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    Simply sharing.....

    "Do You Want to See The Star Witness Against
    ASD (Jack Arons)

    Watch to see how ASD has been misrepresented in the complaints, Jack Arons says put $1,000 in and get $9,000 back in a week."

    Click on Link and click on August 8th update video (blue icon) http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/26280459.html#
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    That's the sad part about freedom of speech. Too many vindictive people uses THEIR right thinking that making fun of people and stomping on others when their down makes them look important and soooo cool. It only takes me back to grade school and reminds me of how the class bullies would treat others thinking they could get friends by picking on kids they didn't like just because of the way they would dress or just because they were smarter than them. So childish and immature! Unfortunately the advice our parents used to give us about bullies is still as untrue now as it was then. Ignoring them DOESN"T make them go away and leave you alone, they just try harder to get to you to get you to pay attention to them and sadly it seems to be working in their favor so far. We shouldn't even be giving these people the time of day, just let them play in their sandbox with each other so the rest of us can have some intelligent adult conversation.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    That's right, everytime you respond to a comment they come back for more. Just let it go, no matter what is said.....it is all rumor, speculation and opinions that will do nothing for them in the court and investigation. ASD members can provide the courts much better feed back, all the nah-sayers can just run their mouths and say "I told you so"......"ASD is a ponzi"......"the business model could not sustain itself"......blah blah blah....we have heard it all already. Until they submit some actual proof to the courts.....OTHER THAN opinions....they have no proof of anything.

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