WA a SCAM!!!

Discussion in 'Wealthy Affiliate' started by arbequina, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. arbequina

    arbequina New Member

    I am so mad right now, I really am.

    So, I JUST need to figure out how to promote my websites and possibly host them with WA.

    All of you promise me a wealth of information.

    Then, I get on there JUST to find out that you are given a lesson plan and only fed little tiny bits of information for 8 weeks!!!! You can attempt to wander around in this massive jungle of information, but you won't be able to make any sense of out it, BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE THE PLAN!!


    If I do not get my hot little hands on that whole plan in 24 hours, I will quit as a member and file a paypal claim. Thieves!!!

    I can't believe you tricked a poor person like me with a good cause to raise money, I hope that karma kicks you in the ar*e...hard.
  2. fatman

    fatman New Member

    First of all nobody tricked you. Many of us, including me, told you that it is a great site, but if ALL you wanted was hosting, then other sites would work just as well. We recommended only if you wanted to learn more about marketing techniques.

    Then you join and get angry that you can't get all the information right away, when you can! Me, AndyB, and others in the WA forum politely pointed out where you can get ALL the information you wanted as soon as you wanted it. Then you got angry that it wasn't in an order that was geared toward you personally. We all offered to help you, but you got rude and insulted every member of WA.

    You do NOT have to pay for two months to get all the information. I personally was in a haurry to learn too, and I went through ALL of the tutorials in my first week. Everyone warned you that this was not a get rich quick type of thing. I have been working at it for two months and have learned a lot but still haven't made that much yet (only about $300). There are others who have been there for months and haven't made anything yet either, but they are WORKING hard and it will pay off eventually.

    So, you sign up, and then in less than one day you get angry and insult everyone. You threaten to get special treatment or you will issue a complaint to Paypal and go on a forum rampage to purposely hurt our reputations.

    I feel bad since I was one of the people that recommended WA to you. I am a member there and do love it and will continue to stay there. But if it not what you are looking for, feel free to move on. But there is no need for slander! You can learn the way everybody else had to, or you can get grumpy and complain, the choice is yours.

    Again, I feel personally hurt since I recommended it to you and offered to help you any way I could. Then you repay me by calling me a thief and a scammer. I think you are the one who needs to think about that karma issue.....

    Anyway, I hope you can decide what is right for you, without having to insult others in order to feel better. Have a wonderful day! [​IMG]
  3. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Dear arbequina,

    All of the content contained within the 8 week action plan is available to you immediately upon enrollment.
    The Junior
    courses are the same content that is delivered each week.

    These lessons are delivered one week at a time as to not overwhelm beginners, aka newbies.

    You get out of WA what you put into it.

    Many members make thousands per month.

    I suggest you take a deep breath.
    Success comes with a good positive attitude, willingness to learn and persistence and complete harmony with others.
    There is no other way.

    There are hundreds, thousands of WA members who would help you 24/7 including Kyle and Carson.
    I have personally helped other members of WA within this forum who did not enroll through me. That's just the spirit of WA.

    I hope this helps,
  4. arbequina

    arbequina New Member

    OK, fatman finally gave me the 8 week plan. It's not a scam, but I don't like the idea of information being hidden away and then you have to spend LOADS of time wandering around. I don't work like that- I need more structure, I need it fast, like a fix.
  5. arbequina

    arbequina New Member

    Guys, I will make a public apology.

    As I just explained to fatman by PM, I am a DIVA, I am used to getting things my way and when I feel like I've been cheated out of money, I get very very angry.

    I don't have a lot of money, but I have a pretty active brain. It needs to be fueled and paced in the right way in order to make it work.

    Having members in WA hang on for 8 weeks before they get the whole story is NOT cool, in my opinion. It MAKES you have to PAY them 2 weeks worth of membership and waste time!!

    OK, peace. I am reading now, happily, the plans that I got.
  6. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    LOL Very big of you Arbequina.
    I think it's good you know so much about your personality.

    I think what WA does is provides you with a good solid foundation. I'm not a member but I can attest to the MANY, MANY, MANY ways, tactics, tricks, tips and strategies one can use to market online and how you can use many of them in conjunction with each other to market. Based on what I do know of WA it is a good program that provides you with many of the afore mentioned items.

    Keeping that in mind I think you can compare marketing online to building a house. You can have the best material in the world and rush into building and not come up with anything because you don't take the time to lay a foundation or build a frame.
    Imagine showing up to an open lot with all the materials needed to build a house. You wouldn't just grab a bulldozer and start smashing everything together in hopes a house popped up, it takes time to build and customize to your unique personality.

    THAT, I think, is the hallmark of any good program...and I think why WA takes its time.

    I will also say I've seen more people fail at online marketing and working from home because they tried to rush things than I care to count. There is a lot of information to soak in, take your time and in the end you'll be better off for it. Best of luck Arbequina.

  7. mellin

    mellin Member

    Arbequina - I can understand your frustrations with wealthy affiliate. I was a member for awhile too. For me, I never once thought of it as a scam, but I did always feel like I was on "information overload". I know that there are people on this board who love it, but I personally don't think that it is newbie-friendly so I got out of it. I understand your frustrations, because I never did manage to sort my way through it.

