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    Listen up, folks. Noreen, a new member of mine sent off a voucher for a "Fly and Stay" trip that was serviced by "FunTime Vacations" or FunTime Travel or something like that. She had a question about the trip so she called the number on the back and talked to some guy and he told her that the voucher she had and all of the other vouchers in her package were worthless and that most of them would never lead to anyone taking a vacation from using them. After he told her that he told her that Funtime was starting a company like Coastal and she should consider joining his team of new Funtime reps and that it was WAY better than Coastal. Of course Noreen, being a new member, was very concerned and she wanted to call me but didn't have my number with her at work and so she found Stephanie Johnson's number on the web and called her. Stephanie said that they were having problems with Funtime and were going to "deal" with him. All she has to do is send the voucher back to NB Management with a letter that explained what happened and they would send her a replacment from another vendor. After I got off the phone with Noreen it hit me that I remember I heard on one of the calls that all of the "Fly and Stay's" had been discountinued. (someone correct me if I'm wrong) So, what I am saying is make sure and tell your members that might be ordering these trips that they are discontinued and that the Funtime guy is trying to recruit them by saying that Coastal is full of bad vouchers which is TOTALLY UNTRUE! It is a lie! Coastal could not be as successful as it is and as old as it is if we didn't have EXTRAORDINARY VALUE! Alert your members about this and don't let them get worried about this. Noreen, feel free to ad anything I missed.
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    All I can say is I was completely taken aback by this guy. He was really putting Coastal down and I was so surprised. He was saying that because Coastal had junk to offer, many directors (he said 1,100!) had joined up with him to compliment their Coastal business. He mentioned all kinds of keywords - like with him, you would earn the residual income you don't have with Coastal. I have written a letter to NB Management alerting them that someone is trying to poach Coastal Directors. Folks, NOTHING seemed right about this. I would NEVER join an organization that uses those kinds of tactics, no matter how much $$ he promises I would make. It is people like him that can give Coastal a bad name and he needs to go NOW! Do not accecpt vouchers from Funtime!
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    When I contacted Fun Time Vacations to request more information about the Bahamas Cruise & Stay, this was included in the response I received:

    Do you mind if I ask you how you are doing in Coastal? I was in
    Coastal for 2 years and struggled a lot so now I am now doing Fun
    Time Vacations along with Coastal and was wondering if you'd be
    interested in hearing about this opportunity? Probably about 90% of our Distributors are also in Coastal and are doing this to make more money or to help their dowline make money while doing Coastal too.

    We have about 10 ways to make money in Fun Time Vacations which is what is appealing to everyone....you are not stuck only selling packages for income.

    That really rubbed me the wrong way, too. Thanks for sharing this, Harold.

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    I'm surprised Coastal hasn't already done something about this.
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    I had someone e-mailing me a few times to join FunTime Vacation. I believe her name was Nicci. I'm just shocked what I am reading here.

    I booked the Bahama cruise & stay, but since things came up I had to cancel but my money will not be returned. I hope I will be able to take it at a later time.

    Thanks Harold to inform us!
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    Yes, Fun Time has broken away from Coastal and is advertising. I've seen some of their ads so they might try highjacking our threads on message boards too...ahhh, Capitalism!!
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    I will be honest and say I don't have a problem with them advertising and even competing with us as long as they don't lie to our members who are using part of the coastal package and tell them they threw their money away and that they need to come with them. That is what burnt me up.
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    I was on the call on Monday 3/19, and I am sure that they mentioned the fly and stay packages were discontinued.

    Although they do have new packages that sound great [​IMG]
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    I have also had very bad experiences with funtime, and understand that in fact there is actions that are being taken to stop it.

    The company is MLM style and is in fact poaching and spreading mis-information to coastal members and in particular praying on newbies and existing directors as their warm market.

    I actually was getting many calls from their reps with my ppc advertising. The main question I have is "why WOULD I want to join another related or competitive company that offers what we ALREADY have or DID have in our package? Why would other successful coastal directors want to do same?" The conclusion that I reached in my research is that this company is both poorly organized and unethical using falsely incentived leads and currently CV directors in it are IN it because they are not or were not busy or successful in thier coastal business. Now, why the heck would I wish to represent myself as an unsuccessful director with coastal who needed to offer an alternative? They don't provide anything that we don't. We have the oldest, largest and MOST comprehensive package. I have done extensive research and truly have NOT found a better or more ethical product or opportunity ANYWHERE. There is a REASON I choose to put MY name and reputation behind Coastal.

