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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by stayinhome2008, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. stayinhome2008

    stayinhome2008 New Member

    Has anyone worked at WAH long enough to understand the how the feedback and Pins effect work.
  2. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    I have, I have received NUMEROUS Pins over stuff i oculdnt handle..

    Step 1 - 30 Days

    Step 2 - 60 Days

    Step 3 - 90 days, can't get promoted, or take anymore job offers.
  3. stayinhome2008

    stayinhome2008 New Member

    Thanks, I have PINS in the same manner you described. My concern was over the pin and feedbacks, I don't understand if they will affect employment. The reason I have concern is that I have a PIN 3 regarding feedback. Yet the feedback is very subjective. I'm a student and it works great for me at this time, so I am concerned about that. I am looking for some other opportunities.

    Hope one comes along soon.
  4. stayinhome2008

    stayinhome2008 New Member

    Hey, I just got a pin for missed calls. The funny thing is that I can't help the missed calls. There is a system glitch or something, which I reported, now I am being penalized for the problems with ADE. Now I have 2 step 3 PINs in a row. Crazy. I guess this is a message.

    Just when you get used to something...Pals and Employee relations one man team is "Not a positive environment". I then put up with the weirdest prank calls, I wonder if they are staged...HA!

    Working at home is great, but PALs and the one employee relations person are not very fair, nice or professional. It seems that they can act on way and have a totally different standard for the at home agent. I just wonder is it me or that way across the board, meaning all work at home agents. Thanks.
  5. kimberlyddg

    kimberlyddg New Member

    I have been with West for 2 years now and I will have to say that the PALS get worse and worse. What I do if I run into a PAL that is rude or not helpful - I put their names in the End of Shift Survey. Believe it or not they really do read the surveys. As the saying goes there is strength in numbers - we just need to work together. I am not sure if you guys were aware but on Friday the VM line planned a bouycott and low and behold they upped the rates to try and lure us back. Then today, they needed help and I figured for .75 a call it was definetely not worth my time. It's a shame I used to love working for the West now it has become just another job - ;-(
  6. stayinhome2008

    stayinhome2008 New Member

    Can anyone comment of the PIN #3, I got two in a row, should I be concerned about my job. I am looking for another work at home opportunity, my baby is getting bigger, but school is here to stay for a while. But this is undo stress for me.
  7. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    i contacted a PAL the other day, I received a Step 2 and 3 pin. They told me that I better watch what I'm doing otherwise I could be terminated, which is actually a threat. Make sure you do everything right, who knows what might happen. I got on with Convergys, but am having problems getting the Paperwork notarized.

    Missed Calls? I've been having the same problem with ADE as well, calls aren't coming through, when this happens I call the PALS and tell them to note in my employee file that I called in, then I get the PALS name, and the time of the call and note it for my records. I do this because I have called in numerous times about stuff and the pal advised met that their was nothing they could go do since it was not noted in my file. So when you have another PIN like this tell them to pull the call at that time and listen to it.

    Good luck though finding more WAH though!
  8. stayinhome2008

    stayinhome2008 New Member

    Hey Thanks, I spoke with PAL last night and got the same rhetoric. It really bummed me, meaning, there are more important things in this world than being in an unfair situation. I am dusting off the resume, and cutting down on hours. If an home opportunity comes up, it won't be for my lack of trying. Whats up with Convergys? Good Luck with that.

    Do you work alot of hours with west? How many hours do you need to maintain to keep active. I got on with Verafast, different work, but it is at home. Waiting for the next step from them, I already sent in the paperwork.

    Thanks all for being so cool and responding to my post.
  9. rsoler

    rsoler New Member


    Anyone that is bilingual should apply at www.voicelog.com this is an awesome work at home job. I was hired 2weeks ago and I got my first paycheck 2days earlier! I've heard nothing but good things about this company on other forums. Is hard to get in but not because of lack of work at home experience is only because they only have about 100 live operators and people don't leave this job...because is fairly easy to do. You will be hired as an live operator and if you want further info go to the above website and apply more than once if necessary. I did and it was all worth it![​IMG]
  10. wahdell

    wahdell New Member


    do you need a 2nd phone line in order to work at Voicelog?

    I applied at Verafast, do you know anything about them?
  11. rsoler

    rsoler New Member

    I use my landline for work I do however have two landlines in the house. It is not costly your provider should offer it.
  12. Keepsake

    Keepsake New Member

    On the subject of West and there pins and coachings and feedbacks what a laugh!!!! Most of us are getting pinned and rediculous coachings for either very unimportant things or pins for something you didnt even do. I wish they had to play the calls for you they claim you hung up on or what ever like Live Ops does. If you get a slip on live ops you listen to the call and can fight it if you dont agree with the slip, I have and won! On west you dont even have that option you just have to accept it even when you know its not true. I guess its okay to them though because about every 4 months are so you get a good feed back while great moral huh!!!!
  13. Keepsake

    Keepsake New Member

    Oops!!! Typing to fast I meant wow great moral!!!
  14. rsoler

    rsoler New Member


    That is so true, aside from Wst I work for Voicelog...Voicelog will send me a recording of the call in question...and they always asked what went wrong? No blame just revising and so forth. So, responsibility is taken mutually. Wst however, does not gives us that option is a ashamed that we have to go through madness to try rectifying something we did not do in the first place! I'm appalled by that and it is very frustrating to have to deal with such bull%$# well, anyway, we stay so, we have to deal with it right? just one downside on wst behalf.
  15. stayinhome2008

    stayinhome2008 New Member

    Hey, regarding Verafast, I just got my second email from the company, I am waiting for the second and third steps. Its outbound, with a automated dialer you download, etc. Like I said different, we will see. I will try voicelog, I did the phone read, but I have not heard anything back from them. It would be nice to work for a stay at home company thats doing it "better".

    Working at home is great, but if you get fired because of PIN's thats not your fault, then that is not cool, especially the way WAH does it. So I keep looking for the next "great" work at home opportunity.
  16. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    Hey Stayinhome!

    Yeah, I agree it's not cool if you get fired for PINS that weren't even valid in the first place. I agree that working from home is a great opportunity! I applied with Verafast and am currently waiting for their response. Outbound? oh man, that makes me a LITTLE nervous lol, i bet it's telemarketing, which I have never done in the first place! Only done inbound, and actually prefer it! Keep me posted and let me know what the do!
  17. stayinhome2008

    stayinhome2008 New Member

    Hey, Verafast does surveys and newspaper subscriptions. I think its getting used to rude people and hang ups. But I am going to try it. Will update you.

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