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    Weaning means introducing food other than breast milk to your baby. This should be started sometime between 4 ??“ 6 months of age. Start with cereals once a day initially and then make it twice a day. Then slowly introduce new home made items like mashed potato, vegetable soup, and fruit juices. There should be 2 weeks interval between each new food to prime your baby's gut and to know any food allergy of the newly introduced food. Egg yolk of the boiled egg can be started from 6 months but the egg white should be delayed until 9 ??“ 12 months as babies gut is not ready to handle egg albumin which is in the egg white. Also 2-6% of newborn babies have some form of allergy to egg protein ovalbumin, hence do observe closely after the introduction of egg white to your baby. Your baby can eat the family food at one year of age.
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    my son first food was rice in Thailand at age 4 1/2 month. No problems, but like mothjers milk longer.

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