  8. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I like your spunk, arbequina and believe me, some of us on here have kicked around, had 'cows in the living room' as one guy recently stated, grew grey hair overnight, and still we kept on going as we knew there was a way to make it online... we just had to find that 'way'![​IMG]

    Amazingly enough, that 'way' varies for everyone. We each need to find what best suits us and our abilities, what we are passionate about...

    I am like you in one sense... I want to know it all yesterday... but I have had to learn that it all takes time and I would not trade what I have learned over the course of the past several years for anything.

    So... happy reading and relax... it will all come together as you go along...I have never worked with WA myself but am assuming it is similar to other things I did try in my learning process and I learned from everything I ever tried.[​IMG]
  9. dmitch31

    dmitch31 New Member

    I've never completed the full 8 week plan, but I've been making money with Wealthy Affiliate anyway. If memory serves, I never got passed week two. You don't have to do all 8 weeks before getting started.
  10. arcade

    arcade New Member

    NTC: You get out of WA what you put into it.

    Excatly right, your only going to get helped by people depending on how much you acctauly want to get helped. Good luck and sorry you didn't search the site enough to relise it is a very helpful and useful site.

  11. dkohlmeier

    dkohlmeier New Member

    I just had to add to this thread because I joined Wealthy Affiliate knowing absolutely NOTHING about internet marketing and hadn't even heard of affiliate marketing. I realized (and Kyle and Carson tell you this up front) that there would be a learning curve and that it would take time to learn how to do it. Within a month I was making a profit. Today I am making over $3000 per month in my spare time and not even working very hard at it. Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY site out of the dozens I had tried that delivered on its promise to teach me how to make money online.

    Yesterday I joined WA members Thad and Dave B's Affiliate Niche Club and I think that is going to help take me to the next level.
  12. klrrider

    klrrider New Member

    I have been happy with WA, have been a member for about a year. what I have found is that WA gives you multiple choices for promoting your affiliate marketing business. You have to choose one and stick to it until you master it. Then you can ad another technique to your arsenal. If you don't quit you will make money. I have and I am a slow learner. The most important thing I had to learn is what the complete definition of "Relevance" is.
  13. weelsn888

    weelsn888 New Member


    When I clicked your link for the free guide but got an error message.

    Can you please provide a correct link?
  14. fatman

    fatman New Member

    weelsn888, I guess you were referring to me? For some reason my site wasn't working propery for an hour or two yesterday, but everything seems to be ok now. The links in my signature are correct, so feel free to try again. [​IMG]
  15. JimWA

    JimWA New Member

    Maybe I shouldn't post this, especially since this is going to be my first post. But this is the forum where I started learning about making money online, I feel like I need to do this.

    When I started, I was a complete newbie, I had no idea what affiliate marketing is, there wasn't even the WA forum back then. I was just browsing around the profit lance forum, I read through the topics and affiliate marketing sounds promising, so I decided to try my luck with Profit lance, but with more research, I discovered Wealthy Affiliate.

    Now, I am not trying to hype it or anything, but it is the single program I used to make $400-500/day now consistently. Think I am talking out of my ass? Read about my story here: [Link removed - Admin]

    8 Week action plan? I didn't even follow it, like you I thought the need to wait a week just to get tutorials is ridiculous, but there are plenty of other tutorials that you can read through, even the stuff in advanced section. The forum is also golden, some of the posts in there are worth more than a lot of the garbage ebooks out there.

    Some people have called WA a time trap because it offers so much information and it provides many different ways to promote products, and doesn't tell you specific products to promote... so many newbies get confused and end up wasting time. But no one is going to hold your hand and do this for you, if you think your work is done by joining WA, you're are in for a big shock, the work is just beginning.

    If you have half the determination and motivation that I had when starting out, I don't see how you CANNOT achieve similar success that I've had with WA.

    No one is going to hold your hand, if you don't want to work, then waste more of your money into MLM and data entry scams. Good day.
  16. ibw13

    ibw13 New Member

    Yeah, I heard WA was really good. I am still deciding if I want to join or not.
  17. HomeBizMama

    HomeBizMama New Member

    [​IMG] I'm tired of the hype and scams out there... Ready for something real and legit where you actually learn something and not trying to focus on RECRUIT...Build downlines... blah blah blah. Where do I sign up????
  18. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    I recommend the 30 Day Challenge it's FREE and you will learn a lot about IM and affiliate marketing. It's geared toward newbies so it's not hard to figure out. I was in Wealthy Affiliate for 8 weeks, but it was too advanced for me I couldn't put the pieces together. However, the 30 DC is designed for newbies so it made more sense and I could understand for the first time what is going on.

    If you have some experience in IM or have good technical skills then you may be able to do well in WA if not the 30DC might be best. Like I said 30DC is free and WA costs money so do your research. To be honest I learned more in the 30DC in 30 days than I did in WA in 60. Ed and his team are good at what they do.
  19. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I have been a member of both Wealthy Affiliate University and The Thirty Day Challenge.

    And, I love both.

    TDC teaches one method of marketing, and WA teaches many.

    Both are step by step processes designed for beginners.
    More advanced marketers can benefit from these programs as well.

    I was new to IM when I joined Wealthy Affiliate University, and was happy I had the training before taking the Thirty Day Challenge.

    Both programs are legitimate, and genuine.

  20. HomeBizMama

    HomeBizMama New Member

    Thanks Sonni and NTC for your replies.

    It's not all about the money because I am willing to put out

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