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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by janny108, May 17, 2014.

  1. janny108

    janny108 New Member

    Hi all,
    I'm new here, and recently got a job. However, with our incomes we could benefit from earning more income preferably from home.
    Any ideas? We have one child at home so we want to stay at home. I've tried ebay but a lot of times we just can't find enough "good stuff" to sell. Now that I'm working, I can't get out like I used to do. thanks
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    There are many ways to make money online. For example, Amazon has an affiliate program. There are many others out there. You could create your own blogs and websites for example, and find ways to monetize them. The trick is getting traffic.

    This is just one example of many to make money online.
  3. papalott65

    papalott65 New Member

    I Know how it is with newborn kids,even as a male it could be a challenge, but don't forget
    their's always other way's to make extra income from home,

    Please remember, you don't have to be Millionaire to be Happy!

    Just make good income!!-)
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  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I hear ya. I recently swapped places with my hubby as I have always been a work at home mom... but we recently started a roofing business as a family business so he needed to be on the road bidding on roofs and getting leads, and I starting working as a server full time.

    It is a new experience for me but I am discovering that because of the internet and also because I am still among people that have all kinds of issues ranging from health to wealth, that I can still share my products and business with them. THAT'S the beauty of having a network marketing business on the side.... it allows you to build up a side income and once that income surpasses the one we currently have then we can pick and choose what we do! :D

    The company I am with right now is still very new and are just now coming out with some amazing building tools, so I have been waiting to build a team till this summer when the tools are all available, but just found out that those will be coming out in June now so I am super excited. From the little I HAVE done with the business, I know what the potential is and I have a ton of customers as the products sell themselves.

    Why am I saying all this?

    Because if you keep your eyes open you will also come across the RIGHT opportunity for you that you can build AS you work your job and take care of your family...

    NEVER give up on that dream to go somewhere with your life and DO NOT settle for the mediocre mentality of working a 9-5 for the rest of your life!!

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  5. janny108

    janny108 New Member

  6. janny108

    janny108 New Member

    what surveys are good at paying? Seems some just give points. I want to do work I could enjoy but am sort of clueless of where to go. I like my job ok though.
  7. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I tend to stay away from the sites that just pay in points. While some are good, I prefer cash (checks, paypal, etc.). I think most people do. If you have any questions or need any assistance, I'd be glad to help.
  8. janny108

    janny108 New Member

    what sites do you recommend?? Do you have a regular job as well?
  9. SuccessMyWay

    SuccessMyWay New Member

    janny108 I have been working at home for 10 years and there are a lot of scams out there to be sure, but also many great companies that you can have your own business and work as an agent for as well, I do both referral and contract work and have been very happy to be away from the corporate rat race and daily commute cycle
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  10. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I work with a number of sites and am not sure if I'm allowed to list them here. Feel free to send me a message anytime.
  11. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    You can list the generic links, just not your own websites or affiliate links
    Soliciting private messages is borderline against forum rules.
    Help everyone at the same time.
  12. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Sorry about that. I wasn't trying to solicit. janny108 asked for my help and I just didn't want to break any rules by posting the wrong thing. I always do my best to follow the rules and didn't know offering someone assistance via a private message is against the rules. I'll make sure not to do this again.

    Thanks for the friendly heads up.
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  13. OmarS.K

    OmarS.K Member

    Product Creation
    One of the best ways to make money online is to create your own products. Product creation takes quite a bit of practice and a direct audience to market to. Digital products are the focus here. Find a niche that you are well versed in and create something unique and valuable that can be marketed effectively. You'll need a sales page and a collection of your own affiliate marketers to reach out to your target audience.
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    1. Everyone looking to earn extra money and start working on it but failed to succeed. If you really want to earn from home the I would like to recommend you to invest few dollars and get your online business. Well there are number of authentic & reliable ways to make money by working from home.Some of them are:

      1. Earn Money with Affiliates Programs

      2. Become Reseller : Reseller means selling products and services for someone else.​
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  14. James Putt

    James Putt New Member

    Hi! I am actually new to the forum as well and wanted to throw my 2 cents in :) I have looked at a few replies and here are my thoughts. Like some, I have been making money at home for several years and have pretty much seen everything out there. My best advice on "paid surveys"....STAY AWAY! It's really not worth the time and all the SPAM you end up receiving just to make a couple dollars. My personal feeling on affiliate marketing, it does work and you can make some decent money, however, that being said....I am not a huge fan of affiliate marketing either. In order to actually sell anything you need visitors and LOTS of them! This can mean spending a lot of time putting ads on online classifieds, posting on social media sites, joining traffic exchanges, learning and perfecting SEO to bring buyers to your website. The best options I have found for me have been blogging and direct sales/networking marketing. For the amount of time vs the amount of money it is well worth it....just my opinion :)
  15. Tony VP

    Tony VP New Member

    Do you have any experience preparing taxes? If not, are you willing to learn?
  16. Sweet Bee

    Sweet Bee New Member

    payment proof... did you help Janny108 with the sites list she requested? Is anybody out there willing to help her? I am a newbie soooo ...
  17. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    What kind of work are you interested in doing? There are lots and lots of online work opportunities out here, you just gotta find your niche.
  18. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    What is it that you want to do? Do you want to build a website that makes money? If you are going down this route then I would find a mentor that will help you do this. But then again hiring a mentor is expensive. There are programs out there that will teach you how to build an online business. Building a business online is not a "get rich quick" type of thing it takes work. Come up with a plan and stick to it. Only move on when you start to see income coming in then you can scale your business to get faster results..
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  19. Jenae

    Jenae New Member

    My friendly advise would be to do your homework, think of something you like to do as a hobby or something you know you could hole heartedly believe in and be good at selling. There are plenty ds businesses out there to join and keep reading the forums to help you succeed, that's why I'm here! Good luck to ya :)

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