    It is very sad that they have managed to put doubts into the minds of people, including one of my own team members who has so much potential and so much to loose with his business. Here I THOUGHT that as Rusty was a provider for our company that he MUST be a fair, good and ethical guy. It appears as though he has gotten greedy. Last I heard a few weeks ago, they don't have 1,100 or whatever members, they have 74.

    To me, its very sad that a long term provider of coastal has taken advantage of and in fact tried to smear our good business. I do hope the BOD sends out a press release soon! Its very sad, as that fly and stay was a lovely holiday with exceptional value. I'm sure the BOD is working on replacing or fixing that ASAP.

    I don't have a problem advertising or competing with us either. Fact is, they aren't competition now, and the majority of MLM's flounder in the first 5 years. At the rate they are going over there, with very poor organization and such I don't see them as ever being able to grow to the point we have and become a contender.

    Ugg.. Im' so very sorry to hear that others have had bad experiences as well. I hope it gets sorted out shortly before others get hurt.


    Jani Teeter
    L3 Director, CSG
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    Hi Homeofficewiz,

    Are you with Coastal Vacations? Just wondering because I saw your website with the Plug In Profits. I was once a member of Plug In Profits.

  12. susaneng

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    Thanks everyone for informing us about Funtime. I saw on a board somebody was asking about this company and wondered if they had been scammed. I remember looking at the site and thought it looked like a company that was trying to compete with Coastal.

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    Wow I can't believe Funtime. Do they actually believe they will become a major player in the travel industry by running a unethical business like that?

    One thing that has convinced me that Coastal is a REAL opportunity is the fact no one has pressured me into a sale. Everyone is very helpful in answering questions so that I can make the right decision for myself.

    I hope the Coastal BOD does do something about Funtime.
  14. decker2006

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    Quoting: OnlineMoney24 7I hope the Coastal BOD does do something about Funtime.

    When I spoke with Stephanie, who is on the BOD, she mentioned it was being taken care of. I am sure, just like with any organization, there is a process when the BOD needs to dismiss a vendor. The fact that they continually analyze who they do business with is a great comfort because to me, the product itself is extremely important. I plan on using it for the rest of my life so it better be good!![​IMG]

    Was the Fly and Stay discontinued altogether? I thought someone mentioned it was. My voucher mentioned it had been upgraded to a seven night stay (up from 3). That was the reason I called Funtime in the first place because I was looking for a shorter holiday.
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    I had actually spoken with Al about Rusty with Fun Time Vacations at least 2 months ago when he started bad mouthing coastal. Al told me after a few converstaions that the issues had been resolved.

    Well he said that Rusty denied ever saying anything negative and then he called back saying everything was resolved.

    I am happy that I read this thread I will call Al again about this matter.

    From what I understand, Funtime is attempting to funnel coastal reps to their new business by discrediting coastal and the certificate they provide.

    It makes NO sense that a company would say that their cert is rubbish? illogical.

    I am sure that Stephanie is a great gal, but even on the call last night when a really nice director mentioned that they had not been able to contact a rep they had always used to book condos, in over a 6 week period, Stephanie gave an excuse that they must be swamped (for 6 weeks?). Al stepped in and said he would sort it out.

    If I ever have an issue with anything I go straight to Al. Saying that, this issue with Funtime obviously was Never sorted out.

    FYI the fly and stay has been a yoyo vacations, coastal offered it, then took it away then offered it and took it away about 4 months ago. If you order it unknowingly they will mail you a cruise and stay cert in place of it.

    great thread everyone

    maria porter
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    Good to see you here!

    Would it make sense that the BOD would put this information up on the www.officialcoastaltraining.com site? I mean, thats what that site is for- to act as a central place for all Coastal reps, regardless of group affiliation, to get updated info just like this.

    Are you saying that someone was trying to book a condo for 6 weeks and was unable to? Was that with the condo card?
  17. ibizniz

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    that was with a specific agent that they were used to dealing with.....I am not sure which card she was referring to.

    You can hear the recording on my site.

    I know I liked dealing with HSI and they are no longer avaialble for us, but there are still plenty of excellent travel co's in the access back office.

    It would be a good idea to have a member only forum in the coastal back office, so problems could be addressed there and not on the live calls.

    ditto, nice to see you too

  18. hsimpsonjr

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    We still have access to HSI if you call them. They can tell you over the phone what burn weeks are availble if you tell them when you want to travel. The HSI number is 800-353-0774. Tell them you are an Access member and then tell them when you can travel and that you want the burn weeks.
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    Hi Maria,

    Not sure what group you are with, but CSG has started members only calls for questions they have that don't need to be addressed with prospects!
  20. ibizniz

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    hiya jdunn

    I have my own group....have for over 5 1/2 yrs

    I have my own team websites, training site, tools etc


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