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    I heard about this from a friend who told me about the new merger with TFT or That Free Thing. I decided to go on a webinar and see what it was all about.

    WakeUpNow (WUN) is a 3 yr old public traded company out of Utah and is owned by Billionaire Kirby Cochran. He has a very impressive track record and is very serious about making this one of the biggest online businesses this decade, He has taken over 200 compaines public and the last one he did he took from zero to a billion dollar a year company with a net profit of 100 Million a year net profit for 10 years straight. So you can imagine what he has in mind with WUN.

    The products are high quality money saving products like, TaxBot from Sandy Botkin who is the #1 tax adviser in the USA and does seminars on tax for people like Donlad Trump and Tony Robbins, He has also been on CNN and Fox. We have other soft ware that plugs into your bank account and alerts you on how best to save money by paying off this debt first or move money here..

    Also we have computer safety software and all members get a free diagnostic repair on there computer and I did this and my PC ran better than when I first bought it. Those guys are great and very helpful. This is just a taste of the products from WUN but we are adding more all the time. Kirby,s moto is simple. Over deliver in value and people will flock to this business.

    The pay plan is very lucrative and is not a usual structure. Once you have 3 frontline your business is paid for every month. 12 people pays you a $400 residual and then once you get to Founder 4 your on at least $2,300 usd and its upwards from there. A very big pay plan indeed.

    We are in 37 countries at least and we have our own unique marketing system. That is even free.

    How best to see the business?

    Take a look at this site and get on a daily webinar Monday thru Friday 9pm Est.


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    Great review worldplus and excellent research!

    How have you done with WakeUpNow and how long have you been using it?
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    I have been with them since they merged on May 18th. I am nearly a Founder 4. I build global.we are in 37 countries.

    My link is below if you want more info on WakeUpNow.

    Cheers I am on skype too: RussellBirtwistle

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