Wealthy Affiliate Platinum - New Version - Release 15th Sept

Discussion in 'Wealthy Affiliate' started by Dave B, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    Just thought I'd pop in here again to let you know that the Wealthy Affiliates are releasing a new version called Platinum.

    I've been a part of the Beta Testing for Platinum and I'm sworn to secrecy so I can't say too much at this stage.

    What I can say is this is going to take the whole process of learning how to become successful at Affiliate Marketing to a whole new level.

    The training resources, in particular have been completely revamped and organised around specific methods and levels of expertise.

    So, if you are keen to get into PPC you can follow a step by step 'Getting Started' guide...

    Already familiar with List Building? That's cool... pick up some expert tips.

    All the training resources are scaleable and will be updated on the fly by the resident experts.

    One of the biggest problems with Affiliate Marketing training is how quickly things change and therefore, how quickly any training becomes out of date.

    No Longer... Wealthy Affiliate Platinum will fast become the only one stop shop for Affiliate Marketing Training.

    WA Platinum ??“ Release Date ??“ September 15th!

    Dave B

    PS. There could be another $1 trial. Not 100% sure yet, I'll keep you posted.
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I'm looking forward to Wealthy Affiliate Platinum - it should be very cool! Wealthy Affiliate Platinum will be the third major overhaul Wealthy Affiliate has had - not that Wealthy Affiliate really needs a major upgrade, but if you can take something that is good and make it better, why not go for it? [​IMG]
  3. Daniel J

    Daniel J New Member

    Yes me too!
    I'm looking forward to WA Platinum also. I've been a WA member for 3 months now and I'm still inundated with all the courses and tools on offer.
    I believe they will be bringing the $1 trial option back, got an update through E-mail.
    Should make it a lot more easier for WA super affiliates.
  4. thutchis

    thutchis New Member

    I was going to join but got an email about the platinum and decided to wait until it is released. Any idea when the $1 trial might be offered (if it is)?
  5. Daniel J

    Daniel J New Member

    Hi Thutchis,

    Yes Wealthy Affiliate Platinum is launching on 15th September. The $1 trial will be available when it is launched.
    Your timing to join is superb!

  6. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    Hi, Thuticus,

    WA Platinum is launched at 12.00 noon (EST) on Tuesday 15th September. The $1 trial starts at the same time and last for seven days until the 22nd.

    You can join for just ONE dollar at any time between those dates and get FULL access to everything in Wealthy Affiliate.

    It's a great time to join. Good luck.

    Dave B
  7. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    It's live peeps!

    Just ONE dollar to check out WA Platinum!

    Dave B
  8. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello Dave,
    What do you think of it so far?

    I miss the older dashboard, just need to acclimate I suppose.
  9. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    Hi Victoria,

    I love it. But then I like change for the sake of it... most people don't.

    Having said that, WA Platinum is not just change for the sake of it. I don't think people are quite grasping yet the scale of the change.

    K & C have now put down the foundations of a fully scalable internet marketing training resource the like of which doesn't exist anywhere else.

    And all for the princely sum of $1.28 / day! And that's at full price.

    For the next seven days you can try it out for seven days for just 14 cents / day!!!!

    Dave B
  10. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hello Dave,

    I am acclimating. It did take a few days, and the dashboard is nicely organized.

    I miss the ROI calculator, and my profile image is I guess the work is skewed? Wiiidddeeee
    Perhaps I can resize it to make a better fit.
    Oh well, I am over 40 so what the heck...[​IMG]

    Other than that, all seems to be working well.

    Apparently, K&C have worked hard for the improvement.

    It is nice to visit with you Dave,
  11. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    Glad you popped back on to gee me up.

    The trial has been extended until the 29th and then it finishes for good!

    So get in while you can peeps.

    Dave B
  12. DCollier

    DCollier Member

    fab dave, but are u making money?
  13. Dave B

    Dave B New Member

    DCollier: fab dave, but are u making money?

    Yep! I've been doing IM full time since 07. Can't think of a better biz to be in.

    I got lucky and found WA 3 days after typing 'make money online' in Google.

    After that it's a lot of hard work and trial and error but if you are really serious about it and are not looking for a get rich quick scheme, anyone can do it.

    Dave B

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