPN — for $20 per month, with no contract. Sling TV made a major splash at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, winning the Best of the Best award.

    Of course, none of these services provides what we all really want: an a la carte menu of channels that we put together into a custom TV package. Luckily, innovation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And more choices are appearing on the horizon: HBO is considering offering HBO Go as a standalone to people who don’t subscribe to the cable channel; Showtime is also apparently getting aboard that wagon. PlayStation Vue is a cloud-based service that “reinvents the television experience,” according to its parent Sony. It plans to launch with 75 channels, contract-free, and it appears they will offer live CBS local stations in select markets.

    The future may not be now, but it’s certainly stepped up the pace when it comes to entertainment options. As homeowners, ditching the cord — literally, in most cases, and how great will it be to get rid of those tangled wires? — is looking like a better option all the time.

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    Incredible NEW Business Opportunity Like No Other I have researched in 2015. Get positioned, NEW Matrix Added To Direct Sale Division, No Purchase Required, No Sales Quoto Obligation, Easy As 1-2-3 To Demo To Friends And Neighbors, Easily Take It Anywhere You Have Internet Connection.

    Who likes to pay for cable or satellite fees, always going up each year, so save over $1000.00 per year over average costs per household, and if you are a big Pay Per View Movie or Sports Event viewer, save hundreds more per year.

    Having just got my FREE-VSTREAM-TV system, I am blown away at how seemless the operation is, very similar to standard cable or satellite operations with remote control. Have a movie you are looking for, just enter in name of title and instantly pull it up on your TV, and if you want to go to FaceBook or YouTube, your TV is now a SmartTV, another feature not found anywhere else. If you have suround sound, you won't believe how much better it sounds, never mind those with 1080dp TV's as the HD is even more crisp and clean.

    March 1st launch is just around the corner, so get positioned as NEW 2X Matrix was just announced to add to the income potential from selling systems alone. Register today, don't delay, get your position for free to see, learn to earn, earn while you learn, easy as 1-2-3 and it is FREE. Yes, you can earn a FREE SYSTEM with very little effort.

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    Here is FREE Youtube Video Demonstration To Learn How Much You Can Save On Your TV Programming and Movie Rental Fees.

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    Awesome box like the quad 4 processor because I've been using xbmc on a computer which sometimes stalls.

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    New finance option just announced, plus extended warranty up to three years over the 6 months which comes with each FREE-VSTREAMTV system.

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    Agreed, I had been downloading all the streaming programs out there, but like you, I had issues, buffering, you couldn't stop and resume movies, etc. But this system has no buffering issues, turns my old TV into a smart TV which the kids use, plus probably best of all, no commericals and all channels and movies, ppv, MMA and boxing are free and as easy to pull up as typing in search by name or date, simple as can be.

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    Well, I am more amazed then ever about this new technology. I can even use my WiFi hotspot and it works flawlessly. I have had several in AU and SA who were concerned about slow internet, and not a problem, media center worked fine, only had one 30 second buffer in a 1.2 hour movie, not even as long as most commercials, so without any commercial interruptions, this is hardly an inconvenience. So even if you have a lessor internet connection than 10bps, not to worry, system works worldwide.

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    Hi, I am interested in becoming VStreamTV distributor. I wants some information. I have been told not to join this business now, as this business opportunity started just now, and I cannot research this business. I have been told by somebody to wait for now until the business is established. Does this business works? Should I join this business opportunity? I lives in Pakistan. Can I do this business from Pakistan? Do this business pays good? Can I research this business for now? Should I join? Please reply me. Thanks

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    Yes, take your time, no rush when it comes to doing your due diligence. Company is 17 years old, so hardly a new start up, although this division is new, but the support structure is a well oiled machine and is far above what you would expect in any company from my years of experience. So whoever said this is a new company is wrong. We are in soft launch, meaning we have yet to go mainstream, and any company who rolls out a new division slowly like this is smart, again proving they have years of experience under their belt.

    Yes, you can do business anywhere in the world which has an internet connection. With hundreds of billions of TV's in the world, there is no large niche I know of. You can market all over the world, and recieve commissions as well regardless where one lives. Since it is free to become a distributor, register to learn more, attend our training webinars, support system, video demonstrations, tips and tech. support, ask questions, take whatever time you need to decide for yourself. The technology is first rate, support is first rate, commissions are paid on time everytime, credit card merchant accounts are working perfectly, you can use Paypal as well, plus financing, so all the pieces are in place even though we are still in soft launch stage. Pretty impressive in my experience.

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    Hi, Yesterday I have done a little research about 'VStream TV distributor'. I have read a review of someone saying:
    4 out 5 people found this review helpful
    Total RIP OFF
    • by Joe,
    • Philadelphia ,
    • Apr 27, 2015
    This product is garbage! I bought one and it failed on me within six weeks! Since then I've tried to contact them via EMAIL cause there's no phone number and there is NEVER anyone on the sapient LIVE CHAT! Don't get me wrong, the IDEA of this TV box is absolutely incredible hence why I bought it. It's just too bad that the product sucks! All in all, I will be looking for a new box. Just don't by this one unless you like forking over $350 bucks for 6 weeks of TV! Scam!

    Even other people have not given too positive reviews, saying the price of the product is high. By reading such reviews I have became little dishearted. I was excited to join this business, but such reviews have made me stopped for a while. As this business is in pre-launch , there is no information about this business in bbb.org. Even there is not much information about the VStream tv distributor on google. Please help me with this. Thanks

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    Totally untrue, and if you know anything about the industry of direct sales, affiliate marketing or MLM, you will find a millions supposed reviews indicating scam, and very few are true, if any, for all you have to do is see what they are promoting, which means they are the lowlife marketers who put down another company to promote their own, common practice these days, so without any proof of claim, don't believe it.

    We are in a very competitive industry, so do your own due diligence, and by all means don't believe any review for they are all designed to promote there deals, end of story. There is not one complaint on company in since launched in 1999. You have to search BBB for Nutronix Global which is Mother company, VSTREAMTV is product and division name, so it will not be listed under product name. ZERO complaints in over 15 years, how many other companies can claim this? Remember, if you don't know, BBB only responds and rates based on complaints and how they are resolved, and unless you pay your annual membership, they will not report anything else, so it is clearly a pay to get listed deal, so complaints are only thing that will show up in report when you are not a paid member of BBB, so no rating will be listed.

    Just go back to that review and tell me what they are promoting, or give me link, I know so many who play this game it isn't funny. Technology works as promoted, even better, and the one firmware issues I have heard about has been rectified as my personal friend was sent a new unit in days even when it was simply a matter of reloading firmware patch, but since he was not a techie, they sent a new unit and paid for the return of original unit, support is superior in every way as they are not a typical start up, they have a well oiled support team, and I talked to two who each have been with company for 14 and 15 years, also unheard of in any customer support company. So there you have it, believe it or not, I have all the facts.

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    New finance option for multiple media center purchases, plus new incentives, and enhanced commission plan coming next month when we go full launch from soft launch stage where everyone's input was valued and now, look forward to new seamless website with all the multiple income streams rolled into one webpage rather than three as it is now.

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